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Authors starting with 'U'

  1. Ernest Ullmann (Book Title: Ex Libris Collection, ID: GB/30143)
  2. Sigrid Undset (Book Title: Kristin Lavransdatter, ID: GB/6646)
  3. Clive Unger-Hamilton (Book Title: Music Makers, ID: GB/6686)
  4. Unknown (Book Title: Interesting Times, ID: GB/6688)
  5. Unknown (Book Title: Land and Environment Art, ID: GB/6689)
  6. Unknown (Book Title: Passion for Collecting, ID: GB/15435)
  7. Unknown (Book Title: Wonderful Wizard of Oz, ID: GB/6693)
  8. Philip Unwin (Book Title: Publishing Unwins, ID: GB/6697)
  9. T. Fisher Unwin (Book Title: Good Reading About Many Books, ID: GB/6699)
  10. Sir Stanley Unwin. Hon LL.D (Book Title: Truth about Publishing, ID: GB/6698)
  11. John Updike (Book Title: Hugging the Shore, ID: GB/6705)
  12. John Updike (Book Title: Memories of the Ford Administration, ID: GB/6708)
  13. Octave Uzanne (Book Title: Caprices D'un Bibliophile, ID: GB/6715)

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