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Authors starting with 'V'

  1. Dora Vallier (Book Title: Braque. The Complete Graphics, ID: GB/6727)
  2. G. H. Vallins (Book Title: Good English, ID: GB/6728)
  3. A. Van Breda (Book Title: Adventures with Paper, ID: GB/6731)
  4. Pieter van Delft (Book Title: Creative Puzzles of the World, ID: GB/6733)
  5. Luc Van Den Briele (Book Title: Exlibris in de 20ste eeuw, ID: GB/16029)
  6. Ernest van den Haag (Book Title: Jewish Mystique, ID: GB/6735)
  7. Laurens van der Post (Book Title: Lost World of the Kalahari, ID: GB/6748)
  8. Una van der Spuy (Book Title: Ornamental Shrubs & Trees for Gardens in Southern Africa, ID: GB/6750)
  9. Una van der Spuy (Book Title: Wild Flowers of South Africa for the garden, ID: GB/6751)
  10. John van Druten (Book Title: Distaff Side, ID: GB/6752)
  11. van Gogh (Book Title: Van Gogh, ID: GB/6757)
  12. Marlene van Niekerk (Book Title: Swan Whisperer, ID: GB/30086)
  13. Phillip van Niekerk (Book Title: Transported of Kwandebele, ID: GB/30040)
  14. Raymund van Niekerk (Book Title: Thirty-five years of photographs, ID: GB/30058)
  15. Charles van Onselen (Book Title: Studies in the Social and Economic History of the Witwatersrand 1886-1914, ID: GB/6766)
  16. Charles van Onselen (Book Title: Studies in the Social and Economic History of the Witwatersrand 1886-1914., ID: GB/6767)
  17. Pierre Van Paassen (Book Title: Forgotten Alley, ID: GB/6768)
  18. Daniele Vare (Book Title: Gate of Happy Sparrows, ID: GB/6782)
  19. Daniele Vare (Book Title: Laughing Diplomat, ID: GB/6783)
  20. Daniele Vare (Book Title: Maker of Heavenly Trousers, ID: GB/6784)
  21. Various (Book Title: Ballet and Modern Dance, ID: GB/6788)
  22. Various (Book Title: Botticelli, ID: GB/6785)
  23. Various (Book Title: Masterpiece Library of Short Stories, ID: GB/7410)
  24. Helen Varley (Book Title: Colour, ID: GB/6789)
  25. Kirk Varnedoe (Book Title: Duane Hanson, ID: GB/6790)
  26. Kirk Varnedoe (Book Title: High & Low, ID: GB/6792)
  27. Kirk Varnedoe (Book Title: High and Low, ID: GB/6793)
  28. Kenneth Varty (Book Title: Reynard the Fox, ID: GB/6795)
  29. Sibylle Vater (Book Title: Fifo Stricker, ID: GB/6799)
  30. Jan Marinus Verburg (Book Title: Island of Nose, ID: GB/6806)
  31. Gianni Versace (Book Title: Do Not Disturb, ID: GB/6811)
  32. Gianni Versace (Book Title: Rock and Royalty, ID: GB/6813)
  33. H. D. L. Vervliet (Book Title: Book Through 5000 Years, ID: GB/6815)
  34. Brian Vickers (Book Title: Artistry of Shakespeare's Prose, ID: GB/6818)
  35. Gore Vidal (Book Title: Hollywood, ID: GB/6826)
  36. Gore Vidal (Book Title: In a Yellow Wood, ID: GB/6827)
  37. Gore Vidal (Book Title: Julian, ID: GB/6828)
  38. Gore Vidal (Book Title: Second American Revolution, ID: GB/6834)
  39. Gore Vidal (Book Title: Thirsty Evil, ID: GB/6835)
  40. Gore Vidal (Book Title: United States, ID: GB/6836)
  41. Jack Vincent (Book Title: Web of Experience, ID: GB/6840)
  42. Graham Viney (Book Title: Colonial Houses of South Africa, ID: GB/6841)
  43. Heidi E. Violand-Hobi (Book Title: Jean Tinguely, ID: GB/6842)
  44. Ivan Vladislavic (Book Title: Double Negative, ID: GB/30036)
  45. Paul Vogt (Book Title: Contemporary Painting, ID: GB/6844)
  46. Joachim Voigts (Book Title: Ex Libris Collection, ID: GB/30143)
  47. Karl von Frisch (Book Title: Dancing Bees, ID: GB/6853)

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