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The Passage

Item date(s): 2018

Athini Rathebe  - (collaborative member)
Shaylin Naicker  - (collaborative member)
Teri Davids  - (collaborative member)

Medium: RISOgraph printing on various papers
Size: 207mm

Sub-type: Zine
Theme(s): What you are ‘writing’, what you are ‘reading’, and why now … With whom, for whom and/or for what…How will your ‘letters’ reach recipients?

Place publication: Johannesburg
Publisher: House of Rant

Additional notes:

• How effectively and in what ways do the collective publication articulate the editorial framework?

• Building from the above question, how coherent is the collective voice?

• How effectively did the collective engage the Medu Art Ensemble?

• In relation to Medu, how does the collective engage the prompts: (What changed? What shifted?

What remains the same? What now?)

• Does the publication/online platform indicate an engaged and deep commitment to unpack, edit,

expand and deepen each content in relation to the editorial



• How did the collective publication push the limits of RISOgraph printmaking?

• Does the publication as it stands demonstrate a sound understanding of the limits and possibilities of

RISOgraph printmaking?

• To what extent do the form - including ‘binding/assembly/presentation’

match/complement/complicate the content and the editorial


Reference note:
Led by Rangoato Hlasani, the Wits School of Arts, Department of Fine Art, Drawing and Contemporary Practice III course is premised on the place and role of collective publishing by artists as a principle that introduces students to art collectivities. Key outcomes important to the success of the course is for each collective to introduce and map their editorial frameworks/provocations/manifestos/questions/positions/speculations…through their publications.

The work presents as five pamphlets held with brown paper wrap-around

Ref: GB/16274


House of Rant
 Shane Johnson
 Gift Xaba
 Megan Geldart (poem by)

Room of Fragility
 Litha Myathaza
 Kea Podile
 Amugelang Baloyi
 Athini Rathebe

Room of Racial Consciousness
 Teri Dvids
 Megan Geldart (poem by)
 Mireez duPreez (poem by)
 Kay'leigh Fisher

Room of Institutional Critic
 Lehlogonolo Modise (illustrated by)

Ladies Master Bedroom
 Shane Johnson
 Gift Xaba
 Shaylin Naicker

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