Online Resources

01. Artists` Books

Sites featuring information specifically on artists` books. < R > means a reciprocal link can be found on the site.
Andrew Eason`s artists` books
Look especially at `Book of the Month`
Angela Lorenz
Access to her views, writings and artist`s book production
Artist Book 3.0 ◄R►
A forum for artists, curators, librarians, students and researchers
Artist Book News
Showcasing professional book artists
Artist`s Book Creators Community - Lithuania
International Artist`s Book Triennials held in Vilnius, Lithuania
Artists` Books Online
An online artists` books repository of facsimiles, metadata and criticism
Artspace Mackay
An Australian artists` book forum & their `Focus on artists` books`
Betty Bright
Her updated, redesigned and re-birthed website
Bibliotheca Librorum apud Artificem ◄R►
Library for the artist`s book in Sydney, Australia
Brian Dettmer
The artist`s personal website with clickable images for all of his books
Clifton Meador
Access to his artist`s book production
Guy Begbie
Workshops & Interdisciplinary Works Archive
Joan Flasch Artists` Book Collection
The collection is one of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago`s (SAIC) most popular Special Collections, exceeding 6,000 works & complemented by extensive reference materials
Ken Campbell
Access to his artist`s book production
Michael Pogarskij
Access to: Moscow Artists` Books and International Fare of Artists` Books
Peter Verheyen`s List discussion on the definition of the artist`s book
`Definition of the Artist`s Book; What is a Book; BSO`s (Book Shaped Objects); Art vs. Craft`
Large range of images, links and postings
Radoslaw Nowakowski
The Book Laboratory
Reed College`s Special Collections: Artists` Books
Note their `Contemporary Book Artists` section with references and links
Sam Winston
The artist`s personal website
Sarah Bodman`s Artists` Books Series
A monthly series on artists’ books by Sarah Bodman who looks at the work of various book-artists
Science and the Artist`s Book
The Smithsonian Institution Libraries and the Washington Project for the Arts ground-breaking exhibition
State Library of Queensland
Artists` books collections
Susan Mills Artist Books
Visual artist Susan Mills works entirely in book form. Her artist books are very small editions - often an edition of one.
The Arago Press
This site contains background material about books made by artists where the idea of the book is interpreted very broadly
The Directory of Artists` Books Collections
A compilation to increase awareness of artists` books collections primarily in the United States and Canada
The Virginia Arts of the Book Center
A community of artists exploring books, paper, and printmaking through a hands-on studio of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities
University of Wisconsin
Access to their artists` books collection
Veronika Schaepers
Access to her artist`s book production

02. Book Arts

Sites featuring information on the broarder book arts
Alexander Korzer-Robinson
Featuring his book sculptures / cut books
Artists Publishing < R >
An online library of artists` publishing
Blood on Paper Exhibition [. . .]
Ivory Press`s books at the V&A, London 15 Apr 2008 to 29 Jun 2008
Book Art @ Alabama!
The University of Alabama`s Bookweb - Book Arts Web Resources
Book Arts Web â—„Râ–º
Peter D. Verheyen`s Philobiblon, the Bonefolder etc.
Book Arts: Department of Creative Arts, UWE (University of the West of England) ◄R►
Look especially at their research resources, publications & book arts website links
Booklyn Artists Alliance. Marshall Weber`s site featuring his book publications
Bookmarking Book Art - An Online Annotation of `The Book Made Art` (1986)
Posted and updated by Robert Bolick
Books on Books < R >
Curated by Robert Bolick. Bookmarking the evolution of the book from orality into literacy to the development of the codex
British Library: Fine Presses, Artists` Books and Book Arts
Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild
Circle Press` site for artist`s editions and books
Clemens Tobias Lange`s calendar of international book arts events
Codex Foundation
Colophon: Useful links to a number of book arts related websites and information
Elisabeth Long`s book arts site & blog `Sign of the Owl` ◄R►
Fuck Yeah, Book Arts
A blog for creative types interested in the (un)conventional world of Book Arts!
Getty Research Library`s `The Artist Turns to the Book` exhibition
Gino Gini`s & Fernanda Fedi`s website which includes their book production
Granary Book`s titles, essays and related book activities
Steven Clay`s book arts site
Inspiration Green`s Reuse of Books = Art
Ivory Press`s artist`s book publications
Jaffe Center for Book Arts
Julie Chen`s Flying Fish Press
Karen Bleitz
Personal website of the artist`s bookworks
Keith Smith Books
London Centre for Book Arts (LCBA)
The UK`s only open-access resource and education centre dedicated to book arts.
Minnesota Center for Book Arts
New York Center for Book Arts
Rare Autumn. The book as a physical object, art or vessel for communication and ideas
Robbin Ami Silverberg (Dobbin Mill and Dobbin Books): includes her personal book production
Seager / Gray Gallery`s `The Art of the Book`
Look out for her `An Artist Book a Day` on: BOOK_ARTS-L@LISTSERV.SYR.EDU
Smithsonian Libraries` site for paper engineering [. . .]
The Art of the Book
Dr Rowan Watson - Senior Curator, National Art Library, V&A, London`s text accompanying the exhibition `Blood on Paper`
The San Francisco Center for the Book`s `Exploding the Codex`
Western New York Book Arts Center

