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Artwork Titles starting with 'A'

  1. ABC for Book Collectors 1967 (Author: John Carter, ID: GB/1070)
  2. ABC Mystery 1993 (Author: Doug Cushman, ID: GB/1525)
  3. ABC of Lettering and Printing Typefaces 1982 (Author: Erik Lindegren, ID: GB/3889)
  4. Aber dahinter 1989 (Author: Anonymous, ID: GB/151)
  5. Above and Below Stairs 1983 (Author: John S. Goodall, ID: GB/2463)
  6. Abroad in America: Visitors to the New Nation 1976 (Author: Marc Pachter, ID: GB/4904)
  7. Academic and Legal Deposit Libraries 1965 (Author: Donald Davinson, ID: GB/1593)
  8. Accomplished Senator of Laurentius Goslicius 1946 (Author: W. J. Stankiewicz, ID: GB/6136)
  9. Active Process 1987 (Author: Michael Christopher Lawlor, ID: GB/3676)
  10. Adventures with Paper (Author: A. Van Breda, ID: GB/6731)
  11. Africa for Beginners (Author: Melvin Lasky, ID: GB/3655)
  12. African Hunter (Author: J. A. Hunter, ID: GB/3138)
  13. After the Fall 1964 (Author: Arthur Miller, ID: GB/4419)
  14. After the Funeral of Assam Hamady 1971 (Author: Sam Hamod, ID: GB/2714)
  15. Age of Elegance (Author: Arthur Bryant, ID: GB/868)
  16. Age of Expansion 1968 (Author: Hugh Trevor-Roper, ID: GB/6547)
  17. Age of Reason 1964 (Author: Jean-Paul Sartre, ID: GB/5645)
  18. Ah 1991 (Author: Josse Goffin, ID: GB/2423)
  19. Ah 1991 (Author: Josse Goffin, ID: GB/2424)
  20. Aids Demographics 1990 (Author: Douglas Crimp, ID: GB/1419)
  21. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 1983 (Author: Lewis Carroll, ID: GB/1044)
  22. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 1984 (Author: Lewis Carroll, ID: GB/1045)
  23. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 1978 (Author: Lewis Carroll, ID: GB/1046)
  24. Alien Landscapes 1979 (Author: Robert Holdstock, ID: GB/3009)
  25. Alien World 1980 (Author: Steven Eisler, ID: GB/1936)
  26. Aliens in Space 1979 (Author: Steven Caldwell, ID: GB/983)
  27. All About Women 1963 (Author: Saul Maloff, ID: GB/4093)
  28. All the President's Men 1974 (Author: Bob Woodward, ID: GB/533)
  29. All the President's Men 1974 (Author: Carl Bernstein, ID: GB/533)
  30. Almost Invisible 2012 (Author: Mark Strand, ID: GB/14046)
  31. Alphabet 1976 (Author: Stanley Cook, ID: GB/1343)
  32. Alphabet 1978 (Author: Helen Craig, ID: GB/1401)
  33. Alphabet Abecedarium 1993 (Author: Richard A. Firmage, ID: GB/2112)
  34. Alphabet and Elements of Lettering 1963 (Author: Frederic W, Goudy, ID: GB/2527)
  35. Alphabet Effect 1986 (Author: Robert K. Logan, ID: GB/3935)
  36. Alphabet of Old Friends 1981 (Author: Walter Crane, ID: GB/1410)
  37. Alphabetical and Letter Poems 1978 (Author: Peter Mayer, ID: GB/4232)
  38. Alphabets and Images 1974 (Author: Maggie Gordon, ID: GB/2480)
  39. Alphabets and Ornaments 1968 (Author: Ernest Lehner, ID: GB/3752)
  40. America 1974 (Author: Ralph Steadman, ID: GB/6141)
  41. America An Aerial View 1978 (Author: James Doane, ID: GB/1755)
