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Painting of a Book (2016)

Item date(s): 2016

Bronwen Findlay

Medium: Canvas
Pages: 780 x 1000
Edition: Unique

Type: Sculptural / conceptual book
Theme(s): The relationship between painting and books

Place publication: Johannesburg
Publisher: The artist
Exhibition 2017

Reference note:
A painted canvas with pages of the book 'The Language of Flowers' pasted on the rear of the canvas. The work is hung in space so as to facilitate viewing from both sides.

I sometimes use books as reference for paintings. The bookcases in my studio are an important part of that creative space. The books in it, are well thumbed, sometimes covered in paint, sometimes book marked with pieces of paper to remind me where to look. My collection of books is varied - at times I am inspired by the text and at other times by the images. I do not always reveal my source material - finally the painting speaks for itself. The same book can inspire totally different paintings or prints. This oil painting depicts a little book called The Language of Flowers. The book has become part of the painting and the surrounding marks and colours are inspired by it.

Exhibition notes:
‘Booknesses: Contemporary South African Artist's Books’.

FADA Gallery, University of Johannesburg.

Curated by David Paton and Eugene Hon.

24 March - 5 May 2017

Ref: DP/17008

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