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1: Blue Mary
Gwen van Embden
Stephen Inggs  - (photographed by)
Guen Alice Adcock  - (interview by)

2: What's Bred in the Stone
Stephen Inggs  - (edited with an introduction by)
Eunice Geustyn  - (assisted by)
Pippa Skotnes  - (foreword by)

3: District Six 50th Commemoration Print Exchange 1966-2016 "Remembering 60 000 Forced Goodbyes'
Michael Adashie  - (featured artist)
Kim Berman  - (featured artist)
Johan Booyens  - (featured artist)
Tinus Boshoff  - (featured artist)
Ben Botma  - (featured artist)
Julia Brewis  - (featured artist)
Walter Buchholz  - (featured artist)
Lucas Nkgweng  - (featured artist)
Micah Chrisholm  - (featured artist)
Tatenda Chidora  - (featured artist)
Alettia Vorster Chisin  - (featured artist)
Gabriel Clarke-Brown  - (featured artist)
Jonathan Comerford  - (featured artist)
Rouxanne Dauncey  - (featured artist)
Lionel Davis  - (featured artist)
Jace de Villiers  - (featured artist)
Helena de Waal  - (featured artist)
Christiaan (Chris) Diedericks  - (featured artist)
Johandi du Plessis  - (featured artist)
Garth Erasmus  - (featured artist)
Penny George  - (featured artist)
Isabelle Grobler  - (featured artist)
Pauline Gutter  - (featured artist)
Gerrit Hattingh  - (featured artist)
Stephen Inggs  - (featured artist)
Banele Khoza  - (featured artist)
Richard Kilpert  - (featured artist)
Ramarutha Makoba  - (featured artist)
Ian Marley  - (featured artist)
Abe Mathabe  - (featured artist)
Sipho Mdanda  - (featured artist)
Lesego Motsiri  - (featured artist)
Vedant Nanackchand  - (featured artist)
Lucas Nkgweng  - (featured artist)
Nhlanhla Nhlapo  - (featured artist)
Vulindlela Nyoni  - (featured artist)
Sophie Peters  - (featured artist)
Ayesha Price  - (featured artist)
Tina Ratzer  - (featured artist)
Mark Rautenbach  - (featured artist)
David Sewape  - (featured artist)
Edwine Simon  - (featured artist)
Tina Smith  - (featured artist)
Dominic Thorburn  - (featured artist)
Janet van Graan  - (featured artist)
Johan Verster  - (featured artist)
Diane Victor  - (featured artist)
Theo Paul Vorster  - (featured artist)
Donovan Ward  - (featured artist)
Manfred Zylla  - (featured artist)
4: Curiosity CLXXV
Pippa Skotnes
Gwen van Embden
Fritha Langerman
Stephen Inggs  - (photographed by)
5: In Principle
Stephen Inggs  - (curated with a preface by)
Jonah Sack  - (introduction by)
Virginia MacKenny  - (curated by)
6: Come
Stephen Inggs  - (preface by)
Virginia MacKenny  - (essay by)
7: Come Again
Stephen Inggs  - (preface by)
Linda Stupart  - (essay by)
8: Masters Moving Out
Stephen Inggs  - (preface by)
Catherine Dickerson  - (contributor)
Claire Jorgensen  - (contributor)
Elgin Rust  - (contributor)
Robyn Nesbit  - (contributor)
Ryna Cilliers  - (contributor)
9: Exhibition and Auction
Stephen Inggs  - (preface by)
10: Making Prints With Light
Stephen Inggs
Nigel Warburton  - (foreword by)
11: Masters Grand Show
Stephen Inggs  - (preface by)
12: Dark Side of the Moon
Stephen Inggs  - (preface by)
Jessica Natasha Brown  - (essay by)
13: The Homage Portfolio
Willie Bester  - (featured artist)
Louis Maqhubela  - (featured artist)
Fritha Langerman  - (featured artist)
Stephen Inggs  - (featured artist)
Malcolm Payne  - (featured artist)
David Brown  - (featured artist)
Pippa Skotnes  - (featured artist)
Gavin Young  - (featured artist)

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