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1: Books, Prints, Printed Matter
Richard Long
2: D'une Oeuvre L'autre
Guy Schraenen  - (curated by)
Pierre-Jean Foulon  - (preface by)
Christian Boltanski  - (featured artist)
Daniel Buren  - (featured artist)
James Lee Byars  - (featured artist)
Mirtha Dermisache  - (featured artist)
Peter Downsbrough  - (featured artist)
Sol LeWitt  - (featured artist)
Richard Long  - (featured artist)
Jacques Louis Nyst  - (featured artist)
Bernard Villers  - (featured artist)
Dieter Roth (a.k.a. Diter Rot) (Karl-Dieterich)  - (featured artist)
3: Four Works - Ivorypress. Volume One 1998-2005
Elena Ochoa Foster
Eduardo Chillida  - (title)
Richard Long  - (title)
Anthony Caro  - (title)
Anish Kapoor  - (title)
4: Johan Deumens - Sundry Catalogues
Annesas Appel  - (title)
Uwe Laysiepen  - (title)
Julao Sarmento  - (title)
Richard Long  - (title)
5: Prospectus: Walking and Sleeping
Richard Long
6: Papers of River Muds
Richard Long  - (book artist)
Jerry Sohn  - (edited by)
Wally Dawes  - (paper technician)
Madeleine Pestiaux  - (papermaker)
Les Ferriss  - (typography by)
Jeff Wasserman  - (screen printer)
Ulli Rotzscher  - (bookbinding by)
Sam Francis  - (published by)
7: Dartmoor
Richard Long
8: Walk Past Standing Stones
Richard Long
9: Twelve Works
Richard Long
10: South America
Richard Long
11: Gravity
Richard Long
12: From Time to Time
Richard Long
13: Hundred Stones
Richard Long
14: Mirage
Richard Long
15: Mountains and Waters
Richard Long
16: Mud Hand Prints
Richard Long

17: No Where
Richard Long
18: Old World New World
Richard Long
19: Planes of Vision
Richard Long
20: Richard Long
Richard Long
21: River to River
Richard Long
22: Surf Roar
Richard Long
23: Walking in Circles
Richard Long
24: Karoo Highveld
Richard Long

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