  42. America and Americans 1966 (Author: John Steinbeck, ID: GB/6166)
  43. American Chair 1983 (Author: Robert Bishop, ID: GB/593)
  44. American Civilization 1972 (Author: Daniel J. Boorstin, ID: GB/670)
  45. American Cooking 1969 (Author: Dale Brown, ID: GB/841)
  46. American Critical Essays 1959 (Author: Harold Beaver, ID: GB/455)
  47. American Geisha (Author: Marion Taylor, ID: GB/6368)
  48. American Heritage History of the American People 1971 (Author: Bernard A. Weisberger, ID: GB/7008)
  49. American Magazine 1991 (Author: Amy Janello, ID: GB/3234)
  50. American Melodrama 1969 (Author: Lewis Chester, ID: GB/1173)
  51. American Melodrama 1969 (Author: Godfrey Hodgson, ID: GB/2982)
  52. American Melodrama 1969 (Author: Bruce Page, ID: GB/4906)
  53. American Treasures in the Library of Congress 1997 (Author: Garry Wills, ID: GB/7152)
  54. American Wood Type. 1828-1900 1969 (Author: Rob Roy Kelly, ID: GB/3409)
  55. Amethysts (Author: David Boardman Jones, ID: GB/3316)
  56. Ampersand 1958 (Author: Jan Tschichold, ID: GB/16600)
  57. Analysis of the Mind 1933 (Author: Bertrand Russell, ID: GB/5567)
  58. Anatole 1969 (Author: Eve Titus, ID: GB/6494)
  59. Anatomy of a Cloud 1983 (Author: Paul Jenkins, ID: GB/3252)
  60. Anatomy of Bibliomania 1930 (Author: Holbrook Jackson, ID: GB/3210)
  61. Anatomy of Melancholy 1925 (Author: Robert Burton, ID: GB/946)
  62. Ancient World 1953 (Author: T. R. Glover, ID: GB/2412)
  63. André Previn's Guide to the Orchestra 1983 (Author: André Previn, ID: GB/5180)
  64. Andrew Graham-Dixon 1994 (Author: Howard Hodgkin, ID: GB/2980)
  65. Andy Warhol - A Retrospective. 1989 (Author: Kynaston McShine, ID: GB/4302)
  66. Andy Warhol: Photography 1999 (Author: Andy Warhol, ID: GB/6924)
  67. Anecdotes of Modern Art 1990 (Author: Donald Hall, ID: GB/2659)
  68. Angel Pavement (Author: J. B. Priestly, ID: GB/5185)
  69. Animal Farm 1995 (Author: George Powell, ID: GB/5157)
  70. Animal Illustrated 1550-1900 1991 (Author: Mariam T. Gross, ID: GB/2610)
  71. Animaleries 1977 (Author: Jean Solé, ID: GB/6045)
  72. Annals of Poole 1966 (Author: H. Edmund Poole, ID: GB/5132)
  73. Annotated Alice 1960 (Author: Lewis Carroll, ID: GB/1049)
  74. Annotated Alice 1965 (Author: Lewis Carroll, ID: GB/1050)
  75. Annotated Lolita 1971 (Author: Alfred Junior Appel, ID: GB/194)
  76. Annotated Lolita 1971 (Author: Vladimar Nabokov, ID: GB/4660)
  77. Annotated Ultimate Alphabet 1988 (Author: Mike Wilks, ID: GB/7118)
  78. Annotated Walden 1970 (Author: Henry David Thoreau, ID: GB/6462)
  79. Annual of Contemporary Prints. Volume VII 1967 (Author: Artist's Proof, ID: GB/237)
  80. Annual of Contemporary Prints. Volume VIII 1967 (Author: Artist's Proof, ID: GB/238)
  81. Annual of Contemporary Prints. Volume X 1970 (Author: Artist's Proof, ID: GB/239)
  82. Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine 1956 (Author: George M. Gould, ID: GB/2529)
