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Man's Gold

Item date(s): 1979

Cecil Skotnes  - (woodcuts by)
Stephen Gray  - (poems by)
Egon Guenther  - (printed by)
Peter Carstens  - (bookbinding by)
A. T. Max Mehliss  - (introduction by)

Size: 393mm, oblong
Inscription: Signed by the artist and the poet.
Edition: #52/75

Place publication: Johannesburg, RSA
Publisher: Artists Book

Additional notes:
Colophon: "28 woodcuts by Cecil Skotnes.

6 poems by Stephen Gray based on ideas by Denis Godfrey.

This private edition is limited to 75 copies numbered 1 to 75 and 15 artists proofs numbered I to XV.

Each woodcut is numbered and signed by the artist and each title page signed by the artist and poet.

The woodcuts were printed from the original blocks in 2 to 5 colours on Zerkall Buetten paper by Egon Guenther.

The text was hand set in 24 point Bembo by Nicholas Pasotti and printed by Egon Guenther.

Each copy is hand bound in full Oasis goatskin by Peter Carstens [in light and dark browns].

Johannesburg August 1975 - January 1979."

Slipcase: 40 x 54cm

Ref: GB/10215

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