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Bookbinding Workshops

We, Madeleine Dymond, Victoria Wigzell & Lew is Ckool from Wits University will present bookbinding workshops in the Department of Graphic Design, UJ, between March & May 2018. 

We are excited to invite participants for two workshops aimed at sharing the various skills of bookmaking and binding. We are proposing workshops that draw from second hand books as the primary material resource, both as a conceptual proposition and as a way to minimise the consumption of new materials during the learning process. We will collect the books, in variety, and make use of them to teach different skills and binding techniques.

For each workshop day, a minimum of 8 people will need to attend to make it feasible, and our maximum capacity for each day would be 15 people. If there is enough demand, the workshops can be repeated on different weekends, which may also help scheduling. Please see the outlines below for the two workshop models.

Each day costs R400.00 including materials, tools for the day and light refreshments. Please bring your own lunch. The workshops will begin at 9:00 and finish at 17:00, and will take place in the Graphic Design studios at UJ. Students receive a R100 discount on each day.

Please suggest your availabilities on the handy scheduling application, Doodle (links below). Please add your email address with your name. As we finalise the dates for each workshop, we will also share order forms for tools with the participants.

Workshop 1: Basic Bookbinding Techniques

This day will provide an overview of different tools and materials used for making books, including different glues and ways with paper. We will teach the following binds: 
  • Perfect Binding
  • Pamphlet Stitch
  • Accordion Fold
  • Japanese Binding

Workshop 2: Hard Case Bookbinding

This workshop can be taken independently of the first, and the introduction to tools and materials will be covered in the beginning of this workshop. The main focus will be a more complex bind, teaching how to create one, and discussing ways of adding intricacies and changing the basics.

About the presenters

Victoria Wigzell is a South African multi-disciplinary artist with an interest in publishing and pedagogy as artistic mediums. She has taught and facilitated workshops at Wits University, as well as for an NGO and high school environment since 2017, in collaboration with Madeleine Dymond. In addition to her work around bookmaking and experimentation with the book form,
she is also a recent co-founder of experimental video and film production platform News From Home, in collaboration with Simon Gush.

Madeleine Dymond is a South African artist with a propensity for text, collective writing practices, and publication making. In collaboration with Victoria Wigzell she has facilitated workshops on bookmaking in a variety of contexts since 2017. Since 2016 she has produced publications with the *err collective, as well as with long term collaborative partners Erika Pirl and Camille Kaiser, and has been an editor for an artist's novel. She is currently in the early (read anxious) stages of consolidating a PhD proposal.

Lew Is Ckool is Morehouse College Alumni, Return Peace Corps Volunteer, and a recipient of the Segal AmeriCorps Education Awarded. As an international student enrolled at the University of Wits, he's pursuing his Master's in Publishing Studies with a concentration on the Artist's Book.

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