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Authors starting with 'L'

  1. La Décoration (Book Title: Décoration, ID: GB/3599)
  2. Leopold Labedz (Book Title: On Trial, ID: GB/3604)
  3. Vincenzo Labella (Book Title: Season of Giants, ID: GB/3605)
  4. Eduard Laden (Book Title: Artisi's Palate, ID: GB/3607)
  5. Selma Lagerlöf (Book Title: Wonderful Adventures of Nils, ID: GB/3610)
  6. Norman Laliberte (Book Title: Twentieth Century Woodcuts, ID: GB/3614)
  7. Charles and Mary Lamb (Book Title: Works of Charles & Mary Lamb, ID: GB/3617)
  8. Frederick Lambert (Book Title: Letter Forms, ID: GB/3618)
  9. Susan Lambert (Book Title: Image Multiplied, ID: GB/3619)
  10. Lucinda Lambton (Book Title: Beastly Buildings, ID: GB/3622)
  11. Lucinda Lambton (Book Title: Temples of Convenience, ID: GB/3623)
  12. Osbert Lancaster (Book Title: Here of All Places, ID: GB/3624)
  13. Osbert Lancaster (Book Title: Signs of the Times 1939 - 1961, ID: GB/3626)
  14. June and Doris Langley Moore (Book Title: Pleasure of Your Company, ID: GB/3634)
  15. Peter Lanham (Book Title: Blanket Boy's Moon, ID: GB/3635)
  16. Edi Lanners (Book Title: Illusions, ID: GB/3636)
  17. Laotse (Book Title: Book of Tao, ID: GB/3639)
  18. Jean Larcher (Book Title: Fantastic Alphabets, ID: GB/3641)
  19. Ring Lardner (Book Title: You Know Me Al, ID: GB/3643)
  20. Carl Larsson (Book Title: See: The World of Carl Larsson, ID: GB/3652)
  21. Susan Lasdun (Book Title: Victorians at Home, ID: GB/3653)
  22. Marvin Laser (Book Title: Studies in J. D. Salinger, ID: GB/3654)
  23. Melvin Lasky (Book Title: Africa for Beginners, ID: GB/3655)
  24. Jacques Lassaigne (Book Title: Daumier, ID: GB/3658)
  25. Robert Latham (Book Title: Diary of Samuel Pepys, ID: GB/3661)
  26. James Laver (Book Title: Manners and Morals in the Age of Optimism, ID: GB/3673)
  27. Michael Christopher Lawlor (Book Title: Active Process, ID: GB/3676)
  28. D. H. Lawrence (Book Title: My D. H., ID: GB/30134)
  29. Jeremy Lawrence (Book Title: Mix Me a Metaphor, ID: GB/3685)
  30. Don Lawson (Book Title: Famous American Political Families, ID: GB/3692)
  31. Lesley Lawson (Book Title: David Goldberg. 55, ID: GB/30053)
  32. Richard Lawton (Book Title: Grand Illusions, ID: GB/3693)
  33. Haldor Laxness (Book Title: Fish Can Sing, ID: GB/3694)
  34. Michel Le Bris (Book Title: Romantics and Romanticism, ID: GB/3701)
  35. Brigitte Leal (Book Title: Demoiselles d'Avignon - A Sketchbook, ID: GB/3707)
  36. J. M. F. Leaper (Book Title: Dictionary of Fictional Characters , ID: GB/3708)
  37. Edward Lear (Book Title: Courtship of the Younghy-Bonghy-Bo, ID: GB/3712)
  38. Edward Lear (Book Title: Pelican Chorus and Other Nonsense Verse, ID: GB/3714)
  39. Edward Lear (Book Title: Pobble Who has no Toes, ID: GB/3716)
  40. Edward Lear (Book Title: Teapots and Quails, ID: GB/3717)
  41. Edward Lear (Book Title: Whizz, ID: GB/3720)
  42. Q. D. Leavis (Book Title: Fiction and the Reading Public, ID: GB/3722)
  43. David Leavitt (Book Title: Place I've Never Been, ID: GB/3723)
  44. Caroline Lebeau (Book Title: Fabrics, ID: GB/3724)
  45. Richard J. Lec (Book Title: Lets get Radical about Cataloging, ID: GB/14206)
  46. David Leddick (Book Title: Naked Men Too, ID: GB/3726)
  47. David Leddick (Book Title: Nude Male, ID: GB/11894)
  48. Katy Lee (Book Title: Libraries, ID: GB/15584)
  49. Lawrence Lee (Book Title: Stained Glass, ID: GB/3733)
  50. Robin Lee (Book Title: Values Alive, ID: GB/3735)
  51. Robin Lee (Book Title: Values Alive, ID: GB/3736)
  52. Peter Lehman (Book Title: Running Scared, ID: GB/3750)
  53. Ernest Lehner (Book Title: Alphabets and Ornaments, ID: GB/3752)
  54. Ernest Lehner (Book Title: Picture Book of Symbols, ID: GB/3753)
  55. Ernest Lehner (Book Title: Symbols, Signs and Signets, ID: GB/3754)
  56. Annie Leibovitz (Book Title: Photographs, ID: GB/3762)
  57. Anthony Lejeune (Book Title: Gentlemen's Clubs of London, ID: GB/3765)
  58. Willem Lemmers (Book Title: Tulipia, ID: GB/299)
  59. Mark Lemon (Book Title: Jest Book, ID: GB/3769)
  60. John Lennon (Book Title: In His Own Write, ID: GB/3773)
