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Authors starting with 'W'

  1. Diane Wakoski (Book Title: Making a Sacher Torte, ID: GB/6882)
  2. John Walker (Book Title: Constable, ID: GB/6892)
  3. John Walker (Book Title: National Gallery of Art - Washington, ID: GB/6893)
  4. John Walker (Book Title: Portraits: 5000 Years, ID: GB/6894)
  5. John A. Walker (Book Title: Art in the Age of Mass Media, ID: GB/6895)
  6. Carlton Wallace (Book Title: How to Retire Successfully, ID: GB/6897)
  7. Irving Wallace (Book Title: People's Almanac, ID: GB/6898)
  8. David Wallechinsky (Book Title: People's Almanac, ID: GB/6902)
  9. Brian Wallis (Book Title: Art After Modernism, ID: GB/6903)
  10. Brian Wallis (Book Title: Hans Haacke: Unfinished Business, ID: GB/6904)
  11. Frances Walsh (Book Title: That Eager Zest, ID: GB/6909)
  12. Tony Walton (Book Title: Cindyella, or I Gotta Shoe, ID: GB/730)
  13. John Wardroper (Book Title: Caricatures of George Cruikshank, ID: GB/6921)
  14. Andy Warhol (Book Title: Andy Warhol: Photography, ID: GB/6924)
  15. William Warmack (Book Title: Composition with Cat, ID: GB/6927)
  16. William Warmack (Book Title: Composition with Cat: Lost Masterpieces of the Twentieth Century, ID: GB/6928)
  17. Alan Warner (Book Title: English Poems and Ballads, ID: GB/6929)
  18. Allan Warren (Book Title: Nobs and Nosh, ID: GB/6931)
  19. Ray Watkinson (Book Title: William Morris as Designer, ID: GB/6938)
  20. Simon Watney (Book Title: Art of Duncan Grant, ID: GB/6939)
  21. Lilian Eichler Watson (Book Title: Light from Many Lamps, ID: GB/6942)
  22. Alec Waugh (Book Title: Wines and Spirits, ID: GB/6945)
  23. Auberon Waugh (Book Title: Another Voice, ID: GB/6946)
  24. Auberon Waugh (Book Title: Country Topics, ID: GB/6947)
  25. Auberon Waugh (Book Title: Way of the World, ID: GB/6950)
  26. Evelyn Waugh (Book Title: Black Mischief, ID: GB/6953)
  27. Evelyn Waugh (Book Title: Brideshead Revisited, ID: GB/6955)
  28. Carol Wax (Book Title: Mezzotint, ID: GB/6973)
  29. Ogdred Weary (Book Title: Curious Sofa, ID: GB/6975)
  30. Peter Weaver (Book Title: Printmaking a Medium for bASIC dESIGN, ID: GB/6976)
  31. Peter Webb (Book Title: Portrait of David Hockney, ID: GB/6979)
  32. Nicholas Fox Weber (Book Title: Patron Saints, ID: GB/6982)
  33. Elizabeth Charlotte Webster (Book Title: Pot Holes, ID: GB/6984)
  34. Joseph Wechsberg (Book Title: Cooking of Vienna's Empire, ID: GB/6985)
  35. Herman J. Wechsler (Book Title: Great Prints and Printmakers, ID: GB/6986)
  36. Donald Weeks (Book Title: Corvo, ID: GB/6987)
  37. William Wegman (Book Title: Dogs on Rocks, ID: GB/12578)
  38. William Wegman (Book Title: William Wegman, ID: GB/6991)
  39. Fritz Wegner (Book Title: Don't look now but it's Christmas, ID: GB/6992)
  40. Alain Weill (Book Title: Poster, ID: GB/6999)
  41. Paul Weinberg (Book Title: On Common Ground, ID: GB/30055)
  42. Lawrence Weiner (Book Title: Statements, ID: GB/14393)
  43. Bernard A. Weisberger (Book Title: American Heritage History of the American People, ID: GB/7008)
  44. Edward Weisberger (Book Title: Spiritual in Art, ID: GB/7009)
  45. Chriss Weismar (Book Title: Lowly and the Worldly, ID: GB/7010)
  46. Adrienne Weiss (Book Title: Arcade of Stories, ID: GB/7011)
  47. Kurt Weitzmann (Book Title: Late Antique and Early Christian Book Illumination, ID: GB/7021)
  48. Stuart Cary Welch (Book Title: Imperial Mughal Painting, ID: GB/7022)
  49. H. G. Wells (Book Title: Complete Science Fiction Treasury, ID: GB/7024)
