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Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions

Item date(s): 1980

Edwin Abbott
Andrew Hoyem  - (illustrated by)

Medium: T H Saunders hot-pressed mold-made paper
Pages: 288pp
Size: 355mm
Binding: Hinged and locking aluminium case
Edition: One of 275 copies

Type: Accordion fold
Sub-type: Private press

Place publication: San Francisco, CA
Publisher: Arion Press

Additional notes:
Hoyem's radical design and illustrations realize many implications of this satire about a two-dimensional world.

Bound in aluminium (sic) boards with locking frame. The 7th book of the press.

115 unnumbered accordion-fold pages.

From the Basilisk Press & Bookshop catalogue number 3: "Abbot wrote this instructive fantasy in which the characters are all geometric figures in 1884. Since then, it has been acclaimed as an early science fiction classic and reprinted about 25 times - certainly never before in an edition better suited to the uncommon nature of the text. Flatland is literally flat as it is printed on a long sheet of Saunders Mouldmade paper, which would stretch out to 33 feet (10.1 metres). Fortunately, it is neatly accordion folded into 7 x 14 inch panels, which makes for rational reading of the 14pt Univers text. Hoyem has redrawn Abbot's original diagrams and printed them in up to 12 colours. Protected by an aluminium slipcase."

Including the prospectus, SE.

Illustrated on page 9 of Resonance and Response by Ruth R. Rogers, 2005.

Illustrated on page 14 of Fine Print, Volume 8, Number 1, 1982 and reviewed on page 12.

Illustrated as Lot 7 of The Ritter Collection of Modern Illustrated Books and Livres d'Artiste, Swann Auction Galleries, 5/5/09.

Illustrated in Artists and their Books / Books and their Artists, p102: AB/3201

Included in the special exhibition at the Library of Congress on 19th April, 2013 for CODEX Mexico.

Ref: GB/3

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