03. Electronic Artists` Books

Online, interactive artists` books NOT merely e-books!
An augmented artist`s ebook?
Nicolas Frespech`s project
Sarah Jacobs
An interactive artwork: `Song of the Data Stream: Cycle`
Typewriter - an artist`s book for writing
J. M. Bjorn`s project gives some attention to the building blocks of writing
Veronika Schaepers
Her interactive piece "I have been fine."

04. ISSUU interactive texts

Book Arts related material on ISSUU
2014 Book As Art: Expanding the Limits
Artists statements for the 2014 Book As Art exhibit. Decatur, GA
Art Made From Books - An assortment of art made from books
Catalogue on ISSUU
Binding Desire
A group exhibition featuring approximately 120 works from Otis Millard Sheets Library`s Special Collection of 2,100 artists books dating from the 1960s to the present.
Boundless Objects
An exhibition catalogue of artists` books, curated by Helene van Aswegen at The Toffee Gallery, Darling from 4 August - 31 October 2018
I Ching for the `African Renaissance`
Artists` Book - reply to Thabo Mbeki`s African Renaissance vision.
Navigating the Bookscape: Artists` Books and the Digital Interface
Catalogue on ISSUU
Prescriptions: Artists` Books on Wellbeing and Medicine
Catalogue of the exhibition with featured artist Martha A. Hall. The Drawing Room, The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge, Canterbury, UK. 21 April - 14 Aug 2016
Sixties Artists Books
A short anthology of texts and images about artists` books, and bookworks in general, produced mostly in the United States during the `60s.
Symposium: Artists` Books Anonymous: On the margins, 2012
Appendix to the catalogue 2012: `On the margins`
Ten Years of Artists` Books
Donna Seager of the Seager Gray Gallery curated this exhibition for the Brooklyn Public Library celebrating ten years of "The Art of the Book" exhibition at the gallery. The exhibition is at the Brooklyn Public Library from October 1 2015 through January 24, 2016.
TEXTures: An exhibition of Texts, Textures and Structure in Artists` Books
Catalogue on ISSUU
The Art of the Book at Seager Gray Gallery, Mill Valley
Ninth annual exhibition of handmade artist books, altered books and book-related materials
The Art of the Book, Seager Gray Gallery, 2013
Full color catalog the Seager Gray Gallery`s 8th annual exhibition featuring artists` books, altered books and book-related works.
The Bonefolder
An e-journal for the bookbinder and book artist, vol 6, no 1, 2009 (from here you can find the others)
Visual Poetry A collection of visual poetry from the Ohio State University`s library collection
Catalogue on ISSUU