  83. Another Road to Samarkand (Author: Patrik Sergeant, ID: GB/5805)
  84. Another Voice 1986 (Author: Auberon Waugh, ID: GB/6946)
  85. Anthology of British Tongue-Twisters 1969 (Author: Ken Parkin, ID: GB/4946)
  86. Anthony Caro 1986 (Author: Terry Fenton, ID: GB/2068)
  87. Anti-Booklist 1981 (Author: Brian Redhead, ID: GB/5275)
  88. Antiquarian Books - An Insider's Account 1978 (Author: Roy Harley Lewis, ID: GB/3839)
  89. Antique, Decorative and Ornamental Alphabets 1955 (Author: Raymond Cohn, ID: GB/1286)
  90. Antiques 1986 (Author: Elizabeth Drury, ID: GB/1835)
  91. Antony and Cleopatra (Author: William Shakespeare, ID: GB/5843)
  92. Anxious Visions: Surrealist Art 1990 (Author: Sidra Stich, ID: GB/6219)
  93. Any Old Iron 1989 (Author: Anthony Burgess, ID: GB/906)
  94. Anybody can do Anything (Author: Betty Mac Donald, ID: GB/4051)
  95. Apartheid - A Documentary study of modern South Africa 1968 (Author: Edgar H. Brookes, ID: GB/826)
  96. Apartment Book 1979 (Author: Rick Mitz, ID: GB/4475)
  97. Apes and Ivory n.d. (Author: Joy Packer, ID: GB/4905)
  98. Appeal of Fascism 1971 (Author: Alastair Hamilton, ID: GB/2698)
  99. Apple of My Eye 1977 (Author: Helene Hanff, ID: GB/2720)
  100. Arcade of Stories 1985 (Author: Adrienne Weiss, ID: GB/7011)
  101. Arcimboldo the Marvelous 1977 (Author: Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues, ID: GB/1624)
  102. Arguably 2011 (Author: Christopher Hitchens, ID: GB/13079)
  103. Aristide Maillol 1947 (Author: Aristide Maillol, ID: GB/4085)
  104. Aristide Maillol 1947 (Author: Claude Roy, ID: GB/4085)
  105. Arks for Learning 1995 (Author: Giles Barber, ID: GB/345)
  106. Arp. Pepin Geant 1987 (Author: Sophie Curtil, ID: GB/1521)
  107. Arp. Pepin Geant 1987 (Author: Sophie Curtil, ID: GB/1522)
  108. Arrival and Departure 1966 (Author: Arthur Koestler, ID: GB/3541)
  109. Art About Art 1978 (Author: Jean Lipman, ID: GB/3904)
  110. Art Action 1958-1998 2001 (Author: Richard Martel, ID: GB/4166)
  111. Art After Modernism 1988 (Author: Brian Wallis, ID: GB/6903)
  112. Art and Craft of Sign-writing 1987 (Author: William Sutherland, ID: GB/6297)
  113. Art and Cultural Difference 1995 (Author: Nicola Kearton, ID: GB/3399)
  114. Art and Feminism 2001 (Author: Helena Reckitt, ID: GB/5273)
  115. Art and Photography 1968 (Author: Aaron Scharf, ID: GB/5667)
  116. Art and Photography 2003 (Author: David Campany, ID: GB/998)
  117. Art and the Public Sphere 1992 (Author: W. J. T. Mitchell, ID: GB/4469)
  118. Art at the Turn of the Millennium 1999 (Author: Burkhard Reimschneider, ID: GB/5297)
  119. Art Bronzes 1988 (Author: Michael Forrest, ID: GB/2166)
  120. Art Cronicles 1954-1966 1975 (Author: Frank O'Hara, ID: GB/4829)
  121. Art Deco Designs in Colour 1975 (Author: Charles Rahn Fry, ID: GB/2263)
  122. Art for Commerce 1973 (Author: Michael Turner, ID: GB/6601)
  123. Art for the Written Word 1995 (Author: Wendell Minor, ID: GB/4460)
