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The Refusal of Time was commissioned by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev for the 13th dOCUMENTA in Kassel, in 2012. It was shown from June to September 2012 in Kassel and started touring in Fall (northern hemisphere) 2012. The performance Refuse the Hour was created in June 2012.

The Refusal of Time is produced by Marian Goodman Gallery (New York and Paris), Lia Rumma Gallery (Naples and Milan), and the Goodman Gallery (Johannesburg and Cape Town).

Refuse the Hour is co-produced by Holland Festival, Festival d’Avignon, Romaeuropa Festival and Teatro di Roma, Onassis Cultural Center, with kind support from Marian Goodman Gallery (New York and Paris), Lia Rumma Gallery (Naples and Milan), and the
Goodman Gallery (Johannesburg and Cape Town).

Executive Production:Caroline Naphegyi, Tomorrowland, Magdaléna Lataillade, Olivia Sautereau

Collaborators:Philip Miller, composer, co-orchestration

Dada Masilo, choreography

Catherine Meyburgh, video constructor

Peter Galison, dramaturge

Sabine Theunissen, set design

Luc de Wit, movement direction

Greta Goiris, costume design

Christoff Wolmarans, Louis Olivier, Jonas Lundquist, machine design

Urs Schoenebaum, John Torres, lighting design

Gavan Eckhart, sound designer and engineer

Adam Howard, musical conductor, co-orchestration

Kentridge describes “six starting points” including a desire to project images on a ceiling (the right ceiling was never found), invitations, spaces, people, conversations and the assembling of a team (“until there was more team than project”), then “the project filled the gaps”.

This book documents the project that filled the gaps.

Texts by Peter Galison and William Kentridge

Conversations between William Kentridge, Peter Galison, Philip Miller and Catherine Meyburgh

Authors: Peter Galison, Philip Miller, Catherine Meyburgh and Dada Masilo

Publisher: Éditions Xavier Barral

This is Ref: GB/13972 in the database of South African Artists' Books

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