05. Journals

A list of Journals, both printed and online, dedicated to, or including, the book arts
Afterimage online
The Journal of Media Arts and Cultural Criticism. University of California Press
Ampersand: The Quarterly Journal of the Book Arts (last: Winter 2010, vol. 27 no. 1)
The quarterly journal of the Pacific Center for the Book Arts (PCBA) has articles about all aspects of the book arts, from historical commentary to profiles of working artists to practical how-to tutorials. The informative articles are generously illustrated with photographs
Book 2.0,id=198/
Book 2.0 is a new, interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal which aims to publish articles and reviews on developments in book creation, design, technology and software affecting illustration, design & book production
DOAJ Directory of Open Access Journals
The aim of the Directory of Open Access Journals is to increase the visibility and ease of use of open access scientific and scholarly journals thereby promoting their increased usage and impact
Journal of Artists` Books (JAB)
Our mission is to engage with the field of artists books by means of critical discourse and creative exploration of the intersections of book arts, artists books, poetry, photography, experimental literature, printmaking, graphic design and other book-related creative endeavors
JURN Directory{%22query%22:{%22match_all%22:{}}}#.VHyD_TFPyHw
Links to selected arts & humanities ejournals including those which accommodate or feature artists` books and the book arts
Openings: Studies in Book Art
Openings: Studies in Book Art is the new online journal of the College Book Art Association (CBAA). Openings is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes critical, historical, and theoretical articles, reviews, and interviews about book art and its pedagogy
Selected articles from editions of the journal Parenthesis, presented by the Fine Press Book Association
The Blue Notebook: Journal for artists` books
A CFPR Book Arts Publication. A peer-reviewed journal, published twice a year
The Bonefolder (last: Volume 8, 2012)
An e-journal for the bookbinder and book artist
The New Bookbinder
Published annually by Designer Bookbinder, UK
Umbrella Online (last: Vol. 31, No. 3, Dec 2008)
Umbrella is an online quarterly covering the arena of artists` books, art books and other multiple editions, including audio and new media

06. South African Book Arts

Sites featuring diverse South African-based material
Art Map South Africa VANSA
Home of `South African Artists` Books`
Artist Proof Studio
A community and professional print studio in Newtown, Johannesburg
Artists speak in volumes
Hazel Friedman reviews `Artists` Books in the Ginsberg Collection` at the Johannesburg Art Gallery. 6 Sep 1996
Artists` Books from the Artists Press
Barbara Wildenboer
Official site of the artist featuring her altered books
Boundless Objects
An exhibition of artists` books, curated by Helene van Aswegen at The Toffee Gallery, Darling from 4 August - 31 October 2018
Cheryl Gage
Official site of the artist including her artists` books
Cheryl Penn
Official site of the artist featuring her artists` books
Cheryl Penn
With particular focus on her internationally participatory work `An Encyclopedia of Everything`
Chris Diedericks
Official site of the artist featuring his artists` books
A collection of underground, counterculture, and independent art and design print media, geared towards the establishment of an alternative South African publication archive.
Eugene Hon
Blog for his artist`s book: Read Peep Reap
Fourthwall Books
Fourthwall Books was formed by editor and writer Bronwyn Law-Viljoen and writer and designer Oliver Barstow to publish beautifully designed and written books on art and architecture
Helene van Aswegen
The Book Workshop website
Jack Ginsberg wins the 2014 Inyathelo Award for Philanthropy in the Arts
Passionate supporter of South African contemporary art and Founding Patron of The Ampersand Foundation, Jack Ginsberg, is the recipient of the 2014 Award
Kathleen Sawyer
The bookarts section of her personal website
Keith Dietrich
`Book art opens viewers` eyes`, an article on Keith Dietrich`s inaugural lecture, SU
Making art into books. The Centre for Book Arts at the Wits Art Museum is one of the top five in the world [. . .]
Article by Alexia Walker for Business Day online
Navigating the Bookscape: Artists` Books and the Digital Interface
Catalogue on ISSUU
Paul Emmanuel
Official site of the artist
Phillipa Haskins [. . .]
Masters graduate creates Book Art
Piglet Press
Details of Mark J. Sandham`s letterpress print activity
Skaapkapper en seun blik boek
Louisemarie Combrink se `n Besondere boek: `No chopping sheep` is tydens die Aardklopfees 2006 in die Boeke-oase bekend gestel.
Stephan Erasmus
Official site of the artist including his artists` books
TEXTures: An exhibition of Texts, Textures and Structure in Artists` Books
Catalogue on ISSUU
The Artists` Press
Mark Attwood`s press in Mpumalanga, South Africa
The Center for Curating the Archive
Featuring Pippa Skotnes`s publications
The Independent Publishing Project < R >
The project is aimed at gathering people and objects around the idea of self or small-scale publishing within South Africa
The Trinity Session
A contemporary art production team that investigates relationships between art, business, collaborative practice & network development
Warren Editions
Professional Printmaking Studio in the Western Cape that prints and publishes fine art prints. The studio specialises in etching, monotype, polymer gravure and silkscreen
When a book is not a book
Press article on the exhibition `Transgressions and Boundaries of the Page` in Personal Finance. 24 January 2011
Willem Boshoff
Official site of the artist

