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Guest Book - The House was Quiet

Item date(s): 2017

Wallace Stevens  - (poem by)
Robbin Ami Silverberg  - (book artist)
Kim Berman  - (featured artist)
Carola Willbrand  - (featured artist)
François Righi  - (featured artist)
Erica Hibbert  - (featured artist)
Kathe Wenzel  - (featured artist)
Renate Habinger  - (featured artist)
Richard Flavin  - (featured artist)
Ryoko Haraguchi  - (featured artist)
Robin Price  - (featured artist)
Veronika Schäpers  - (featured artist)

Pages: unpaged
Size: 385mm
Inscription: Signed by all participants
Edition: #2/15

Place publication: Brooklyn, NY
Publisher: Dobbin Books
Exhibition 2022

Additional notes:
"I invited guest artists who visited Dobbin Mill to participate in a guestbook by making a set of Dobbin Mill papers, that considered their particular style & art practice. Each artist was requested to respond by working on the 15 sheets of paper sent to them, in lieu of their signatures.

I then designed an artist book with each guest's contribution, utilizing a favorite poem, The House was Quiet and the World was Calm by Wallace Stevens as the cohesive text. In recognition of the range of artistic expressions, I chose to construct it as a set of separate pamphlets in a clamshell, and the project functions both as a whole and in segments.

Guest list, in order of appearance: Francois Righi (France), Kim Berman (South Africa), Carola Willbrand (Germany), Erika Hibbert (US / South Africa), Käthe Wenzel (Germany), Veronika Schaepers (Germany), Renate Habinger (Austria), Richard Flavin & Ryoko Haranguchi (Japan), & Robin Price (US).

Each guest received a copy and the remaining 5 are sale copies."

Reference note:
A decorated green drop-back box contained within a gray wrap-around folder.

Six separate stitched signatures, the final one being the colophon.

Silverberg invited guest artists who visited Dobbin Mill to participate in Guest Book. Whe made Dobbin Mill papers, considering their art practice.

Dobbin Mill papers with mixed media: letterpress, archival inkjet, ink, collage, handcoloring, onoprint, embedded silks, piercing.

Sophia Kramer worked on box production.

Exhibition notes:
Creative Research: The Artists’ Books of Veronika Schäpers, Robbin Ami Silverberg and Julie Chen JBCBA, WAM

22 September to 15 December 2022

Ref: GB/16361

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