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1: American Livre de Peintre
Elizabeth Phillips  - (catalogue by)
Tony Zwicker  - (catalogue by)
Robert Rainwater  - (introduction by)
2: Festschrift
Steven Clay
Tony Zwicker  - (title)
3: Museum Store Association 1985 Trade Show
Tony Zwicker  - (catalogue by)
4: Exhibit - 14th Annual Conference of Art Libraries Society of North America
Tony Zwicker  - (catalogue by)
5: Exhibit - 15th Annual Conference of the Art Libraries Society of North America, Washington DC. List of Artists' Books on Exhibit.
Tony Zwicker  - (catalogue by)
6: Exhibit - Second Annual Washington Art Book Fair. Corcoran Gallery of Art.
Tony Zwicker  - (catalogue by)
7: Tony Zwicker Artists' Books
Tony Zwicker  - (title)
Michael von Uchtrup
8: Books Do Furnish a Room
Tony Zwicker
9: Letterpress
Tony Zwicker  - (title)
Erica Van Horn  - (book artist)
Simon Cutts  - (book artist)

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