07. Texts (Articles, papers and essays)

A range of texts on artists` books and the book arts
Angela Lorenz` `Artist`s Books - For Lack of a Better Name`
Books and Artists. Dr. Rowan Watson Senior Curator National Art Library Word & Image Department
A paper on the V & A`s 2008 exhibition Blood on Paper: the Art of the Book
CFPR Book Arts Publications Index
A comprehensive list of publications from the Center`s `Impact Press`
Clive Phillpot`s `Strong shadow, much light` at Arnaud Desjardin: COMMA 38
Corcoran Book History
An online project of Casey Smith`s MA seminar program
Definitions of the Artist`s Book
Duncan Chappell`s `Typologising the Artist`s Book`
Francisco Jose Guillen Martinez (Universidad de murcia) Self-portraits of the artists` book: editorial criteria in the work of Roman Gil
in Spanish
Garrett Stewart`s `Bookwork as Demediation`
Critical Inquiry 36 (Spring 2010). The University of Chicago
Gianfranco Crupi (La Sapienza Universita di Roma) Mirabili visioni - from movable books to movable texts
in Italian
Gloria Picazo (Ayuntamiento de Lleida. Centro de Arte La Panera) - Artists` publications: expanded editions and the challenges of exhibiting them
in Spanish
Introduction to The New Text Art and Making a Difference by Freee
Presented as an impromptu spoken choir 27th May 2017, Loughborough.
Jae Jennifer Rossman`s Publications
Janis Ekdahl`s article: `Artists` Books & Beyond: The Library of the Museum of Modern Art as a Curatorial & Research Resource`
Johanna Drucker`s `The Artist`s Book as Idea and Form`
Johanna Drucker`s `The Virtual Codex from Page Space to E-space`
Laura Pinillos Villanueva`s The use of a subversive media by institutions: Artist`s books and Seth Siegelaub
in Spanish
Marjorie Perloff`s article: `Cubist Collaboration/ Abstract Assemblage: The Avant-Garde Artists` Book`
Michael Carosone`s article: `Queering Artists` Books: A Queer Critical Analysis of Artists` Books` [. . .]
Nola Farman`s `The Case for Failure in Artists` Bookworks`
Paula Kay Streeter`s dissertation: `Turned pages/the artist book in the age of technology`
Practice 2 Four Monologues: Studio Research
Four Monologues, the collaborative process between poet Aram Saroyan and students to create both an artists` book of his work
Richard Minsky: Material Meets Metaphor. A Half Century of Book
An exhibition at the Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library William H. Wright Special Collections Exhibit Area Yale University August 2 – November 29, 2010
Richard Minsky`s `25 Years: The Book Art Movement 1974-1999`
Sarah Bodman`s `The quiet democracy of the contemporary artist`s book (or why do artists make books?)`
A talk from the `Books That Fly Conference` (University of Brighton, July 2008)
Sarah Mottalini`s `ARTISTS` BOOKS: Where to put the apostrophe?`
The Bibliotheca Alexandrina [. . .]
Online catalogue of the Fourth International Biennale for the Artist`s Book 2010
The Journal of the Rutgers University Libraries
Special issue: The artists` books of Suellen Glashausser. Vol 64 (2008). ISSN: 0036-0473
The latest from digital humanist Johanna Drucker
Nico Viele - From the UCLA Newsroom - April 04, 2016
The Silent Scream: Political and Social Comment in Books by Artists
Transgressions and Boundaries of the Page: Academic articles for NWU`s book arts project
Literator Vol 33, no 1
Ulises Carrion`s 1975 essay `The New Art of Making Books` [. . .]
Visual-verbal encounters in Cendrars and Delaunay`s La Prose du Transsiberien [. . .]
Katherine Shingler University of Nottingham

