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1: Made in the Midwest
Bruce W. Pepich  - (introduction by)
Walter (Samuel Haatoum) Hamady  - (title)
Beth Grabowski  - (essay by)
Charles Alexander  - (featured artist)
Janet Ballweg  - (featured artist)
Gretchen Lee Coles  - (featured artist)
Lester Dore  - (featured artist)
Jim A. Escalante  - (featured artist)
Marta Gomez  - (featured artist)
Susan Gosin  - (featured artist)
Beth Grabowski  - (featured artist)
Lane Hall  - (featured artist)
Kevin Henkes  - (featured artist)
Kent Kasuboske  - (featured artist)
Katherine Kuehn  - (featured artist)
Jim Lee  - (featured artist)
Ruth Lingen  - (featured artist)
Shiere M. Melin  - (featured artist)
Steve Miller  - (featured artist)
Lisa Moline  - (featured artist)
Jeffrey Morin  - (featured artist)
Stephanie Newman-James  - (featured artist)
Bonnie O'Connell  - (featured artist)
Cathie Ruggie Saunders  - (featured artist)
Susi Schneider  - (featured artist)
Pati Scobey  - (featured artist)
Bonnie Stahlecker  - (featured artist)
Barbara Tetenbaum  - (featured artist)
Walter Tisdale  - (featured artist)
Debra Weier  - (featured artist)
2: Prints & Books
Ruth Lingen  - (title)
Susan Gosin  - (introduction by)
3: Remembering Walter Hamady
Walter (Samuel Haatoum) Hamady  - (title)
Ruth Lingen  - (preface by)
4: Receiver
William Kentridge  - (etchings by)
Wislawa Szymborska  - (poems by)
Susan Gosin  - (papermaker)
Roni Neuer  - (papermaker)
Ruth Lingen  - (typography by)
Barbara Mauriello  - (bookbinding by)
Randy Hemminghaus  - (printed by)
Clare Cavanagh  - (translated by)
Stanislaw Baranczak  - (translated by)

5: Comeundone
Henrik Drescher
Ruth Lingen
6: I Know Where I'm Going
Lois Lane  - (illustrated by)
Ruth Lingen  - (book artist)
7: In Spite of Everything, the Stars
Glenn Goldberg  - (etchings by)
Edward Hirsch  - (poems by)
Ruth Lingen  - (book artist)
Mark Tomlinson  - (bookbinding by)
John Bartlett  - (collaborator)
Shannon Kelley  - (stencils cut by)
8: Led Almost By My Tie
Ruth Lingen  - (book artist)
Jessica Stockholder  - (artist)
Mark Tomlinson  - (bookbinding by)
Jeremy Sigler  - (poems by)
Squire Broel  - (sculpture by)

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