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1: Livres de Peintre; Artist Books
Martin Antonetti  - (interpreted by)
Gunnar A. Kaldeway  - (interview with)
2: Illuminating Words
Veronique Plesch  - (curated with an introduction by)
Christopher Gausby  - (title)
Martin Antonetti  - (curated with a preface by)
3: Book-Objects & Artist Books
Martin Antonetti  - (introduction by)
Werner Pfeiffer  - (title)
4: Shirley Jones and the Red Hen Press
Shirley Jones  - (title)
Ronald D. Patkus  - (bibliography by)
Connell B. Gallagher  - (preface by)
Martin Antonetti  - (essay by)
5: Werner Pfeiffer (censor, villain, provocateur, experimenter):
Werner Pfeiffer  - (title)
Martin Antonetti  - (introduction by)
6: Merrymount Press
Martin Hutner
Anne Anninger  - (foreword by)
Martin Antonetti  - (foreword by)
Jerry Kelly  - (designed by)

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