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Authors starting with 'G'

  1. John Gage (Book Title: Turner - Rain, Steam and Speed, ID: GB/2283)
  2. John Gall (Book Title: Systemantics, ID: GB/2286)
  3. Paul Gallico (Book Title: Mrs Harris Goes to New York, ID: GB/2288)
  4. John Galsworthy (Book Title: End of the Chapter, ID: GB/2290)
  5. John Galsworthy (Book Title: Justice, ID: GB/2292)
  6. John Galsworthy (Book Title: Loyalties, ID: GB/2293)
  7. John Galsworthy (Book Title: Modern Comedy, ID: GB/2294)
  8. John Galsworthy (Book Title: Plays of John Galsworthy, ID: GB/2295)
  9. M. K. Gandhi (Book Title: Autobiography, ID: GB/2296)
  10. M. K. Gandhi (Book Title: Correspondence with the Goverment. 1944-1947, ID: GB/2297)
  11. M. K. Gandhi (Book Title: Non-Violence in Peace and War., ID: GB/2298)
  12. M. K. Gandhi (Book Title: Satyagraha (Non-Violent Resistence), ID: GB/2299)
  13. M. K. Gandhi (Book Title: Satyagraha in South Africa, ID: GB/2300)
  14. M. K. Gandhi (Book Title: Story of my Experiments with Truth, ID: GB/2301)
  15. Ken Garland (Book Title: Mr Beck's Underground Map, ID: GB/11183)
  16. Philippe Garner (Book Title: Contemporary Decorative Arts, ID: GB/2308)
  17. Philippe Garner (Book Title: Twentieth-Century Furniture, ID: GB/2309)
  18. Mary D. Garrard (Book Title: Power of Feminist Art, ID: GB/2310)
  19. Gary Garrels (Book Title: Sol LeWitt: A Retrospective, ID: GB/2311)
  20. Philip Gaskell (Book Title: New Introduction to Bibliography, ID: GB/2318)
  21. Henry Gasser (Book Title: Guide to Painting, ID: GB/2320)
  22. Michael Geare (Book Title: Cyril Pure's Diary, ID: GB/2326)
  23. Marion Geisinger (Book Title: Plays, Players and Playwrights, ID: GB/2331)
  24. Paul Gell (Book Title: Flowers from a Painter's Garden, ID: GB/2334)
  25. Barbara Gelman (Book Title: Photoplay Treasury, ID: GB/2336)
  26. Witold Generowicz (Book Title: Train, ID: GB/2337)
  27. Jean Genet (Book Title: Our Lady of the Flowers, ID: GB/2339)
  28. David Gentleman (Book Title: Britain, ID: GB/2340)
  29. William H. Gerdts (Book Title: Monet's Giverny, ID: GB/2344)
  30. Frank and Dorothy Getlein (Book Title: Bite of the Print, ID: GB/2355)
  31. Kahlil Gibran (Book Title: Prophet, ID: GB/2358)
  32. Walter B. Gibson (Book Title: Fell's Guide to Papercraft, ID: GB/2364)
  33. Henry Gilbert (Book Title: King Arthur's Knights, ID: GB/2368)
  34. Eric Gill (Book Title: Drawings from Life, ID: GB/2378)
  35. Eric Gill (Book Title: Letter Forms and Type Designs, ID: GB/2380)
  36. Edmund V. Gillon (Book Title: Pictorial Calligraphy and Ornamentation, ID: GB/2387)
  37. Arnold Gingrich (Book Title: Esquire Treasury, ID: GB/2392)
  38. Allen Ginsberg (Book Title: Howl and Other Poems, ID: GB/2394)
  39. Allen Ginsberg (Book Title: Illuminated Poems, ID: GB/2395)
  40. Allen Ginsberg (Book Title: Illuminated Poems, ID: GB/6159)
  41. Allen Ginsberg (Book Title: Reality Sandwiches, ID: GB/2397)
  42. Jean Giraudoux (Book Title: Duel of Angels, ID: GB/2400)
  43. Geoffrey Ashall Glaister (Book Title: Glossary of the Book, ID: GB/2406)
  44. Milton Glaser (Book Title: Art in Society, ID: GB/432)