08. Texts (Dissertations and theses)

Academic research on artists` books
Amanda Catherine Roth Clark
PhD Dissertation: The Handmade Artists` Book: Space, Materiality, and the Dynamics of Communication in Book Arts
Chris M. Reeves
Dissertation: `United Front and Action vs. Beautiful Coffee Cups: Fluxus Through the Publications of George Maciunas and Dick Higgins`
Helene van Aswegen
Dissertation: `Artists` books in the age of digital reproduction: An enquiry into the problematic nature and (in)accessibility of book production as contemporary art`
Laura Allison Partridge
Dissertation: `Far From Silenced: The Altered Books of Ann Hamilton, 1991–1994`
Paula Kay Streeter
Dissertation: `Turned pages/the artist book in the age of technology`
Shirley Louise Atkinson Greer [. . .]
Dissertation: `Artists` Books: Conveying Meaning in a Non-traditional Format`

09. Visual Texts / Visual Culture

Sites offering interesting content on visual texts, image/text relationships, digital, video, sound & related media
ACI Academic Conferences International
Academic Talk videos – General Philosophy page including Chomsky, Derrida & Foucault
Ana Maria Uribe
In the late 1960s Argentine artist Ana Maria Uribe began creating typoemas, static black-on-white visual compositions rendered using a standard office typewriter
Ars Electronica
Since 1979, Ars Electronica has been investigating the consequences of the Digital Revolution
Charles Sandison [. . .]
Images, videos, biography & media information of the artist
Eclipse Archive
Craig Dworkin`s archive of books and edited editions
First Monday
One of the first openly accessible, peer-reviewed journals on the Internet, solely devoted to the Internet
information as material
Publications, editions and projects
Institute for the Future of the Book
A think-and-do tank investigating the evolution of intellectual discourse as it shifts from printed pages to networked screens
John M. Vincler
The Monstrous Book and the Manufactured Body in the Late Age of Print
Marjorie Perloff`s article: `Textuality and the Visual: A Response`
Musings on the relationship between images and texts in artists` books
Pascal Lefvre`s Intertwining verbal and visual elements in printed narratives for adults
Free download from Studies in Comics, Volume 1, Number 1, 1 April 2010 , pp. 35-52(18)
Dedicated to the creation, presentation, preservation, and critique of emerging artistic practices that engage technology
Ruth and Marvin Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry
The searchable archive
Showing seeing: a critique of visual culture
W. J. T. Mitchell in Journal of Visual Culture
Textual Prostheses
An academic article by Craig Dworkin: Comparative Literature, Winter 2005, Volume 57, Number 1
Textuality and the Visual: A Response
Marjorie Perloff on verbal / visual texts produced directly for the reproducible printed page or for electronic dissemination
Ubu Editions: Publishing The Unpublishable
A range of experimental image/text works which test the limits of unpublishability
UbuWeb: Media and the arts
A remarkable and comprehensive resource across a wide range of media
Unbound: Speculations on the Future of the Book
MIT`s May 2012 conference
What do Pictures Want?
Asbjorn Gronstad and Oyvind Vagnes interview W. J. T. Mitchell at the Center for Visual Studies

10. Audio Features on the Book Arts

Audio-based interviews and recordings on artists` books and the book arts
Bookbinding Now
A New York-based community podcast, hosted by Susan Mills & posted every other Wednesday
CODEX Symposium (2007-2013)
The four biennials offer audio sessions here
CODEX Symposium 2017
Gaylord Schanilec - Book artist and founder of Midnight Paper Sales; Minneapolis, Minnesota, lecture: My Mighty Journey
CODEX Symposium 2017
Johannes Strugalla - Visual and book artist, France and Germany, lecture: Between Drawing and Printing
CODEX Symposium 2017
Gwen Harrison - Sydney, Australia, lecture: Netting the Small Fry
CODEX Symposium 2017
Dr. Betty Bright lecture: Lines of Force: the Hand, the Book, & the Body Electric
CODEX Symposium 2019
All the papers and keynotes presented at CODEX VII
Codex Symposium 2019
David Paton`s address: The Jack Ginsberg Collection of Artists` Books: Highlights from 25 years of working with the collection in South Africa (MP3)
The Center for Book Arts, 40th Anniversary Colloquium `The Collecting of Artist Books`. Panel Discussion #1: `Disseminating Ideas Through Artist Books` [. . .]
David Platzker as moderator. MOMA, New York
The Center for Book Arts, 40th Anniversary Colloquium `The Collecting of Artist Books`. Panel Discussion #2: `Artists Books: Meaning through Materials and Structure` [. . .]
Molly Schwartzburg as moderator. MOMA, New York
The Center for Book Arts, 40th Anniversary Colloquium `The Collecting of Artist Books`. Panel Discussion #3: `The Artist Book as a Vehicle for Social Commentary` [. . .]
Tony Whites as moderator. MOMA, New York
The Center for Book Arts, 40th Anniversary Colloquium `The Collecting of Artist Books`. Panel Discussion #4: `Letterpress Today and Its Relevancy for Artmaking` [. . .]
Katherine Ruffin as moderator. MOMA, New York
Yale Library: Interviews with book artist Richard Minsky
Short interviews with book artist Richard Minsky about specific items in the library archive

