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1: Artists' books in the age of digital reproduction:
Heléne van Aswegen  - (author)
Keith Dietrich  - (supervised by)
2: Zwischen den Seiten - Die Schatten Durchstreifend
Keith Dietrich

3: Emandulo Re-Creation
Kim Berman  - (book artist)
Robbin Ami Silverberg  - (book artist)
William Kentridge  - (featured artist)
Pepe Abela  - (featured artist)
Deborah Bell  - (featured artist)
András Böröcz  - (featured artist)
Keith Dietrich  - (featured artist)
Gordon Gabashane  - (featured artist)
Carol Hofmeyr  - (featured artist)
Basil Jones  - (featured artist)
David Nthubu Koloane  - (featured artist)
Atta Kwami  - (featured artist)
Moleleki Frank Ledimo  - (featured artist)
Simon Mthinkhulu  - (featured artist)
Sam Nhlengethwa  - (featured artist)
John Roome  - (featured artist)
Ruth Sack  - (featured artist)
Helen Mmakgabo Mmapula Sebidi  - (featured artist)
Simon Stone  - (featured artist)
Grace Tshikhuve  - (featured artist)
Diane Victor  - (featured artist)
Nhlanhla Xaba  - (featured artist)

4: Small Panorama That Mr James Chapman Could not Photograph
Keith Dietrich

5: Fourteen Stations of the Cross
Keith Dietrich  - (book artist)
Heléne van Aswegen  - (bookbinding by)
Arthur Wadman  - (bookbinding by)
Lize van Robbroeck  - (introduction by)

6: Horizons of Babel
Keith Dietrich

7: Fragile Histories, Fugitive Lives
Keith Dietrich
Hans Heese
Lize van Robbroeck  - (essay by)

8: Many Rivers to Cross
Keith Dietrich  - (artist)
Heléne van Aswegen  - (bookbinding by)

9: Bodies, Traces, Identities.
Keith Dietrich  - (paintings by)
10: Stained Paper
Karin Skawran  - (foreword by)
Keith Dietrich  - (foreword by)
Alan Crump  - (introduction by)
11: Exhibition of Paintings by Keith Dietrich
Keith Dietrich  - (title)
12: Eloquent Picture Gallery
Keith Dietrich  - (preface by)
Andrew Bank  - (introduction by)
Gustav Fritsch  - (title)

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