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2020 is the 30th anniversary of Robbin Ami Silverberg’s artist book studio, Dobbin Books, housed at Dobbin Mews, an old horse stables in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 

For 30 years, she has designed, produced & published more than 25 collaborative artist books along with circa 60 solo editions, 55 unique artist books, and about 20 artist book installations. Examples of Dobbin Books publications are found in over 130 public collections & numerous private ones.

Silverberg is involved in all aspects of the work: from creating content, whether as imagery or text, to designing & producing the entire book: design & production of the paper, printing, binding, and boxing. The desire to make all facets of an artist book publication is due to her intention to realize a coherent whole work of art, along with her love of the creative processes involved.

Unique to Dobbin Books is that Silverberg runs one of four hand papermaking studios in NYC, and she maintains that the paper should be an activated substrate that supports & enhances the book’s content & design. 

The exhibition will present circa 65 artist books dating from 1992 to 2019, along with three videos and three installations.

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