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The Team

Jack Ginsberg

Jack has been collecting books all his life and during the last forty years, has created an internationally renowned collection of artists' books. Jack's passion for and knowledge of the book-arts field has made him internationally known and respected. His collection, unique on the African continent, is visited by artists, scholars and bibliophiles from all over the world. His knowledge, passion and collection constitute the heart of this website, the exhibitions held in this country as well as the impetus for on-going research into the artist's book in South Africa. Jack is also a founding patron of The Ampersand Foundation (TAF) which supports South African artists and those working in the visual arts to spend time on residency in New York. Jack is the recipient of the Business Day BASA Art Champion Award 2013 and the 2014 Inyathelo Award for Philanthropy in the Arts.

David Paton

David is a senior lecturer in the Department of Visual Art, University of Johannesburg. In 2000, he completed a master's degree entitled: South African Artists' Books and Book-objects since 1960. He and Jack curated the first exhibition of artists' books ever held in South Africa titled: Artists' Books From the Ginsberg Collection held at the Johannesburg Art Gallery in 1996, then purportedly the second largest exhibition of artists' books ever staged in the world. His interest in artists' books is the impetus for this website. David makes art across a wide range of media including printmaking and artists' books. He also produces textual research and curates exhibitions on artists' books, their theoretical underpinnings and their digital interfaces.

Rosalind Cleaver

Ros has a master's degree in Fine Art and lectures in Art Teacher Education, Drawing, Printmaking and Conceptual Studies in the Department of Visual Art, University of Johannesburg. She makes art across a wide range of media and forms, including artists' books. Ros is the Senior Research Assistant on this project, the various Jack Ginsberg Artists' Books Collections as well as The Jack Ginsberg Collection of South African Art.

Peter Dennis

In 1997 Peter established Logos Flow developing software and website solutions. Peter is the webmaster and designer - whose unique software powers the databases of this site.

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