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Authors starting with 'C'

  1. Erskine Caldwell (Book Title: Gretta, ID: GB/982)
  2. Steven Caldwell (Book Title: Aliens in Space, ID: GB/983)
  3. Sean Callahan (Book Title: Photographs of Margaret Bourke-White, ID: GB/984)
  4. Jacques Callot (Book Title: Das Gesamte Werk, ID: GB/988)
  5. Stephen Calloway (Book Title: Elements of Style, ID: GB/989)
  6. Stephen Calloway (Book Title: English Prints for the Collector, ID: GB/990)
  7. Richard Calvocoressi (Book Title: Magritte, ID: GB/993)
  8. David Campany (Book Title: Art and Photography, ID: GB/998)
  9. Nina Campbell-Quine (Book Title: Ex Libris Collection, ID: GB/30143)
  10. John Canaday (Book Title: What is Art?, ID: GB/1006)
  11. E. Canesasca (Book Title: History of the House, ID: GB/1008)
  12. Peter Cannon-Brookes (Book Title: Michael Ayrton - An Illustrated Commentary, ID: GB/1010)
  13. Robin Capon (Book Title: Making Three-Dimensional Pictures, ID: GB/1014)
  14. Truman Capote (Book Title: Capote Reader, ID: GB/1016)
  15. Luciano Caramel (Book Title: Medardo Rosso, ID: GB/1017)
  16. Neville Cardus (Book Title: Autobiography, ID: GB/1019)
  17. Jacques Carelman (Book Title: Catalogue of Extraordinary Objects, ID: GB/1020)
  18. Jacqueline Carey (Book Title: Wedding Pictures, ID: GB/1021)
  19. E. F. Carritt (Book Title: Theory of Morals, ID: GB/1041)
  20. Lewis Carroll (Book Title: Annotated Alice, ID: GB/1050)
  21. Lewis Carroll (Book Title: Annotated Alice, ID: GB/1049)
  22. Lewis Carroll (Book Title: Complete Alice, ID: GB/1051)
  23. David E. Carter (Book Title: Letterheads/1, ID: GB/1068)
  24. Graydon Carter (Book Title: Vanity Fair -The Portraits, ID: GB/11898)
  25. John Carter (Book Title: ABC for Book Collectors, ID: GB/1070)
  26. John Carter (Book Title: Books and Book-Collectors, ID: GB/1071)
  27. John Carter (Book Title: Enquiry into the Nature of Certain Nineteen Century Pamphlets, ID: GB/1072)
  28. John Carter (Book Title: Sequal to An Enquiry into the Nature of Certain x1xth Century Pamphlets, ID: GB/1074)
  29. John Carter (Book Title: Taste and Technique in Book Collecting, ID: GB/1075)
  30. A. P. Cartwright (Book Title: Corner House, ID: GB/1081)
  31. A. P. Cartwright (Book Title: Gold Miners, ID: GB/1082)
  32. Peter Castle (Book Title: Retrospective Survey, ID: GB/7224)
  33. Bryan Catley (Book Title: Art-Deco und Jugendstilfiguren, ID: GB/1092)
  34. Gorel Cavalli-Bojorkman (Book Title: World of Carl Larsson, ID: GB/1097)
  35. Albert Cavanagh (Book Title: Lettering and Alphabets, ID: GB/2a)
  36. Henry Cecil (Book Title: Portrait of a Judge, ID: GB/1104)
  37. Germano Celant (Book Title: Pistoletto, ID: GB/1107)
  38. Germano Celant (Book Title: Unexpressionism, ID: GB/1106)
  39. Lynn Chadwick (Book Title: Paul Levine, ID: GB/1118)
  40. Nancy Chalker-Tennant (Book Title: Artist's Book, ID: GB/1120)
  41. Kermit S. Champa (Book Title: Rise of Landscape Painting in France, ID: GB/1129)
  42. Bernard Champigneulle (Book Title: Rodin, ID: GB/1130)
  43. S. Gurney Champion (Book Title: Wayside Sayings, ID: GB/1131)
  44. Kenneth F. Chapman (Book Title: Good Stamp Collecting, ID: GB/1139)
  45. Warren Chappell (Book Title: Short History of the Printed Word, ID: GB/1141)
  46. Jim Charlton (Book Title: Books,Books,Books,, ID: GB/1144)
  47. Harold W. Chase (Book Title: Kennedy and the Press. - The News Conferences, ID: GB/1147)
  48. Andre Chastel (Book Title: Golden Age of the Renaissance. Italy 1460-1500, ID: GB/1148)
  49. Bruce Chatwin (Book Title: What am I Doing Here, ID: GB/1149)
