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Authors starting with 'E'

  1. Malcolm Easton (Book Title: Aubrey and the Dying Lady, ID: GB/1885)
  2. Abba Eban (Book Title: Heritage, ID: GB/1887)
  3. Fernanda Eberstadt (Book Title: When the Sons of Heaven meet the Daughters of the Earth, ID: GB/1889)
  4. Sybille Ebert-Schifferer (Book Title: Still Life - A Hsitory, ID: GB/1890)
  5. Anna L. Eckersley-Johnson (Book Title: Webster's Secretarial Handbook, ID: GB/1891)
  6. Umberto Eco (Book Title: How to Travel with a Salmon & Other Essays, ID: GB/1892)
  7. Umberto Eco (Book Title: Travels in Hyperreality, ID: GB/1893)
  8. Charles Ede (Book Title: Art of the Book, ID: GB/1910)
  9. Sagarin Edward (Book Title: Pictorial History of the World'd Great Trials, ID: GB/275)
  10. Malcolm Edwards (Book Title: Tour of the Universe, ID: GB/1917)
  11. Oliver Edwards (Book Title: Talking of Books, ID: GB/1918)
  12. Lois Ehlert (Book Title: Color Zoo, ID: GB/1921)
  13. F. H. Ehmcke (Book Title: Graphic Trade Symbols by German Designers, ID: GB/1922)
  14. Carl Ehwa Ehwa (Book Title: Book of Pipes and Tobacco, ID: GB/1924)
  15. Fritz Eichenberg (Book Title: Art of the Print, ID: GB/1926)
  16. Albert Einstein (Book Title: Ideas and Opinions, ID: GB/1930)
  17. Colin Eisler (Book Title: Masterworks in Berlin, ID: GB/1931)
  18. Steven Eisler (Book Title: Alien World, ID: GB/1936)
  19. Steven Eisler (Book Title: Space Wars Worlds and Weapons, ID: GB/1937)
  20. Loren Eisley (Book Title: Brown Wasps: Three Essays in Autobiography, ID: GB/1938)
  21. Paul Elbogen (Book Title: Dearest Mother, ID: GB/1940)
  22. John Elderfield (Book Title: Cut-Outs of Henri Matisse, ID: GB/1945)
  23. John Elderfield (Book Title: Henri Matisse A Retrospective, ID: GB/1941)
  24. George Eliot (Book Title: Scenes of Clerical Life, ID: GB/1952)
  25. T. S. Eliot (Book Title: Family Reunion, ID: GB/1953)
  26. T. S. Eliot (Book Title: Film of Murder in the Cathedral, ID: GB/1954)
  27. T. S. Eliot (Book Title: Four Quartets, ID: GB/1955)
  28. T. S. Eliot (Book Title: Rock, ID: GB/1956)
  29. James Elkins (Book Title: Why Art Cannot be Taught, ID: GB/1959)
  30. Estelle Ellis (Book Title: At Home with Books, ID: GB/1962)
  31. Albert E. Elsen (Book Title: Rodin, ID: GB/1971)
  32. Jacob Epstein (Book Title: Richard Buckle, ID: GB/1987)
  33. Max Ernst (Book Title: Semaine de Bonté, ID: GB/2000)
  34. Elanor Esmond-White (Book Title: Ex Libris Collection, ID: GB/30143)
  35. Willard R. Espy (Book Title: Game of Words, ID: GB/2005)
  36. Willard R. Espy (Book Title: Game of Words, ID: GB/2006)
  37. Willard R. Espy (Book Title: Word's Gotten Out, ID: GB/2008)
  38. David Esslemont (Book Title: Wood Engravings of Frank Martin, ID: GB/30060)
  39. David Esslemont (Book Title: Wood Engravings of Frank Martin, ID: GB/30060)
  40. Michael Estrin (Book Title: 2000 Designs, Forms and Ornaments, ID: GB/2011)
  41. Anthony Euwer (Book Title: Limeratomy, ID: GB/7349)
  42. Bergen Evans (Book Title: Dictionary of Quotations, ID: GB/2012)
  43. Christopher Evans (Book Title: Micro Millinnium, ID: GB/2013)
  44. Hilary and Dik Evans (Book Title: Beyond the Gaslight, ID: GB/2015)
  45. William A. Ewing (Book Title: Body, ID: GB/2022)
  46. William A. Ewing (Book Title: Century of the Body, ID: GB/10700)
  47. Allen Eyles (Book Title: World of Oz, ID: GB/2023)

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