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Authors starting with 'H'

  1. Haarlem Museum (Book Title: Frans Hals, ID: GB/2644)
  2. John Hadfield (Book Title: Book of Delights, ID: GB/2646)
  3. John Hadfield (Book Title: Cowardy Custard, ID: GB/2647)
  4. Rose-Marie and Rainer Hagan (Book Title: What Great Paintings Say, ID: GB/2651)
  5. H. Rider Haggard (Book Title: She, ID: GB/2652)
  6. Henry Rider Haggard (Book Title: King Soloman's Mines, ID: GB/2653)
  7. Emily Hahn (Book Title: Cooking of China, ID: GB/2654)
  8. Helen E. Haines (Book Title: Living with Books, ID: GB/2655)
  9. Margit Haldemann (Book Title: Schrift-Zeichen, ID: GB/2657)
  10. A. Vine Hall (Book Title: Poems of a South African, ID: GB/2658)
  11. Donald Hall (Book Title: Anecdotes of Modern Art, ID: GB/2659)
  12. Fernau Hall (Book Title: World of Ballet and Dance, ID: GB/2662)
  13. Leslie Halliwell (Book Title: Filmgoer's Companion, ID: GB/2667)
  14. Leslie Halliwell (Book Title: Filmgoer's Companion, ID: GB/2666)
  15. Leslie Halliwell (Book Title: Halliwell's Film Guide, ID: GB/2665)
  16. Walter (Samuel Haatoum) Hamady (Book Title: Making a Sacher Torte, ID: GB/6882)
  17. Walter (Samuel Haatoum) Hamady (Book Title: Wowas First Book, ID: GB/2693)
  18. Alastair Hamilton (Book Title: Appeal of Fascism, ID: GB/2698)
  19. Ian Hamilton (Book Title: Keepers of the Flame, ID: GB/2701)
  20. John Maxwell Hamilton (Book Title: Casanova Was a Book Lover, ID: GB/2703)
  21. J. A. Hammerton (Book Title: Concise Household Encyclopedia, ID: GB/2711)
  22. Sam Hamod (Book Title: After the Funeral of Assam Hamady, ID: GB/2714)
  23. John Hampden (Book Title: Eighteenth Century Plays, ID: GB/2716)
  24. Helene Hanff (Book Title: Apple of My Eye, ID: GB/2720)
  25. Helene Hanff (Book Title: Duchess of Bloomsbury Street, ID: GB/2721)
  26. Linda Hannas (Book Title: Jigsaw Book, ID: GB/2724)
  27. Anna Harding (Book Title: Curating, ID: GB/2727)
  28. Anna Harding (Book Title: Curating. The Contemporary Art Museum and Beyond, ID: GB/2728)
  29. Robert D. Harlan (Book Title: Chapter Nine, ID: GB/2742)
  30. Alex Harris (Book Title: Transported of Kwandebele, ID: GB/30040)
  31. Bruce and Seena Harris (Book Title: Honore Daumier - Selected Works, ID: GB/2753)
  32. Michael Harris (Book Title: Fakes and Frauds, ID: GB/2756)
  33. Michael Harris (Book Title: Millennium of the Book, ID: GB/2757)
  34. L. M. Harrod (Book Title: Librarians Glossary & Reference Book, ID: GB/2765)
  35. Dorothy A. Harrop (Book Title: Modern Book Productive, ID: GB/2766)
  36. Hannes Harrs (Book Title: Ex Libris Collection, ID: GB/30143)
  37. Harold H. Hart (Book Title: Humor, Wit and Fantasy, ID: GB/2773)
  38. Evelyn Harter (Book Title: Printers as Men of the World, ID: GB/2778)
  39. Frederick Hartt (Book Title: Michelangelo's Three Pietas, ID: GB/2786)
  40. Marc Hartzman (Book Title: Found on Ebay, ID: GB/2787)
  41. Virginia Haviland (Book Title: Books in Search of Children, ID: GB/456)
  42. Lucinda Hawksley (Book Title: Bitten by Witch Fever, ID: GB/30581)
  43. Nathaniel Hawthorne (Book Title: Scarlet Letter, ID: GB/2811)
  44. F. A. Hayek (Book Title: Constitution of Liberty, ID: GB/2813)
  45. Nika Standen Hazelton (Book Title: Cooking of Germany, ID: GB/2820)
  46. Michael Patrick Hearn (Book Title: Wonderful Wizard of Oz, ID: GB/415)
  47. William Least Heat-Moon (Book Title: Blue Highways, ID: GB/2828)