11. You Tube, Vimeo & Other Video Features on the Book Arts

Exhibitions, discussions and demonstrations of artists` books, the book arts and films-as-books (mostly) on You Tube
Videos of entries from the #areyoubookenough challenge
A Look at Artists` Books: Developing Collections at The Met - Session 1 (AM) Posted by Watson Library, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 7 Nov 2018 [. . .]
3:15:45 duration - Session begins at 14:00
A Look at Artists` Books: Developing Collections at The Met - Session 2 (PM) Posted by Watson Library, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 7 Nov 2018 [. . .]
2:58:53 duration - Session begins at 7:00
ABC3D: Roaringbrookpress` remarkable pop-up book
1:21 duration
Amanda Barrow discusses two of her artists` books at Blackburn 20/20 Gallery, NYC
2:04 duration
Andrea Wollensack, professor of Art, Connecticut College`s Lear Center for Special Collections and Archives
2:58 duration
Artists of the Women`s Studio Workshop
Panel Discussion: Clarissa Sligh, Susan Mills & Emily Speedwill speak about artists` books, in connection with the Grolier Club exhibition - 1:37:40 duration
Artists` Books and Africa
Meet some of the artists who made these books for the Smithsonian exhibition, 2015-2016 - Mark Attwood (South Africa), Toufik Berramdane (Morocco), Atta Kwami (Ghana), Bessie Smith Moulton (USA), Bruce Onobrakpeya (Nigeria), and Robbin Ami Silverberg (USA).
Artists` Books and Portfolios with Jack Ginsberg
Join Strauss Art Specialist Wilhelm van Rensburg in conversation with special guest Jack Ginsberg, as they discuss collecting artists` books and portfolios whilst looking at some of the upcoming highlights from their June online auction. Duration 01:07:09
Artists` Books from the Herron Art Library part 1
9:16 duration
Artists` Books from the Herron Art Library part 2
8:06 duration
Artists` books in the 21st century: cult objects? | Panel discussion at Ivory Press
1:14:31 duration
Barbara Wildenboer
Various videos using paper and books
Basically Books: The Artwork of Susan Joy Share
1:14:43 duration
Book is a revolutionary `Bio Optical Organised Knowledge Device`! (English subtitles)
3:20 duration
Booknesses Project - An interview with David Paton & Jack Ginsberg
This video is a overview of the Booknesses Colloquium. Book arts exhibitions and colloquium at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa 24 - 26 March 2017
Books of Survival: The Art of John Eric Broaddus: Part 1
Documentary of the Artist, John Eric Broadus, posted by Jaffe Center for Book Arts 26:16 duration
Books of Survival: The Art of John Eric Broaddus: Part 2
Documentary of the Artist, John Eric Broadus, posted by Jaffe Center for Book Arts 15:20 duration
Brian Dettmer talks about his book interventions
4:44 duration
Doug Beube: Rebreaking the Codex
This video was created to accompany the exhibition - 3:52 duration
ESOPUS 14: PROJECTS: a flip-through of this award-winning, nonprofit, arts publication based in NYC
2:19 duration
Futures of the Book: Artists Redefine Print Media, Part 1 | Symposium on the Artist`s Book - Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco [. . .]
Part 1 Program Introduction Stephen Woodall Collections Specialist, Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts, Legion of Honor Keynote Lecture: The Persistence of the Book (8:54) Stephen Bury, Andrew W. Mellon Chief Librarian, Frick Art Reference Library, New York Category Non-profits & Activism
Futures of the Book: Artists Redefine Print Media, Part 2 | Symposium on the Artist`s Book - Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Part 2 Tango with Translation (3:20) Daniel Mellis Artist and print historian, University of Illinois, Chicago Book Art: The Secret History (23:40) Alastair Johnston Author, independent scholar The Book Mutates: Artists` Books in the Digital Age (47:50) Amaranth Borsuk Artist, Assistant Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, University of Washington, Bothell