  50. Geoffrey Chaucer (Book Title: Canterbury Tales, ID: GB/1150)
  51. Geoffrey Chaucer (Book Title: Franklin's Tale, ID: GB/1151)
  52. Anton Chekhov (Book Title: Plays of Anton Tchekov, ID: GB/1156)
  53. Lewis Chester (Book Title: American Melodrama, ID: GB/1173)
  54. Jean-Francois Chevrier (Book Title: Self-Portrait 1984-1997, ID: GB/1358)
  55. Reika Chiba (Book Title: Painted Fan of Japan, ID: GB/1175)
  56. Heather Child (Book Title: Calligraphy Today, ID: GB/1178)
  57. J. Rives Childs (Book Title: Cassanoviana, ID: GB/1181)
  58. Valerie Childs (Book Title: Walt Disney World, ID: GB/1182)
  59. Hedley A. Chilvers (Book Title: Out of the Crucible, ID: GB/1183)
  60. Milno Chow (Book Title: Master of Reality, ID: GB/15525)
  61. Archibald H. Christie (Book Title: Pattern Design, ID: GB/1188)
  62. David Christie-Murray (Book Title: Voices from the Gods, ID: GB/1190)
  63. Grant Christison (Book Title: Book Collecting in South Africa, ID: GB/1191)
  64. Seymour Chwast (Book Title: Art of New York, ID: GB/1205)
  65. Mia Cinotti (Book Title: Complete Paintings of Bosch, ID: GB/1208)
  66. Hayward Cirker (Book Title: Mongrams and Alphabetic Devices, ID: GB/1209)
  67. Colin Clair (Book Title: Unnatural History - An Illustrated Bestiary, ID: GB/1215)
  68. Arthur C. Clarke (Book Title: Four Great SF Novels, ID: GB/1229)
  69. Dave Clarke (Book Title: Modern Art - A Graphic Guide, ID: GB/1230)
  70. Kenneth Clarke (Book Title: Nude, ID: GB/1232)
  71. Loomis Clarke (Book Title: Modern English Readings, ID: GB/1233)
  72. M. J. Clarke (Book Title: English Studies Series One, ID: GB/1234)
  73. T. H. Clarke (Book Title: Rhinoceros, ID: GB/1238)
  74. Roy Claude (Book Title: Balthus, ID: GB/1239)
  75. John Cleland (Book Title: Fanny Hill (Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure), ID: GB/1242)
  76. Simon Clements (Book Title: Committed Church, ID: GB/1246)
  77. Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson (Book Title: Journals of Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson, ID: GB/1256)
  78. Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson (Book Title: Journals of Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson 1879-1922, ID: GB/1257)
  79. Claire Cock-Starkey (Book Title: Book Lovers' Miscellany, ID: GB/15898)
  80. Gerald Coe (Book Title: Complete Booksellers Directory, ID: GB/1265)
  81. Willem Hermanus Coetzer (Book Title: Ex Libris Collection, ID: GB/30143)
  82. Nevill Coghill (Book Title: Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, ID: GB/1273)
  83. Raymond Cogniat (Book Title: Century of the Impressionists, ID: GB/1274)
  84. John Cohen (Book Title: Essential Lenny Bruce, ID: GB/1279)
  85. Raymond Cohn (Book Title: Antique, Decorative and Ornamental Alphabets, ID: GB/1286)
  86. William Cole (Book Title: Quotable New York, ID: GB/1294)
  87. Samuel Taylor Coleridge (Book Title: Biographia Literaria, ID: GB/1300)
  88. Samuel Taylor Coleridge (Book Title: Shakesperean Criticism. Volume 1 & 2, ID: GB/1301)
  89. Billy Collins (Book Title: While Eating a Pear, ID: GB/15339)
  90. F. Howard Collins (Book Title: Collins Authors and Printers Dictionary, ID: GB/1307)
  91. Judith Collins (Book Title: Techniques of Modern Artists, ID: GB/1309)
  92. Michael Collins (Book Title: Post-Modern Design, ID: GB/1310)
  93. Norman Collins (Book Title: Children of the Archbishop, ID: GB/1311)
  94. Robert L. Collinson (Book Title: Commercial and Industrial Record Storage, ID: GB/1313)
  95. C. Collodi (Book Title: Pinocchio, ID: GB/1315)