  61. Jonathan Norton Leonard (Book Title: Latin American Cooking, ID: GB/3774)
  62. Fini Leonor (Book Title: Constantin Jelensky, ID: GB/3775)
  63. Sandy Lesberg (Book Title: Art of the Dessert, ID: GB/3783)
  64. Sandy Lesberg (Book Title: Violence in Our Time, ID: GB/3784)
  65. Doris Lessing (Book Title: Under My Skin, ID: GB/3789)
  66. Doris Lessing (Book Title: Walking in the Shade, ID: GB/3790)
  67. Francois Letaillieur (Book Title: Le Demi-Siecle Lettriste, ID: GB/3791)
  68. Jay A. Levenson (Book Title: Circa 1492, ID: GB/3798)
  69. Henry Lever (Book Title: Ethnic Attitudes of Johannesburg Youth, ID: GB/3799)
  70. Leonard W. Levy (Book Title: Blasphemy, ID: GB/3820)
  71. Boris Levytsky (Book Title: Uses of Terror, ID: GB/3823)
  72. Julius Lewin (Book Title: Struggle for Racial Equality, ID: GB/3824)
  73. James Lewis (Book Title: Philip Roth, ID: GB/14646)
  74. John Lewis (Book Title: Collecting Printed Ephemera, ID: GB/3829)
  75. John Lewis (Book Title: Handbook of Type and Illustration, ID: GB/3830)
  76. Roy Harley Lewis (Book Title: Antiquarian Books - An Insider's Account, ID: GB/3839)
  77. Phyllis Lewsen (Book Title: Helen Suzman's Solo Years, ID: GB/3866)
  78. William E. Lickfield (Book Title: Owed to the Book, ID: GB/3875)
  79. Herman Liebaers (Book Title: Book Through 5000 Years, ID: GB/6815)
  80. Annie Liebovitz (Book Title: Photographs 1970-1990, ID: GB/3879)
  81. Life (Book Title: Life Goes to the Movies, ID: GB/7346)
  82. Baptiste Lignel (Book Title: David Goldberg. Baptiste Lignel, ID: GB/30051)
  83. Gottfried Lindemann (Book Title: Prints and Drawings, ID: GB/3890)
  84. Audry Erskine Lindop (Book Title: Singer not the Song, ID: GB/3894)
  85. Kate Linker (Book Title: Love for Sale, ID: GB/3901)
  86. Eric Linklater (Book Title: Great Ship and Rabelais Replies, ID: GB/3902)
  87. Jean Lipman (Book Title: Art About Art, ID: GB/3904)
  88. Raymond Lister (Book Title: Miniature Defined, ID: GB/3910)
  89. Marco Livingstone (Book Title: R.B. Kitzj, ID: GB/3918)
  90. R. W. Livingstone (Book Title: Pageant of Greece, ID: GB/3919)
  91. Angela Read Lloyd (Book Title: sogs from pretotia, ID: gb/16751)
  92. David Lloyd-George (Book Title: War Memoirs of David Lloyd George, ID: GB/3921)
  93. Freida Lock (Book Title: Ex Libris Collection, ID: GB/30143)
  94. Reginald Northwood Lock (Book Title: Library Administration, ID: GB/3927)
  95. Marcia Loeb (Book Title: New Art Deco Alphabets, ID: GB/3931)
  96. Raphael Loewe (Book Title: Rylands Haggadah, ID: GB/3932)
  97. Fritz Loffler (Book Title: Otto Dix - Life and Work, ID: GB/3933)
  98. Robert K. Logan (Book Title: Alphabet Effect, ID: GB/3935)
  99. Jack London (Book Title: White Fang, ID: GB/7361)
  100. Richard Long (Book Title: From Time to Time, ID: GB/3943)
  101. Richard Long (Book Title: Mirage, ID: GB/3945)
  102. Richard Long (Book Title: Mountains and Waters, ID: GB/3946)
  103. Richard Long (Book Title: Old World New World, ID: GB/3949)
  104. Richard Long (Book Title: Walking in Circles, ID: GB/3955)
  105. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Book Title: Poetical Works of Longfellow, ID: GB/3957)
  106. Longus (Book Title: Daphnis and Chloe, ID: GB/3960)
  107. Phillip Lopate (Book Title: Writing New York : A Literary Anthology, ID: GB/3964)
  108. Piero Lorenzoni (Book Title: English Eroticism, ID: GB/3986)
  109. Pierre Louys (Book Title: Dialogues of the Courtesans, ID: GB/3988)
  110. Pierre Louys (Book Title: Song of Bilitis, ID: GB/3990)
  111. Lucan (Book Title: Pharsalia. Dramatic Episodes of the Civil Wars, ID: GB/4006)
  112. T. W. Lumb (Book Title: Authors of Greece, ID: GB/4032)
  113. Aimee Lusty (Book Title: Out of Print, ID: GB/15524)
  114. Cora E. Lutz (Book Title: Essays on Manuscripts and Rare Books, ID: GB/4035)
  115. Robert K. Lynd (Book Title: Silver Book of English Sonnets, ID: GB/4039)
  116. Joan Lyons (Book Title: Artists' Books, ID: GB/4044)
  117. David Lytton (Book Title: Grass Won't Grow Till Spring, ID: GB/4049)

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