  124. Art Game 1965 (Author: Robert Wraight, ID: GB/7258)
  125. Art in Nature 1996 (Author: Vittorio Fagone, ID: GB/2028)
  126. Art in Society 1975 (Author: Milton Glaser, ID: GB/432)
  127. Art in Society 1975 (Author: Ken Baynes, ID: GB/432)
  128. Art in the Age of Mass Media 1983 (Author: John A. Walker, ID: GB/6895)
  129. Art in the Age of Pluralism 1988 (Author: Andreas C. Papadakis, ID: GB/4933)
  130. Art in the Garden - Installations 1988 (Author: Graeme Murray, ID: GB/4648)
  131. Art Inc 1979 (Author: Mitchell Douglas Kahan, ID: GB/3367)
  132. Art Lessons 1995 (Author: Alice Goldfarb Marquis, ID: GB/4153)
  133. Art Nouveau 1870-1914 1985 (Author: Jean-Paul Bouillon, ID: GB/706)
  134. Art Nouveau Display Alphabets 1976 (Author: Dan X. Solo, ID: GB/6051)
  135. Art Nouvrau and Early Art Deco Type and Design 1972 (Author: Theodore Menten, ID: GB/4359)
  136. Art of Colours 1997 (Author: Magaret Steele, ID: GB/6153)
  137. Art of Cusine 1966 (Author: Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, ID: GB/6523)
  138. Art of Duncan Grant 1990 (Author: Simon Watney, ID: GB/6939)
  139. Art of Hand Lettering 1967 (Author: Helm Wotzkow, ID: GB/7253)
  140. Art of Illuminating 1987 (Author: M. D. Wyatt, ID: GB/6637)
  141. Art of Illuminating 1987 (Author: W. R. Tymms, ID: GB/6637)
  142. Art of Invention 1974 (Author: Williams and Marlys Ray, ID: GB/5264)
  143. Art of Looking Sideways 2001 (Author: Alan Fletcher, ID: GB/2145)
  144. Art of Loving 1961 (Author: Erich Fromm, ID: GB/2256)
  145. Art of Natural History 1978 (Author: S. Peter Dance, ID: GB/1553)
  146. Art of New York 1983 (Author: Seymour Chwast, ID: GB/1205)
  147. Art of our Century 1989 (Author: Jean-Louis Ferrier, ID: GB/2078)
  148. Art of Painting 1968 (Author: Walter Brooks, ID: GB/829)
  149. Art of Papercraft 1971 (Author: Hiroshi Ogawa, ID: GB/4825)
  150. Art of Playboy 1985 (Author: Ray Bradbury, ID: GB/725)
  151. Art of Seeing 1991 (Author: Paul Zelanski, ID: GB/7306)
  152. Art of Shape 1997 (Author: Magaret Steele, ID: GB/6154)
  153. Art of the Body 1997 (Author: Magaret Steele, ID: GB/6155)
  154. Art of the Book 1951 (Author: Charles Ede, ID: GB/1910)
  155. Art of the Dessert 1977 (Author: Sandy Lesberg, ID: GB/3783)
  156. Art of the Print 1976 (Author: Fritz Eichenberg, ID: GB/1926)
  157. Art of the Real 1983 (Author: Mark Strand, ID: GB/6264)
  158. Art of the Times 1973 (Author: Jean-Claude Suarès, ID: GB/6286)
  159. Art of Walt Disney 1975 (Author: Christopher Finch, ID: GB/2092)
  160. Art Source Book 1987 (Author: Nick Rowling, ID: GB/5527)
  161. Art Treasures in France 1969 (Author: Germain Bazin, ID: GB/434)
  162. Art Treasures in Spain 1970 (Author: Juan Ainaud de Lasarte, ID: GB/1622)
  163. Art Treasures of the British Isles 1969 (Author: Philip Hendy, ID: GB/2867)
  164. Art without Boundaries: 1950-70 1972 (Author: Gerald Woods, ID: GB/7244)
  165. Art: The Way It Is 1973 (Author: John Adkins Richardson, ID: GB/5334)
