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Folio of Private Presses

Item date(s): 1978

Charles Antin  - (foreword by)

Pages: unpaged
Size: 186mm

Sub-type: Private press

Place publication: n.p.
Publisher: Serendipity Press

Additional notes:
Contributions from 36 presses in a wide slipcase.

Including a folded colophon with a Foreword and list of Contributors (which does not include the single double-folded sheet which appears to be extraneous to this collection titled: "Monologue by Louie Dunn at Shangrila resort on Lake Ouichitain Arkansas, U.S. A, the evening of March 29, 1969".

Ref: GB/190


Sampler Consisting of title pages and representative text pages from books-in-work at the Oak Park Press
 Charles Antin
 Jim Yarnell

Private Presses in Minesota, Wisconsin, Iowa. Preliminary Check Lists.
 Wmerson G. Wulling
   Sumac Press, La Crosse.

Theory or Mania
 T and Pat Taylor
   Out of Sorts Pres (sic), Larchmont, New York.

Confessions of an Addict
 Penny and Martin Speckter
   The Four Penny Press, New York

Selection of Borders Cuts and Fleurons at The Four Winds Press
 Henry Schniewind

Order Touched with Delight
 William Rueter
   Some personal observations on the nture of the private press with an account of The Alquando Press.

Rather Private Press
 Clif and Lois Rather
   Oakland, California.

The Whittington Press. A short description & bibliography.
 Rosalind Randle
 John Randle

Meadow Press
 Leigh McLellan
   Iowa City, Iowa.

Practice Makes Perfect?
   The Bird & Bull Press, North Hills, Pennsylvania

very personal note on the relationship between A Private Press and Publishing
 Roy Lewis
   The Keepsake Press, Richmond, Surrey, England.

Private Joy
 Philip Metzger
   Crabgrass Press, Prairie Village, Kansas

The Purpose of the Herity Press
 Elizabeth and Ben Lieberman

Printing a book for the pleasure of its publication
 Shelly Hoyt-Koch
 Peter Rutledge Koch
   Black Stone Press, Missoula, Montana.

In Praise of Picture Makers
 Robert M. Jones
   Glad Hand Press, Stamford, Conn.

The Four Ducks Press
 Bill Jackson
   Wichita, Kansas

The Fibre of a Lost America
 Richard L. Hopkins
   hill & Dale Press and Typefoundry, Terra Alta, West Virginia.

Brief Note on Book Collecting
 August Heckscher
 Philip Hofer
   The Printing Office at high Loft, Seal Harbor, Maine

 Philip Grushkin
   The Capgee Press

Whence the Grace Hoper Press
 Katharine Grover
 Sherwood Grover
   Aptos, California

Boast Book
 Sue Weaver
 Lou Gibbs

The Oliphant Press
 Ronald Gordon
   New York City

Polyglot Press
 Arthur Graham
   Lexington, Kentucky.

Reading & Printing
 Vance Gerry
   The Weather Press.

Some Thoughts on Private Typefounding
 Paul Hayden
   Private Press & Typefoundry of Paul Hayden, Duensing, Kalamazoo, Mich.

The Constantinopolitan Creed
   The Cummington Press, Omaha.

On Collecting Printing Medals
 Erich Wronker

Portrait of the Printer as a Young Printer
   Pondside Press, Ossining, N. Y.

On Printing by Hand
 David Chambers
   Cuckoo Hill Press, Pinner, Middlesex, England.

 John Cumming
   The Private Press of John Cumming, Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Lines for the Crocuses
 G. Brender a Brandis
   The Brandstead Press, Carlisle, Ontario, Canada

Benjamin Franklin on Typography excerpted from a letter from that gentleman to Noah Webster
 Wayne Batcheler
 Noah Webster (title)
 Benjamin Franklin (title)
   The New Bottles Press, Ridgewood, New Jersey.

 Leonard F. Bahr
   The Adagio Press, Harper Woods, Michigan.

Credo of the Hippogryph
   The Sign of the Hippogryph, Williamstown, Massachusetts.

Kitemaug Press
 Frank J. Anderson

 Dwight Agner
   The Press of the Nightowl

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