  45. James Gleick (Book Title: Nature's Chaos, ID: GB/2409)
  46. T. R. Glover (Book Title: Ancient World, ID: GB/2412)
  47. Michael Godby (Book Title: Hasselblad Award 2006, ID: GB/30039)
  48. Albrecht Goes (Book Title: Burnt Offering, ID: GB/2422)
  49. Brenda Goldblatt (Book Title: David Goldberg. The Last Interview, ID: GB/30049)
  50. Brenda Goldblatt (Book Title: Ex Offenders at the Scene of Crime, ID: GB/30035)
  51. Brenda Goldblatt (Book Title: Transported of Kwandebele, ID: GB/30040)
  52. David Goldblatt (Book Title: David Goldberg. 55, ID: GB/30053)
  53. David Goldblatt (Book Title: David Goldberg. Baptiste Lignel, ID: GB/30051)
  54. David Goldblatt (Book Title: David Goldberg. Conversations with Photographers, ID: GB/30052)
  55. David Goldblatt (Book Title: David Goldberg. Photographs, ID: GB/30041)
  56. David Goldblatt (Book Title: David Goldberg. Photographs, ID: GB/30038)
  57. David Goldblatt (Book Title: David Goldberg. South Africa, ID: GB/30050)
  58. David Goldblatt (Book Title: David Goldberg. Structures of Dominion and Democracy, ID: GB/30042)
  59. David Goldblatt (Book Title: David Goldberg. The Last Interview, ID: GB/30049)
  60. David Goldblatt (Book Title: David Goldblatt, ID: GB/31068)
  61. David Goldblatt (Book Title: David Goldblatt Collection of Photobooks, ID: GB/30132)
  62. David Goldblatt (Book Title: David Goldblatt: In Miniera / On the Mines, ID: GB/30073)
  63. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Ex Offenders at the Scene of Crime, ID: GB/30035)
  64. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Exile, ID: GB/30138)
  65. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Hasselblad Award 2006, ID: GB/30039)
  66. David Goldblatt (Book Title: In Boksburg, ID: GB/30044)
  67. David Goldblatt (Book Title: In Boksburg, ID: GB/30048)
  68. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Kith, Kin & Khaya, ID: GB/30057)
  69. David Goldblatt (Book Title: On Common Ground, ID: GB/30055)
  70. David Goldblatt (Book Title: On the Mines, ID: GB/30045)
  71. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Pursuit of Values, ID: GB/30047)
  72. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Some Afrikaners Photographed, ID: GB/30043)
  73. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Some Afrikaners Revisited, ID: GB/30056)
  74. David Goldblatt (Book Title: South African Intersections, ID: GB/30033)
  75. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Thirty-five years of photographs, ID: GB/30058)
  76. David Goldblatt (Book Title: TJ, ID: GB/30037)
  77. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Transported of Kwandebele, ID: GB/30046)
  78. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Transported of Kwandebele, ID: GB/30040)
  79. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Vineyard Hotel, ID: GB/30137)
  80. William Golding (Book Title: Hot Gates and other occasional pieces, ID: GB/2435)
  81. Oliver Goldsmith (Book Title: She Stoops to Conquer; or, The Mistakes of a Night, ID: GB/2440)
  82. Al Goldstein (Book Title: Classic Book of Dirty Jokes, ID: GB/2442)
  83. Lawrence Goldstein (Book Title: Into Film, ID: GB/2444)
