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Authors starting with 'K'

  1. Gary Kachadourian (Book Title: Master of Reality, ID: GB/15525)
  2. Pauline Kael (Book Title: Going Steady, ID: GB/3358)
  3. Franz Kafka (Book Title: 8 unabridged Books and / or short-stories, ID: GB/3359)
  4. Mitchell Douglas Kahan (Book Title: Art Inc, ID: GB/3367)
  5. Alfred Kallir (Book Title: Sign and Design, ID: GB/3368)
  6. Tibor Kalman (Book Title: Perverse Optmist, ID: GB/3373)
  7. Thelma Kandel (Book Title: What to Name the Cat, ID: GB/3375)
  8. Anton Kannemeyer (Book Title: My D. H., ID: GB/30134)
  9. Robert Kaplan (Book Title: Retrospective Journey into the art of Samuel Bak, ID: GB/16138)
  10. Abraham J. Karp (Book Title: From the Ends of the Earth, ID: GB/3382)
  11. F. George Kay (Book Title: Printing - It's Made Like this, ID: GB/3396)
  12. Nikos Kazantzakis (Book Title: Christ Recrucified, ID: GB/3397)
  13. Nikos Kazantzakis (Book Title: Zorba the Greek, ID: GB/3398)
  14. Nicola Kearton (Book Title: Art and Cultural Difference, ID: GB/3399)
  15. Nicola Kearton (Book Title: Public Art, ID: GB/3400)
  16. Agnes Newton Keith (Book Title: Bare Feet in the Palace, ID: GB/3401)
  17. Germaine Keller (Book Title: Book of Scores, ID: GB/3403)
  18. Rob Roy Kelly (Book Title: American Wood Type. 1828-1900, ID: GB/3409)
  19. Rob Roy Kelly (Book Title: Wood Type Alphabets, ID: GB/3411)
  20. Paul E. Kennedy (Book Title: Modern Display Alphabets, ID: GB/3417)
  21. Chris Kenny (Book Title: Satisfuction Guarantee, ID: GB/3422)
  22. Rachel Kent (Book Title: David Goldberg. Photographs, ID: GB/30041)
  23. Rockwell Kent (Book Title: Ex Libris Collection, ID: GB/30143)
  24. W. W. Kent (Book Title: BR Marks and Remarks, ID: GB/3424)
  25. William Kentridge (Book Title: Ex Libris Collection, ID: GB/30143)
  26. William Kentridge (Book Title: Price list of editions on South African Arts Resource, ID: GB/30516)
  27. William Kentridge (Book Title: Swan Whisperer, ID: GB/30086)
  28. William Kentridge (Book Title: Three Projects in Johannesburg, ID: GB/30515)
  29. Gyorgy Kepe (Book Title: Sign,Image and Symbol, ID: GB/3427)
  30. Gyorgy Kepe (Book Title: Structure in Art and Science, ID: GB/3429)
  31. Frank Kermode (Book Title: Continuities, ID: GB/3431)
  32. Frank Kermode (Book Title: Oxford Book of Letters, ID: GB/3432)
  33. Jack Kerouac (Book Title: Satori in Paris, ID: GB/3435)
  34. Gerald Kersh (Book Title: Prelude to a Certain Midnight, ID: GB/3436)
  35. Andre Kertesz (Book Title: On Reading, ID: GB/3437)
  36. William C. Jr Ketchum (Book Title: Catalogue of American Collectibles, ID: GB/3440)
  37. Eigil Kiaer (Book Title: Methuen Handbook of Roses, ID: GB/3448)
  38. Emily Kimborough (Book Title: Our Hearts Were Young and Gay, ID: GB/3459)
  39. Emily Kimborough (Book Title: Pleasure by the Busload, ID: GB/3460)
  40. David Kindersley (Book Title: Graphic Sayings, ID: GB/3462)
  41. David Kindersley (Book Title: Variations on the Theme of 26 Letters, ID: GB/3464)
  42. Francis King (Book Title: Crowley on Christ, ID: GB/3466)
