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1: Africa Meets Africa
Helene Smuts  - (written by)
Nessa Leibhammer  - (research by)
2: Shifts. . .In Consciousness. A Changing Heritage
Ronel Kellner  - (curated by)
Nessa Leibhammer  - (curated with an introduction by)
3: Five MTN commissions and the artists who made them
Philippa Hobbs  - (edited by)
Coral Bijoux  - (contributing author)
Nessa Leibhammer  - (contributing author)
Ronel Loukakis  - (contributing author)
Skye Holland  - (text by)
André Croucamp  - (text by)
4: Printmaking Resource
Philippa Hobbs
Skye Holland
Nessa Leibhammer
Ronel Loukakis
André Croucamp
5: Landmark: Visions of Land in Africa
Nessa Leibhammer  - (curated and written by)
Philippa Hobbs  - (assisted by)
6: Africa Meets Africa
Helene Smuts
Sven Ouzman
Chonat Getz
David Riep
André Croucamp
Nessa Leibhammer
Sekibakiba Peter Lekgoathi
David Morris
Jeremy Gordin
Jackie Scheiber
7: l'Afrique: A Tribute to Maria Stein-Lessing and Leopold Spiegel
Nessa Leibhammer  - (curated by)
Natalie Knight  - (curated by)
Maria Stein-Lessing  - (title)
Leopold Spiegel  - (title)
8: Jackson Hlungwani
Jackson Hlungwani  - (title)
Amos Lestoalo  - (curated by)
Elizabeth Burroughs  - (edited by)
Nessa Leibhammer  - (curated and edited by)
Karel Nel  - (curated and edited by)

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