  50. H. G. Wells (Book Title: Kipps, ID: GB/7025)
  51. H. G. Wells (Book Title: Outline of History, ID: GB/7026)
  52. Pieter Wenning (Book Title: Ex Libris Collection, ID: GB/30143)
  53. Charles Wentinck (Book Title: Modern and Primitive Art, ID: GB/7036)
  54. John Wentzel (Book Title: View from the Ridge, ID: GB/7037)
  55. Alfred Werner (Book Title: Modigliani, ID: GB/7038)
  56. Alfred Werner (Book Title: Modigliani the Sculptor, ID: GB/7039)
  57. Herta Wescher (Book Title: Collage, ID: GB/7042)
  58. Tom Wesselmann (Book Title: Stealingworth, Slim, ID: GB/7043)
  59. Morris West (Book Title: Devil's Advocate, ID: GB/7044)
  60. Morris West (Book Title: Shoes of the Fisherman, ID: GB/7045)
  61. Christine Weston (Book Title: World is a Bridge, ID: GB/7046)
  62. Victor Weybright (Book Title: Making of a Publisher, ID: GB/7048)
  63. James Lamar Weygand (Book Title: Collection of Pressmarks, ID: GB/7050)
  64. K. C. Wheare (Book Title: Modern Constitutions, ID: GB/7059)
  65. Dennis Wheatley (Book Title: Shadow of Tyburn Tree, ID: GB/7060)
  66. Henry B. (F.S.A.) Wheatley (Book Title: Literary Blunders, ID: GB/7061)
  67. Edmund White (Book Title: Burning Library, ID: GB/7064)
  68. Edmund White (Book Title: Genet. A Biography, ID: GB/7065)
  69. Edmund White (Book Title: Marcel Proust, ID: GB/7066)
  70. The Rev Gilbert. A. M White (Book Title: Natural History of Selbourne, ID: GB/7074)
  71. Tim White (Book Title: La Science Fiction et le Fantastique de, ID: GB/7075)
  72. Frank M. Whiting (Book Title: Introduction to the Theatre, ID: GB/7078)
  73. John Whiting (Book Title: Devils, ID: GB/7079)
  74. Walt Whitman (Book Title: Leaves of Grass and Selected Prose., ID: GBX/7081)
  75. Kenneth Whittaker (Book Title: Dictionaries, ID: GB/7088)
  76. Scott Wilcox (Book Title: British Watercolours, ID: GB/7091)
  77. Oscar Wilde (Book Title: Ballad of Reading Goal, ID: GB/7095)
  78. Oscar Wilde (Book Title: Critic as Artist: Part 1 and 2, ID: GB/7096)
  79. Oscar Wilde (Book Title: Importance of being Earnest, ID: GB/7097)
  80. Oscar Wilde (Book Title: Intentions, ID: GB/7098)
  81. Oscar Wilde (Book Title: Lady Winderemer's Fan, ID: GB/7099)
  82. Oscar Wilde (Book Title: Lady Winderemer's Fan, ID: GB/7100)
  83. Oscar Wilde (Book Title: Picture of Dorian Gray, ID: GB/7104)
  84. Oscar Wilde (Book Title: Plays, Prose Writings and Poems, ID: GB/7105)
  85. Oscar Wilde (Book Title: Salome, ID: GB/7107)
  86. Oscar Wilde (Book Title: Salome & La Sainte Coutisane & A Florentine Tragedy, ID: GB/7108)
  87. Oscar Wilde (Book Title: Soul of Man Under Socialism, ID: GB/7110)
  88. Billy Wilder (Book Title: Fortune Cookie and The Apartment, ID: GB/7111)
  89. Thornton Wilder (Book Title: Bridge of San Luis Rey, ID: GB/7112)
  90. John Wilkes (Book Title: Essay on Woman and Other Pieces, ID: GB/7116)
  91. Mike Wilks (Book Title: Annotated Ultimate Alphabet, ID: GB/7118)
  92. Mike Wilks (Book Title: Ultimate Noah's Ark, ID: GB/7119)
  93. Norris Willatt (Book Title: European Revenge, ID: GB/7122)
  94. Eric Williams (Book Title: Wooden Horse, ID: GB/7128)
  95. John Williams (Book Title: Early Spanish Manuscript Illumination, ID: GB/7132)
  96. Lambert (/) Williams (Book Title: Wind in the Street, ID: GB/7138)
  97. Marjorie Williams (Book Title: Lady Luxborough Goes To Bath, ID: GB/7140)
  98. Neville Williams (Book Title: Chronology of the Modern World. 1763 to the present time., ID: GB/7141)
  99. R. E. Williams (Book Title: Century of Punch, ID: GB/7142)
  100. Tennessee Williams (Book Title: Summer and Smoke, ID: GB/7144)