  43. Marina King (Book Title: Sunrise to Evening Star, ID: GB/3467)
  44. Queen, Knave King (Book Title: Vladimir Nabokov, ID: GB/3468)
  45. William Davies King (Book Title: Collections of Nothing, ID: GB/12003)
  46. W. H .G. Kingston (Book Title: Three Midshipmen, ID: GB/3485)
  47. Earl W. Kintner (Book Title: Equal Justice Under Law, ID: GB/3492)
  48. Rudyard Kipling (Book Title: Captains Courageous, ID: GB/3494)
  49. Rudyard Kipling (Book Title: Jungle Book, ID: GB/3496)
  50. Rudyard Kipling (Book Title: Twenty-one Tales, ID: GB/3497)
  51. James Kirkup (Book Title: Tropic Temper, ID: GB/3499)
  52. Lincoln Kirstein (Book Title: Movement and Metaphor, ID: GB/3501)
  53. Naveen Kishore (Book Title: Seagull Books, ID: GB/14271)
  54. Henry Kisor (Book Title: Zephyr, ID: GB/3503)
  55. Herbert J. Klausmeier (Book Title: Learning and Human Abilities: Educational Psychology, ID: GB/3508)
  56. Harry Klein (Book Title: Springbok Record, ID: GB/3509)
  57. Judy Graf Klein (Book Title: Office Book, ID: GB/3510)
  58. Gustav Klimt (Book Title: W. Hofmann, ID: GB/3522)
  59. Claude Klotz (Book Title: Trente-Six Positions de l'amour, ID: GB/3537)
  60. Gunilla Knape (Book Title: Hasselblad Award 2006, ID: GB/30039)
  61. Nigel Kneale (Book Title: Quatermass and the Pit, ID: GB/3525)
  62. Fletcher Knebel (Book Title: Seven Days in May, ID: GB/3526)
  63. Arthur Knight (Book Title: Liveliest Art, ID: GB/3527)
  64. Arthur Knight (Book Title: New York Times Directory of the Film, ID: GB/3528)
  65. Alfred A. Knopf (Book Title: Some Random Recollections, ID: GB/3531)
  66. John Kobal (Book Title: Hollywood Glamour Portraits, ID: GB/3534)
  67. Rudolf Koch (Book Title: Book of Signs, ID: GB/3535)
  68. Lionel Koechlin (Book Title: Trente-Six Positions de l'amour, ID: GB/3537)
  69. Arthur Koestler (Book Title: Arrival and Departure, ID: GB/3541)
  70. Hans-Michael Koetzle (Book Title: Photo Icons. Vol 1, ID: GB/3543)
  71. Hans-Michael Koetzle (Book Title: Photo Icons. Vol 2, ID: GB/3544)
  72. Adrienne Kollenberg (Book Title: Jewish Life in the South African Country Communities, ID: GB/16679)
  73. Phyllis Konya (Book Title: Ex Libris Collection, ID: GB/30143)
  74. Rem Koolhaas (Book Title: S,M,L,XL, ID: GB/3547)
  75. Albert Kostenevich (Book Title: Hidden Treasures Revealed, ID: GB/3556)
  76. Charlotta Kotik (Book Title: Louise Bourgeois, ID: GB/3558)
  77. Charlotta Kotik (Book Title: Open House, ID: GB/9363)
  78. H. P. Kraus (Book Title: Rare Book Saga, ID: GB/3568)
  79. Rosalind Krauss (Book Title: Voyage on the North Sea, ID: GB/3570)
  80. David Krech (Book Title: Elements of Psychology, ID: GB/3573)
  81. Antjie Krog (Book Title: Some Afrikaners Revisited, ID: GB/30056)
  82. Braam Kruger (Book Title: Openbaringe en Johannes, ID: GB/15367)
  83. Rayne Kruger (Book Title: My Name is Celia, ID: GB/3582)
  84. Richard Kuhta (Book Title: Decade of Collecting, ID: GB/3587)
  85. Donald Kuspit (Book Title: Horses, ID: GB/3595)

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