  96. Michael Compton (Book Title: Pop Art, ID: GB/1321)
  97. Bernard Comrie (Book Title: Atlas of Languages, ID: GB/1323)
  98. Cyril Connolly (Book Title: Evening Colonnade, ID: GB/1325)
  99. Cyril Connolly (Book Title: Modern Movement, ID: GB/1326)
  100. Joseph Connolly (Book Title: Modern First Editions, ID: GB/1327)
  101. Joseph Conrad (Book Title: Notes on Life and Letters, ID: GB/1330)
  102. Joseph Conrad (Book Title: Set of Six, ID: GB/1332)
  103. Joseph Conrad (Book Title: Youth, ID: GB/1333)
  104. Terance Conran (Book Title: Bed and Bath Book, ID: GB/1334)
  105. Laura Conti (Book Title: Architecture of Trees, ID: GB/30527)
  106. Beryl Cook (Book Title: New York, ID: GB/1340)
  107. Beryl Cook (Book Title: Works, ID: GB/1341)
  108. Stanley Cook (Book Title: Alphabet, ID: GB/1343)
  109. Hereward Lester Cooke (Book Title: Painting Techniques of the Master, ID: GB/1344)
  110. Al Cooper (Book Title: World of Logotypes. Volume 2, ID: GB/1346)
  111. C. G. Cooper (Book Title: Journey to Hesperia (From the Aeneid), ID: GB/1347)
  112. Douglas Cooper (Book Title: Great Private Collections, ID: GB/1348)
  113. Wendy Cooper (Book Title: Hair, ID: GB/1353)
  114. John Coplans (Book Title: Self-Portrait 1984-1997, ID: GB/1358)
  115. Trewin Copplestone (Book Title: World Architecture - An Illustrated History, ID: GB/1359)
  116. Jean-Claude Corbell (Book Title: Facts on File Visual Dictionary, ID: GB/1361)
  117. Philip Core (Book Title: Origial Eye, ID: GB/1364)
  118. Malcolm Cormack (Book Title: Constable, ID: GB/1365)
  119. James Corner (Book Title: High Line, ID: GB/15271)
  120. Rolfe Corvo (Book Title: Hadrian the Seventh, ID: GB/1372)
  121. Gerald B. Cotton (Book Title: Fiction Guides, ID: GB/1376)
  122. Jonathan Coudrille (Book Title: Beastly Collection, ID: GB/1378)
  123. Noel Coward (Book Title: Cavalcade, ID: GB/1385)
  124. Noel Coward (Book Title: Come into the Garden Maud, ID: GB/1386)
  125. Noel Coward (Book Title: Middle East Diary, ID: GB/1388)
  126. Noel Coward (Book Title: Quadrille, ID: GB/1389)
  127. Noel Coward (Book Title: Shadows of the Evening, ID: GB/1390)
  128. Noel Coward (Book Title: Song at Twilight, ID: GB/1391)
  129. Noel Coward (Book Title: This Happy Breed, ID: GB/1392)
  130. Peter Cowie (Book Title: Seventy Years of Cinema, ID: GB/1393)
  131. Jean M. Cowley (Book Title: Catalogue of Early Printed Books 1471-1600 in the Library, ID: GB/1394)
  132. Walter Crane (Book Title: On Decorative Illustration of Books Old and New, ID: GB/1411)
  133. Joseph Crawhall (Book Title: Old Aunt Elspa's ABC, ID: GB/1414)
  134. Douglas Crimp (Book Title: Aids Demographics, ID: GB/1419)
  135. Julia della Croce (Book Title: Pasta Classica, ID: GB/1421)
  136. Richmal Crompton (Book Title: Williams Books, ID: GB/1478)
  137. A. J. Cronin (Book Title: Spanish Gardner, ID: GB/1479)
  138. J. Mordaunt Crook (Book Title: British Museum, ID: GB/1482)
  139. John R. Crossland (Book Title: Modern Marvals Encyclopedia, ID: GB/1485)
  140. Aleister Crowley (Book Title: Confessions of Aleister Crowley, ID: GB/1489)
  141. David Crystal (Book Title: Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language, ID: GB/1499)
  142. Gerald Cubitt (Book Title: South Africa, ID: GB/1500)
  143. Robert Culff (Book Title: World of Toys, ID: GB/1501)
  144. Sophie Curtil (Book Title: Arp. Pepin Geant, ID: GB/1521)
  145. Sophie Curtil (Book Title: Arp. Pepin Geant, ID: GB/1522)
  146. Harold Curwen (Book Title: Process of Graphic Reproduction in Printing, ID: GB/1524)

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