  101. Derek Williamson (Book Title: Bibliography, ID: GB/7147)
  102. John Willis (Book Title: Pictorial History of the American Theatre, ID: GB/633)
  103. Garry Wills (Book Title: American Treasures in the Library of Congress, ID: GB/7152)
  104. Angus Wilson (Book Title: World of Charles Dickens, ID: GB/7156)
  105. Colin St John Wilson (Book Title: Design and Construction of the British Library, ID: GB/7157)
  106. Edmund Wilson (Book Title: Memoirs of Hecate County, ID: GB/7159)
  107. Edmund Wilson (Book Title: O Canada, ID: GB/7160)
  108. John Wilson (Book Title: Thinking With Concepts, ID: GB/7163)
  109. John Dover Wilson (Book Title: Essential Shakespeare, ID: GB/7164)
  110. Laura Wilson (Book Title: Avedon at Work, ID: GB/10518)
  111. Martha Wilson (Book Title: Sex, Performance, and the 80's, ID: GB/7168)
  112. Monica Wilson (Book Title: Oxford History of South Africa, ID: GB/7169)
  113. Robert A. Wilson (Book Title: Modern Book Collecting, ID: GB/7170)
  114. Sloan Wilson (Book Title: Man in the Grey Flannel Suit, ID: GB/7171)
  115. T. D. Wilson (Book Title: Dissemination of Information, ID: GB/7172)
  116. David Wingrove (Book Title: Immortals of Science Fiction, ID: GB/7175)
  117. Chrisopher Winn (Book Title: Legal Daisy Spacing, ID: GB/7176)
  118. John T. Winterich (Book Title: Primer of Book Collecting, ID: GB/7178)
  119. Justin Wintle (Book Title: Dictionary of Biographical Quotation, ID: GB/7179)
  120. Rudolf Wittkower (Book Title: Sculpture: Process and Principals, ID: GB/7184)
  121. Tom Wolfe (Book Title: Hooking Up, ID: GB/7218)
  122. Tom Wolfe (Book Title: In Our Time, ID: GB/7219)
  123. Tom Wolfe (Book Title: Painted Wood, ID: GB/7222)
  124. Berthold Wolpe (Book Title: Retrospective Survey, ID: GB/7224)
  125. Christopher Wood (Book Title: Paradise lost, ID: GB/7225)
  126. Mrs. Henry Wood (Book Title: Channings, ID: GB/7229)
  127. Peter Wood (Book Title: Tree, ID: GB/7231)
  128. Robin Wood (Book Title: Arthur Penn, ID: GB/7233)
  129. Robin Wood (Book Title: Arthur Penn, ID: GB/7232)
  130. Patrick Woodruffe (Book Title: Mythopoeikon, ID: GB/7241)
  131. Donald Woods (Book Title: Asking for Trouble, ID: GB/7242)
  132. Donald Woods (Book Title: Biko, ID: GB/7243)
  133. Gerald Woods (Book Title: Art without Boundaries: 1950-70, ID: GB/7244)
  134. Gerald Woods (Book Title: Introducing Woodcuts, ID: GB/7245)
  135. Bob Woodward (Book Title: All the President's Men, ID: GB/533)
  136. Bob Woodward (Book Title: Final Days, ID: GB/7247)
  137. Bob Woodward (Book Title: Final Days, ID: GB/534)
  138. Susan Wooldridge (Book Title: Data Processing Made Simple, ID: GB/7248)
  139. Liz Workman (Book Title: Dr Johnson's Doorknob, ID: GB/11629)
  140. Helm Wotzkow (Book Title: Art of Hand Lettering, ID: GB/7253)
  141. Herman Wouk (Book Title: Caine" Mutiny Court-Martial, ID: GB/7254)
  142. Herman Wouk (Book Title: Don't Stop the Carnival, ID: GB/7255)
  143. Herman Wouk (Book Title: Marjorie Morningstar, ID: GB/7256)
  144. Herman Wouk (Book Title: Youngblood Hawke, ID: GB/7257)
  145. Robert Wraight (Book Title: Art Game, ID: GB/7258)
  146. Peter Wüthrich (Book Title: Thus is the World, ID: GB/7266)
  147. Leo Wyatt (Book Title: Ex Libris Collection, ID: GB/30143)
  148. C. W. H. Wyman (Book Title: Bibliography of Printing, ID: GB/572)
  149. D. B. Wyndham Lewis (Book Title: Francois Villon, ID: GB/7274)
  150. Louis Wyse (Book Title: Compleat Child, ID: GB/7275)

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