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1: Russian Avant-Garde Book 1910-1934
Margit Rowell
Glenn D. Lowry  - (foreword by)
2: Printed Picture
Richard Benson
Glenn D. Lowry  - (foreword by)
Peter Galassi  - (foreword by)
3: MoMA Now
Sonia Delaunay  - (featured artist)
Glenn D. Lowry  - (introduction by)
Quentin Bajac  - (joint author)
Christophe Cherix  - (joint author)
Stuart Comer  - (joint author)
Rajendra Roy  - (joint author)
Martino Stierli  - (joint author)
Ann Temkin  - (joint author)
4: Trace: Prints for The Museum of Modern Art
William Kentridge  - (title)
Judith B. Hecker
Glenn D. Lowry  - (foreword by)

5: Impressions from South Africa 1965 to Now
Judith B. Hecker
Glenn D. Lowry  - (foreword by)

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