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An Encyclopedia of Everything

An Encyclopedia of Everything is a collection of small books which will form part of an exhibition Installation to be shown in Durban (South Africa) in October 2014. The goal is to collect, swap and make 500 (preferably more) books. It’s about everything because, lets face it – is there any topic which has not been covered by a book artist?
The small volumes are A6 (postcard size) when closed (A5 when opened), boasting hard/strong covers. Interest has been shown by other international galleries to show this installation. This will obviously entail further organization and preparation, but for the moment, the first showing will be at the KZNSA Gallery, Durban, South Africa.
Response to this project has been fantastic. Participants so far:
Tiziana Baracchi (Italy)
Vittore Baroni (Italy)
John Bennett (USA)
Jessica Bothma (South Africa)
Judy Bourke (Australia)
Kathy Boyle (New Zealand)
Marian Crane (USA)
Theresa Easton (UK)
Sue Hobbs (South Africa)
Carina Granlund (Finland)
Rebecca Guyver (UK)
Bifidus Jones (USA)
Susanna Lakner (Germany)
Alexander Limarev (Russia)
Lesley Magwood-Fraser (South Africa)
Yves Maraux (France)
Dean Marks (France)
Catherine Mc Cue Boes (Australia)
Kathleen Nartuhi (USA)
Not Hi Ng (USA)
Cheryl Penn (South Africa)
Martine Rastello (France)
Bernd Reichert (Belgium)
Colleen Ross (South Africa)
Christopher Skinner (UK)
Alicia Starr (USA)
Matthew Stolte (USA)
David Stone (USA)
Rod Summers (Netherlands)
Erich Sunnderman (Austria)
Stephanie Turnbull (UK)
Guido Vermeulen (Belgium)
Svenja Wahl (Germany)
Nadine Wendell Mojica (USA)
Marie Wintzer (Japan)
If you would like to exchange a book and contribute to An Encyclopedia of Everything please contact Cheryl at:

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