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1: Go Home and Play with your Genitals
Christian Nerf
Douglas Gimberg
Francis Burger
Barend de Wet

2: GIF 3
Hanneke Benadé  - (featured artist)
Conrad Botes  - (featured artist)
Elza Botha  - (featured artist)
Mandy Conidaris  - (featured artist)
Karin Daymond  - (featured artist)
Sheila Flynn  - (featured artist)
Jared Ginsburg  - (featured artist)
Jill Graham  - (featured artist)
Gabrielle Guy  - (featured artist)
Daniel Hewson  - (featured artist)
Erica Hibbert  - (featured artist)
Elaine Kehew  - (featured artist)
William Kentridge  - (featured artist)
Eugenie Marais  - (featured artist)
Colbert Mashile  - (featured artist)
Tamar Mason  - (featured artist)
Kagiso Pat Mautloa  - (featured artist)
Luan Nel  - (featured artist)
Christian Nerf  - (featured artist)
Francis Njoroge  - (featured artist)
Fiona Pole  - (featured artist)
Anne Rowlinson  - (featured artist)
Joachim Schönfeldt  - (featured artist)
Claudette Schreuders  - (featured artist)
Kathryn Smith  - (featured artist)
Lee Turner  - (featured artist)
Strijdom van der Merwe  - (featured artist)
Morné Visagie  - (featured artist)
Mark Attwood  - (co-ordinated by)
Joachim Schönfeldt  - (co-ordinated by)
Robert Weinek  - (co-ordinated by)
Mark Attwood  - (edited by)
Tamar Mason  - (edited by)
3: One Million and Forty Four Years (and Sixty Three Days)
Kathryn Smith  - (edited with an introduction by)
Douglas Gimberg  - (featured artist)
Christian Nerf  - (featured artist)
Ruth Sacks  - (featured artist)
Ed Young  - (featured artist)

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