TEXTures: an exhibition of texts, textures and structure in artistsí books


I would like to thank and acknowledge the following people for their contributions to making this exhibition possible:

Jack Ginsberg, lender of the artistsí books for the exhibition and co-curator: for his continued support of research into the artistís book in South Africa.

Rosalind Cleaver, co-curator: for her tireless work and attention to every detail in making the exhibition possible.

Riette Zaaiman, Manager, Archives & Special Collections, UJ: for her logistical and venue support and encouragement in all aspects of the exhibition.

Maaike Bakker: for designing and producing the catalogue in print and on-line versions.

Dr. Rookaya Bawa, Executive Director, Library and Information Centre, UJ: for her encouragement and initiation of the process which became the exhibition.

Vedant Nanackchand, HoD, Department of Visual Art: for his logistical support of this exhibition and its wider associated research.

Dr. Judy Peter, HoD, Department of Jewellery Design and Manufacture: for the generous loan of display cabinets without which, the exhibition would not have been possible.

Lesley Spiro Cohen, Consultant, Strategy, Planning and Development, WAM, University of the Witwatersrand: for the generous loan of frames for the broadsides.

Theodorah Modise, Co-ordinator, Events, Library and Information Centre, UJ: for coordination of invitations for the opening event.

Siani-Michelle Hall and Alexandre Vosloo, for helping with aspects of the exhibition set-up.

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© David Paton, Riette Zaaiman, Jack Ginsberg and all participating artists.

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© Jack Ginsberg Centre for Book Arts (JGCBA). All rights reserved.