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Authors starting with 'A'

  1. Elisabeth Abott (Book Title: Fifteen Joys of Marriage, ID: GB/6)
  2. Lionel Abrahams (Book Title: David Goldberg. Photographs, ID: GB/30038)
  3. Chris Achilleos (Book Title: Beauty and the Beast, ID: GB/10)
  4. Chris Achilleos (Book Title: Sirens, ID: GB/11)
  5. Charles Adams (Book Title: My Crowd, ID: GB/16)
  6. Maryline Poole Adams (Book Title: Magryoshka, ID: GB/21)
  7. Paul Adams Johnson (Book Title: Place in the Country, ID: GB/27)
  8. Janet & Allan Ahlberg (Book Title: Daisychains, ID: GB/15835)
  9. Lynnelle Aikman (Book Title: Living White House, ID: GB/7359)
  10. Susan Grey Akers (Book Title: Simple Library Cataloguing, ID: GB/46)
  11. Richard Aldington (Book Title: Decameron, ID: GB/643)
  12. Brian W. Aldiss (Book Title: Pile, ID: GB/58)
  13. Agnes Allen (Book Title: Story of the Book, ID: GB/84)
  14. Alfred Mason M.D. Amadon (Book Title: Fold-out Atlas of the Human Body, ID: GB/112)
  15. Martin Amis (Book Title: Quotable Hitchens, ID: GB/13080)
  16. Martin Amis (Book Title: Visiting Mrs. Nabokov, ID: GB/120)
  17. Anthony Amour (Book Title: Libertine Lyrics, ID: GB/7343)
  18. Iris Ampenberger (Book Title: Ex Libris Collection, ID: GB/30143)
  19. A. (Kuznetsov) Anatoli (Book Title: Babi Yar, ID: GB/126)
  20. John Anderson (Book Title: Wine of Choice, ID: GB/467)
  21. Andrea Cavani (Book Title: Architecture of Trees, ID: GB/30527)
  22. Katrin Anliker (Book Title: Flipbook No. 2, ID: GB/138)
  23. Anonymous (Book Title: Aber dahinter, ID: GB/151)
  24. Anonymous (Book Title: Centenary Cornhill Magazine, ID: GB/156)
  25. Anonymous (Book Title: Chums Annual 1940, ID: GB/158)
  26. Anonymous (Book Title: Commonplace Book, ID: GB/167)
  27. Anonymous (Book Title: Encyclopedia of Magic and Superstition, ID: GB/172)
  28. Anonymous (Book Title: Hair - The Film, ID: GB/174)
  29. Anonymous (Book Title: Holy Bible, ID: GB/162)
  30. Anonymous (Book Title: Johannesburg - One Hundred Years, ID: GB/177)
  31. Anonymous (Book Title: Libertine Lyrics, ID: GB/7343)
  32. Alfred Junior Appel (Book Title: Annotated Lolita, ID: GB/194)
  33. Stanley Appelbaum (Book Title: Scenes from the Nineteenth-Century Stage, ID: GB/198)
  34. Stanley Appelbaum (Book Title: Semaine de Bonté, ID: GB/2000)
  35. Lisa Appignanesi (Book Title: Cabaret, ID: GB/197)
  36. Steven Appleby (Book Title: Steven Appleby's Miserable Families, ID: GB/199)
  37. Amy Arbus (Book Title: On the Street, ID: GB/11385)
  38. May Hill Arbuthnot (Book Title: Children and Books, ID: GB/204)
  39. John Arden (Book Title: Sergeant Musgrave's Dance, ID: GB/205)
  40. Hannah Arendt (Book Title: Origins of Totalitarianism, ID: GB/207)
  41. Richard Armstrong (Book Title: New Scupture 1965-1975, ID: GB/215)
  42. Bruce Arnott (Book Title: Ex Libris Collection, ID: GB/30143)
  43. John Arthur (Book Title: Spirit of Place, ID: GB/235)
  44. Artist's Proof (Book Title: Annual of Contemporary Prints. Volume VII, ID: GB/237)
  45. Artist's Proof (Book Title: Annual of Contemporary Prints. Volume VIII, ID: GB/238)
  46. Artist's Proof (Book Title: Annual of Contemporary Prints. Volume X, ID: GB/239)
  47. Victor Arwas (Book Title: Wood Engravings of Frank Martin, ID: GB/30060)
  48. Victor Arwas (Book Title: Wood Engravings of Frank Martin, ID: GB/30060)
  49. Brian Astbury (Book Title: Space / Die Ruimte / Indawo, ID: GB/16236)
  50. Raymond George Astbury (Book Title: Bibliography and Book Production, ID: GB/250)
  51. W. H. Auden (Book Title: Certain World, ID: GB/258)
  52. Robert T. Augustyn (Book Title: Manhattan in Maps, ID: GB/262)
  53. Jane Austen (Book Title: Pride and Prejudice, ID: GB/265)
  54. Dennis Austin (Book Title: Britain and South Africa, ID: GB/267)
  55. Richard Avedon (Book Title: In the American West, ID: GB/10311)
  56. Richard Avedon (Book Title: Woman in the Mirror, ID: GB/10312)
  57. F. C. Avis (Book Title: Bookman's Concise Dictionary, ID: GB/271)
  58. Brandt Aymar (Book Title: Pictorial History of the World'd Great Trials, ID: GB/275)

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