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Lets celebrate the BOOKS! 25 Jahre Galerie DRUCK & BUCH, Padberg

With great pleasure I would like to announce that this summer marks the 25th anniversary of 'Galerie DRUCK & BUCH, Padberg'. To celebrate this, I have chosen a collection of 2 X 25 artist books from the past 25 years as representatives of the many books I have shown over that time.To share this special group of books with you, they are not only being shown at the gallery on the Berggasse in Vienna, but are beingpresented everywhere in the world, individually and in any order you wish! Here, hidden behind every book image there is a short film of me turning its pages, with more details about the book beneath the film.I hope you enjoy the books. Copies of all are still available. For inquiries, please contact us at: info@druckundbuch.comOf course all copyrights remain with the artists, to whom I would like to use this opportunity to express my warm thanks for 25 years of fine partnership with the gallery.Susanne Padberg

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