  84. Lawrence & Nancy Goldstone (Book Title: Used and Rare, ID: GB/2447)
  85. Andy Goldsworthy (Book Title: Wood, ID: GB/2456)
  86. Victor Gollancz (Book Title: Reminiscences of Affection, ID: GB/2457)
  87. Allegra Goodman (Book Title: Family Markowitz, ID: GB/2468)
  88. Lloyd Goodrich (Book Title: Edward Hopper, ID: GB/2470)
  89. Charles A. Goodrum (Book Title: Treasurers of the Library of Congress, ID: GB/2472)
  90. Edward Gorey (Book Title: Gorey Games, ID: GB/2491)
  91. Edward Gorey (Book Title: West Wing, ID: GB/12839)
  92. Maxim Gorki (Book Title: Bystander, ID: GB/2495)
  93. George M. Gould (Book Title: Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine, ID: GB/2529)
  94. Carol Belanger Grafton (Book Title: Shapes and Colors, ID: GB/2540)
  95. Andrew Graham-Dixon (Book Title: Howard Hodgkin, ID: GB/2546)
  96. J. J. Grandville (Book Title: Court of Flora, ID: GB/2548)
  97. Harley Granville-Barker (Book Title: Prefaces to Shakespeare, ID: GB/2552)
  98. Robert Graves (Book Title: Claudius The God, ID: GB/2555)
  99. Robert Graves (Book Title: Greek Myths, ID: GB/2556)
  100. Robert Graves (Book Title: I Claudius, ID: GB/2557)
  101. John Gray (Book Title: Sonnets of Sir Philip Sidney, ID: GB/5932)
  102. Stephen Gray (Book Title: Rough Passage, ID: GB/14869)
  103. Carlo and Stefao Greco (Book Title: Piercing the Surface, ID: GB/2570)
  104. Roger E. Greeley (Book Title: Best of Robert Ingersoll, ID: GB/2571)
  105. Oliever Green (Book Title: Underground Art, ID: GB/2575)
  106. Tony Green (Book Title: No Place to Go, ID: GB/2576)
  107. Graham Greene (Book Title: Lord Rochester's Monkey, ID: GB/2583)
  108. Germaine Greer (Book Title: Dr Johnson's Doorknob, ID: GB/11629)
  109. Mina Gregori (Book Title: Paintings in the Uffizi & Pitti Galleries, ID: GB/2586)
  110. Theodore Gregory (Book Title: Ernest Oppenheimer and the Economic Development of Southern Africa, ID: GB/2589)
  111. George Grey (Book Title: Old Books, ID: GB/2591)
  112. David Greysmith (Book Title: Richard Dadd, ID: GB/2596)
  113. Richard Griffith (Book Title: Movies, ID: GB/2598)
  114. Ximena Pérez Grobet (Book Title: Memoria, ID: GB/30538)
  115. T. A. Gronberg (Book Title: Manet a Retrospective, ID: GB/2607)
  116. Mariam T. Gross (Book Title: Animal Illustrated 1550-1900, ID: GB/2610)
  117. S. Gross (Book Title: Books, Books, Books, ID: GB/2611)
  118. Henry Anatole Grunwald (Book Title: Salinger - A Critical and Personal Portrait, ID: GB/2623)
  119. H. A. Guerber (Book Title: Book of the Epic, ID: GB/2626)
  120. H. A. Guerber (Book Title: Myths of Greece and Rome, ID: GB/2627)
  121. Pedro E. Guerrero (Book Title: Calder at Home, ID: GB/2628)
  122. Fred Lawrence Guiles (Book Title: Hanging on in Paradise, ID: GB/2633)
  123. O. R. Gurney (Book Title: Hittites, ID: GB/2637)
  124. Tyrone Guthrie (Book Title: Tyrone Guthrie on Acting, ID: GB/2639)
  125. Thelma Gutsche (Book Title: Old Gold. The History of the Wanderers Club, ID: GB/2642)
  126. Xolisa Guzula (Book Title: Multilingual ABC, ID: GB/31046)
  127. Frederick L. Gwynn (Book Title: Fiction of J.D. Salinger, ID: GB/2643)

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