  166. Art-Deco und Jugendstilfiguren 1981 (Author: Bryan Catley, ID: GB/1092)
  167. Artforms 1989 (Author: Duane and Sarah Preble, ID: GB/5175)
  168. Artful Dodger 2000 (Author: Nick Bantock, ID: GB/332)
  169. Arthouse 1994 (Author: Graham Percy, ID: GB/5024)
  170. Arthur Mee's Letters to Boys n.d. (Author: Arthur Mee, ID: GB/4314)
  171. Arthur Penn 1989 (Author: Robin Wood, ID: GB/7232)
  172. Arthur Penn 1969 (Author: Robin Wood, ID: GB/7233)
  173. Arthur Rackham His Life and Work 1960 (Author: Derek Hudson, ID: GB/3081)
  174. Arthur Rackham His Life and Work 1961 (Author: Arthur Rackham, ID: GB/5223)
  175. Artisi's Palate 1991 (Author: Eduard Laden, ID: GB/3607)
  176. Artistry of Shakespeare's Prose 1968 (Author: Brian Vickers, ID: GB/6818)
  177. Artist's Book 1992 (Author: Nancy Chalker-Tennant, ID: GB/1120)
  178. Artists' Books 1985 (Author: Joan Lyons, ID: GB/4044)
  179. As Cooks Go (Author: Elizabeth Jordan, ID: GB/3326)
  180. Asking for Trouble 1980 (Author: Donald Woods, ID: GB/7242)
  181. Assult on Culture 1991 (Author: Stewart Home, ID: GB/3027)
  182. Asymmetric Typography 1967 (Author: Jan Tschichold, ID: GB/6581)
  183. At Home with Books 1995 (Author: Estelle Ellis, ID: GB/1962)
  184. Atheist Debater's Handbook 1981 (Author: B. C. Johnson, ID: GB/3284)
  185. Athens, City of the Gods 1964 (Author: Angelo Procopoiu, ID: GB/5194)
  186. Atlas of Languages 1996 (Author: Bernard Comrie, ID: GB/1323)
  187. Aubrey and the Dying Lady 1972 (Author: Malcolm Easton, ID: GB/1885)
  188. Aubrey Beardsley 1967 (Author: Brian Read, ID: GB/5267)
  189. Aubrey Beardsley 1967 (Author: Brian Reade, ID: GB/5271)
  190. Audience is Waiting n.d. (Author: Jack Stodel, ID: GB/6223)
  191. Auditing 1966 (Author: Ronald A. Irish, ID: GB/3188)
  192. August Rodin 1967 (Author: Robert Descharnes, ID: GB/1680)
  193. Augustus John 1979 (Author: Richard Shone, ID: GB/5920)
  194. Authors & Titles 1969 (Author: James A. Tait, ID: GB/6330)
  195. Author's Farce 1967 (Author: Henry Fielding, ID: GB/2084)
  196. Authors of Greece 1924 (Author: T. W. Lumb, ID: GB/4032)
  197. Authors of Rome 1924 (Author: J. W. Mackail, ID: GB/4063)
  198. Autobiography (Author: Neville Cardus, ID: GB/1019)
  199. Autobiography 1993 (Author: Richard Avedon, ID: GB/10516)
  200. Autobiography 1966 (Author: M. K. Gandhi, ID: GB/2296)
  201. Autobiography of Bertrand Russell (3 vols) (1967, 1968) (Author: Bertrand Russell, ID: GB/5568)
  202. Autographs: A Collector's Guide 1973 (Author: Jerry E. Patterson, ID: GB/4979)
  203. Avant-Garde in Painting 1969 (Author: Germain Bazin, ID: GB/435)
  204. Avedon at Work 2003 (Author: Laura Wilson, ID: GB/10518)
  205. Avedon at Work 2003 (Author: Larry McMurtry, ID: GB/10518)
  206. A-Z of Gardening in South Africa 1982 (Author: W. G. Sheat, ID: GB/5900)
  207. A-Z of Visual Ideas 2011 (Author: John Ingledew, ID: GB/14498)

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