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1: Act zeitgenössische maler aus Südafrika
Walter Whall Battiss  (1906-1982) - (featured artist)
F. C. L. Bosman  - (introduction by)
Cecil Higgs  - (featured artist)
Adolph Jentsch  - (featured artist)
Maggie Laubser  - (featured artist)
Jacob Hendrik Pierneef  - (featured artist)
Irma Stern  - (featured artist)
Jean Welz  - (featured artist)
Alexis Preller  - (featured artist)
2: Maggie Laubser
Johan van Rooyen
Maggie Laubser  - (title)
3: Gladys Mgudlandlu and Maggie Laubser
Wilhelm van Rensburg
Maggie Laubser  - (title)
Gladys Mgudlandlu  - (title)
4: Correspondence with Prof. D. M. (Danie) Joubert
D. M. Joubert  - (letters to)
Esias Bosch  - (featured artist)
Bettie Cilliers Barnard  - (featured artist)
Gregoire Boonzaier  - (featured artist)
Frans Claerhout  - (featured artist)
Christo Coetzee  - (featured artist)
Danie de Jager  - (featured artist)
Dick Findlay  - (featured artist)
Zakkie (Zacharias) Eloff  - (featured artist)
Elzaby Laubscher  - (featured artist)
Maggie Laubser  - (featured artist)
Jack Lugg  - (featured artist)
Thijs Nel  - (featured artist)
Hyme Rabinowitz  - (featured artist)
Nico Roos  - (featured artist)
Alexander Rose-Innes  - (featured artist)
Anton Rupert  - (featured artist)
Edoardo Villa  - (featured artist)

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