  48. François Hébel (Book Title: David Goldblatt: In Miniera / On the Mines, ID: GB/30073)
  49. Ben Hecht (Book Title: Collected Stories of Ben Hecht, ID: GB/2829)
  50. John Hedgecoe (Book Title: Henry Moore (words by), ID: GB/2831)
  51. Michael Heizer (Book Title: Effigy Tumuli, ID: GB/2839)
  52. Lotte Hellinga (Book Title: Caxton in Focus, ID: GB/2859)
  53. Ernest Hemingway (Book Title: Farewell to Arms, ID: GB/2861)
  54. Robert M. Henderson (Book Title: D .W. Griffith - His Life and Work, ID: GB/2864)
  55. Philip Hendy (Book Title: Art Treasures of the British Isles, ID: GB/2867)
  56. Mrs. Robert Henrey (Book Title: Little Madeleine, ID: GB/2868)
  57. Robert Henrey (Book Title: Siege of London, ID: GB/2869)
  58. J. A. Henry (Book Title: First Hundred Years of the Standard Bank, ID: GB/2872)
  59. Alan P. Herbert (Book Title: Water Gipsies, ID: GB/2886)
  60. Bernard Hermann (Book Title: New York, ID: GB/2895)
  61. Herodotus (Book Title: History of Herodotus, ID: GB/2897)
  62. Frank Herrmann (Book Title: Norton Simon Museum, ID: GB/2900)
  63. Matthias Herrmann (Book Title: Textpieces 1996-1998, ID: GB/2906)
  64. Christopher Hibbert (Book Title: Grand Tour, ID: GB/2921)
  65. David Hicks (Book Title: David Hicks on Bathrooms, ID: GB/2924)
  66. David Hicks (Book Title: David Hicks on Decorating with Fabrics, ID: GB/2925)
  67. Cecil Higgs (Book Title: Ex Libris Collection, ID: GB/30143)
  68. Ann Higomett (Book Title: Pictures if Innocence, ID: GB/2929)
  69. Raul Hilberg (Book Title: Destruction of the European Jews, ID: GB/2930)
  70. Jim Hill (Book Title: Bible Tells Me So, ID: GB/2934)
  71. Lucienne Hill (Book Title: Becket, ID: GB/184)
  72. Bevis Hillier (Book Title: Cartoons and Caricatures, ID: GB/2936)
  73. Charles Hinman (Book Title: First Folio of Shakespeare, ID: GB/2942)
  74. E.D. Hirsch (Book Title: Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, ID: GB/2945)
  75. Edward Hirsch (Book Title: Transforming Vision, ID: GB/2946)
  76. History of Making Books, The (Book Title: History of Making Books, ID: GB/2950)
  77. History of Printmaking (Book Title: History of Printmaking, ID: GB/2951)
  78. Christopher Hitchens (Book Title: Arguably, ID: GB/13079)
  79. Christopher Hitchens (Book Title: For the Sake of Argument, ID: GB/2952)
  80. Christopher Hitchens (Book Title: Quotable Hitchens, ID: GB/13080)
  81. Philippa Hobbs (Book Title: Ex Libris Collection, ID: GB/30143)
  82. Anthony Hobson (Book Title: Great Libraries, ID: GB/2961)
  83. Charles Hobson (Book Title: Parisian Encounters, ID: GB/2964)
  84. Anthony Hocking (Book Title: Oppenheimer and Son, ID: GB/2967)
  85. Howard Hodgkin (Book Title: Andrew Graham-Dixon, ID: GB/2980)
  86. Barbara Hodgson (Book Title: Opium, ID: GB/13143)
  87. Barbara Hodgson (Book Title: Tattooed Map, ID: GB/13142)
  88. Godfrey Hodgson (Book Title: American Melodrama, ID: GB/2982)
  89. Hester R. Hoffman (Book Title: Reader's Adviser, ID: GB/2992)
  90. Werner Hofmann (Book Title: Gustav Klimt, ID: GB/2996)
  91. Ori Hofmekler (Book Title: Hofmekler's People, ID: GB/2997)
  92. Jan H. Hofmeyr (Book Title: South Africa, ID: GB/2998)
  93. Jeffrey Hogrefe (Book Title: Wholly Unacceptable, ID: GB/3005)
  94. Robert Holdstock (Book Title: Alien Landscapes, ID: GB/3009)
  95. Brad Holland (Book Title: Human Scandals, ID: GB/3010)
  96. Anne Hollander (Book Title: Woman in the Mirror, ID: GB/10312)