Futures of the Book: Artists Redefine Print Media, Part 3 | Symposium on the Artist`s Book - Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Part 3 In Conversation: How I Work as a Book Artist Emily McVarish Artist, Associate Professor, Graphic Design and Writing, California College of the Arts Clifton Meador Artist, Professor and Chair, Department of Art, Appalachian State University
iBookBinding - Bookish Talk Series
Bookbinding tutorials and resources - iBookBinding ( Netherlands
Irma Boom - Manifesto for the book. TEDxDelft
18:03 duration
Is there a Moment When a Book Isn`t a Book Anymore?
iBB Podcast #18 - Kaija Rantakari - 13 Apr 2021 - 1:09:32 duration
Japanese Flip Books
Japanese animated flipbooks at a convention (Hyper Japan, London) - 0:24 duration
Johanna Drucker talks about artist`s books and how they differ from livres d`artistes. University of Oregon: `Year of the Book`
28:22 duration
Johanna Drucker`s `Theatrical Turns: Events and Transformations in the Pages of Books by John Eric Broaddus`
Jaffe Center for Book Arts at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida on January 15, 2010. 01:06:05 duration
Karen Bleitz
View her lecture at Codex 2009 - 24:07 duration
Magic Moving Images - Animated Optical Illusions book [. . .]
2:20 duration
Martin Antonetti - Artists Books: A Definition for the 21st Century
52:11 duration
Milos Sejn - Down The Maple Brook / Giant Mountains
9:59 duration
Minnesota Historical Society Library`s Fine Press and Artists` Books
4:23 duration
Not Vital`s performative installation for the exhibition Blood on Paper, V&A Museum
3:13 duration
Opening Iliazd: Publishing as an Art Form \\ Day Two [. . .]
The Reva and David Logan Symposium on the Artist`s Book. Andrei Ustinov, Thomas J. Kitson and David Sume
Opening Illiazd: Publishing as an Art Form \\ Day One [. . .]
The Reva and David Logan Symposium on the Artist`s Book. Introduction: Stephen Woodall, Keynote Address: Johanna Drucker, Timothy Young, and Kitty Maryatt.
Pamela Zwehl-Burke discusses the art and meaning of artist`s books
6:55 duration
Pictorial Webster`s
8:00 duration
Prospero`s Books: 24 Books
Italian commentary from a section of Greenaway`s film introducing the 24 books - 3:32 duration
Rachael Romero`s books
2:50 duration
Richard Minsky`s Book Art. An interview with Bob Andelman
34:30 duration
Richard Ovenden (Bodleian Library Oxford): The relevance of the physical book & the book arts in the digital age (Part Two)
55:27 duration
Siganto seminar: the trouble with artists books. Artist book maker Jan Davis, gallerist Noreen Grahame and librarian Helen Cole look at the artists` book phenomenon in Australia.
1:36:14 duration
Sol LeWitt artist`s books
1:29 duration
Speaking in Tongues [. . .]
A video accompanying the artist`s book Speaking in Tongues: Speaking Digitally / Digitally Speaking by David Paton
The Book`s Undoing: Dieter Roth`s Artist`s Books
16:29 duration
The CODEX Effect - CODEX/Grolier Symposium 2019 - Day 1
3:58:59 duration
The CODEX Effect - CODEX/Grolier Symposium 2019 - Day 2
8:20:02 duration
The Journal of Artists` Books, a short video by Luan Barros on Vimeo.
8:45 duration
Thomas Sauvin - Xian
00:49 duration
Three Artist`s Books by Charles Hobson
Artist, Charles Hobson shows us what distinguishes an artist`s book, using three of his own creations as examples from an exhibition at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art - 10:59 duration

12. Instructional

Videos that are particularly geared to classroom or workshop instruction of bookmaking, binding or construction
Otis College Book Arts: Bookbinding: Create a "Flutter Book"
11:33 duration
Sewn Signature Sketchbook Binding Demonstration - Itai Shemer
15:50 duration
Simple Book Binding Demonstration - Itai Shemer
0:51 duration

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