Masabelaneni: The Book Arts Archive of the Caversham Press and Centre for Artists and Writers


The curators would like to thank the following people and institutions who contributed to the success of this project:

Malcolm and Ros Christian, for their commitment to the spirit of Masabelaneni in everything that they have done.

Jack Ginsberg, who brought The Book Arts Archive of The Caversham Press and Centre for Artists and Writers into the JGCBA and for his continued support and promotion of the book arts in South Africa.

Prof. Lynn Morris, Vonani Bila and Dr. Bronwen Law-Viljoen who willingly contributed their writings and responses to the archive for this catalogue.

The Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, and University Research Committees of the University of Johannesburg, and the Ampersand Foundation (TAF) whose generous funding made this project possible.

Julia Charlton, Senior Curator, WAM, for her support in achieving the exhibition.

Rosalind Cleaver, Senior Collections Librarian, JGCBA, who helped set up the exhibition, its supporting material and education programme.

Tisetso Letebele, who designed and produced this catalogue and Prof Dierdre Pretorius for her guidance on its design.

Allan Tate, for the generous loan of his copy of The Cycad Collection, unbound pages from the book and other material for the exhibition.

Pierre Maré from puregraphix digital print and signs who printed and installed the vinyl images for the exhibition.

Paul Mills who produced and edited the exhibition video.

Tumelo Mtimkhulu and the members of the UJ Choir for their contributions to the opening event.

Jack Ginsberg with curators Dr. Marion Arnold, and Prof. David Paton

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