  97. C. G. Holme (Book Title: Lettering of Today, ID: GB/3019)
  98. John Haynes Holmes (Book Title: My Gandhi, ID: GB/3021)
  99. John M. Holmes (Book Title: Colour in Interior Decoration, ID: GB/3022)
  100. Stewart Home (Book Title: Assult on Culture, ID: GB/3027)
  101. Homer (Book Title: Gordon Hendricks, ID: GB/3029)
  102. A. M. Homes (Book Title: On the Street, ID: GB/11385)
  103. Gordon Honeycombe (Book Title: Redemption, ID: GB/3032)
  104. Hugh Honour (Book Title: New Land, ID: GB/3034)
  105. Alfred Hooper (Book Title: Makers of Mathematics, ID: GB/3036)
  106. Fred Hooper (Book Title: Language of Prejudice, ID: GB/7337)
  107. Christopher Hope (Book Title: White Boy Running, ID: GB/3039)
  108. Pat Hopkins (Book Title: Johnny Golightly Comes Home, ID: GB/12228)
  109. Edward Hopper (Book Title: Lloyd Goodrich, ID: GB/3045)
  110. James D. Horan (Book Title: Desperate Years, ID: GB/3048)
  111. Muriel Horrell (Book Title: Laws Affecting Race Relations in S. A. , ID: GB/7339)
  112. Ida and F. W. Hosken (Book Title: Catalogue of Books on Africa, ID: GB/3062)
  113. Bernard Houghton (Book Title: Information Work Today, ID: GB/3064)
  114. D. Hobart Houghton (Book Title: South African Economy, ID: GB/3065)
  115. Joan Hoverstadt (Book Title: History of Printed Scraps, ID: GB/85)
  116. Thomas Hoving (Book Title: Greatest Works of Art of Western Civilisation, ID: GB/3068)
  117. Elizabeth Jane Howard (Book Title: Long View, ID: GB/3069)
  118. Franz Hubmann (Book Title: Jewish Family Album, ID: GB/3078)
  119. Trevor Huddleston (Book Title: Naught for your Comfort, ID: GB/3079)
  120. Derek Hudson (Book Title: Arthur Rackham His Life and Work, ID: GB/5223)
  121. James Lansdale Hudson (Book Title: Harvest in the North, ID: GB/3083)
  122. Richard Hudson (Book Title: Kuboyama and the Saga of the Lucky Dragon, ID: GB/3097)
  123. A. J. Hughes (Book Title: East Africa: The Search for Unity - Kenya, Tanganyika, Uganda and Zanzibar., ID: GB/3102)
  124. David Hughes (Book Title: Black and White, ID: GB/3104)
  125. Laurence Hughes (Book Title: Johannesburg The Cosmopolitan City, ID: GB/3105)
  126. Lynn Hughes (Book Title: Owles, ID: GB/3106)
  127. Richard Hughes (Book Title: Fox in the Attic, ID: GB/3107)
  128. Richard Hughes (Book Title: High Wind in Jamaica, ID: GB/3108)
  129. Robert Hughes (Book Title: Culture of Complaint, ID: GB/3111)
  130. Robert Hughes (Book Title: Frank Auerbach, ID: GB/3112)
  131. Robert Hughes (Book Title: Nothing if not Critical, ID: GB/3115)
  132. Victor Hugo (Book Title: Notre Dame, ID: GB/3121)
  133. Pontus Hulten (Book Title: Jean Tinguely: Meta, ID: GB/3129)
  134. Barry Humphries (Book Title: Bizarre, ID: GB/3134)
  135. Dard Hunter (Book Title: Papermaking. The History and Technique of an Ancient Craft., ID: GB/3137)
  136. J. A. Hunter (Book Title: African Hunter, ID: GB/3138)
  137. Sam Hunter (Book Title: Lachaise, ID: GB/3141)
  138. Damien Hurst (Book Title: Theories, Models, Methods, Approaches, Assumptions, Results and Findings, ID: GB/3146)
  139. Michael Hutchings (Book Title: Typographics, ID: GB/3147)
  140. Allen Hutt (Book Title: Fournier the Compleat Typographer, ID: GB/3161)
  141. Heribert Hutter (Book Title: Medieval Stained Glass, ID: GB/3162)
  142. Julian Huxley (Book Title: Language and Communication, ID: GB/7336)
  143. Barry Hyams (Book Title: Hirschhorn, ID: GB/3169)

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