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Booknesses: Artists' Books from the Jack Ginsberg Collection - digital books

Theme MM / NMM: Modernist books and/or artists appearing on Riva Castelman's 1994/5 MoMA exhibition A Century of Artists Books and our additions

  • Lidantiu Faram [Lidantiu as a Beacon (Le-Dantyu as a Beacon)] - Ilia Zdanevich (Iliazd), Naum Granovskii (cover)
  • La Fin du Monde filmee par lAnge N.-D. - Fernand Leger (illustrator) , Blaise Cendrars (text)
  • Un Coup de Des Jamais Nabolira le Hasard: Poeme - Stephane Mallarme
  • Paris de Nuit - Brassai (photography), Paul Morand (text)
  • Dlya Golosa [For the Voice or For Reading Out Loud] - El Lissitzky (illustrator), Vladimir Mayakovsky (poems)
  • Die Nibelungen Dem Deutschen Volke Wiedererzahlt von Franz Keim - Carl Otto Czeschka (designer and illustrator), Franz Keim (text)
  • Une Semaine de Bonte ou Les Sept Elements Capitaux (Roman) - Max Ernst
  • Depero Futurista 1913-1927 - Fortunato Depero & Fedele Azari

MPM & NMPM: Postmodern books and artists who appeared on the MoMA exhibition and our additions

  • Fizzles (Foirades) - Jasper Johns (etchings), Samuel Beckett (author)
  • Un Coup de Des Jamais Nabolira le Hasard: Image - Marcel Broodthaers (book artist), Stephane Mallarme (based upon)
  • The Departure of the Argonaut - Francesco Clemente (illustrator), Alberto Savinio (text

C5 A & B: Visual-verbal Dynamics | Color

  • Doc / Undoc Documentado / Undocumented. Ars Shamanica Performatica - Felicia Rice (book artist), Guillermo Gomez-Pena (text)
  • Innerland - Timothy C. Ely
  • After Image Playing with Colour in all its Dimensions - Claudia Cohen & Barbara Hodgson

C6 A, B, C: Journeys | Maps & Structures | Landscapes & Places

  • Ockers - Mike Hudson (book artist), Jadwiga Jarvis (printed)
  • Britain in Colour with Belligerent Rock Intrusions mainly in Black and White - David Ferry (book artist), R. M. Lockley (original author)
  • Portage - William Kentridge
  • Cathexis - Paul Emmanuel
  • Frantichams Los Angeles Palm Trees - Franticham, Francis van Maele & Antic-Ham
  • 26 57,3' N, 142 16,8' E [The Squid Book] - Veronika Schapers, Durs Grunbein (poems by), Yuji Nawata (translator)
  • Raising Water - Sjoerd Hofstra & Karen O'Hearn
  • The Mappist - Charles Hobson (images), Barry Holstun Lopez (text)
  • Cold Sweat The Graphic Works - Chris Diedericks
  • Curiosity - Lyndi Sales

C7: Fantasy & the Fantastic

  • Cent Mille Petits Points - Mauro Bellei
  • Temp Worker - Fred Rinne

C8: War, Death, Fear & Apocalyptic Imagery

  • The Ultimate Safari - Nadine Gordimer (author), Aletah Masuku (illustrator), Alsetah Manthosi (illustrator), Dorah Ngomane (illustrator), Mark Attwood (printer)
  • Another George Book - A User's Guide - Joan Iversen Goswell
  • Board of Honour - Mikhail Karasik

Website: www.theartistsbook.org.za/booknesses/digital_books

iPads made available in the exhibition space facilitate browsing the selected books, page-by-page online.

This mode of accessing selected books helps overcome the conventional lack of access to books locked away in glass cases.

This An example of a QR code which provides an alternative mode of accessing the selected books via visitors' smart phones and tablets.

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