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Authors starting with 'H'

  1. Eugene Hön (Book Title: Dichotomy, ID: DP/17088)
  2. Matti Hagelberg (Book Title: Bitterkomix, ID: GB/01516)
  3. Arash Hanaei (Book Title: Only Delhi, ID: GB/11567)
  4. Mary Hark (Book Title: Listen, Listen: Adadam Agofomma, ID: GB/15082)
  5. Rodan Kane Hart (Book Title: At Work, ID: GB/15619)
  6. Sharon Harvey (Book Title: Print Exchange '95, ID: GB/16119)
  7. Phillipa Haskins (Book Title: Golden Years, ID: DP/17071)
  8. Flip Hattingh (Book Title: Angelcount, ID: DP/0060)
  9. Flip Hattingh (Book Title: Ark Print Cakes, ID: GB/02802)
  10. Flip Hattingh (Book Title: As die Gode by ons kom eet, ID: DP/10008)
  11. Flip Hattingh (Book Title: Bully Boy and the Last Sunset, ID: GB/02803)
  12. Flip Hattingh (Book Title: Coping, ID: DP/17022)
  13. Flip Hattingh (Book Title: Female File, ID: GB/09839)
  14. Flip Hattingh (Book Title: Invitation to Supper, ID: GB/09958)
  15. Flip Hattingh (Book Title: Just, ID: GB/09875)
  16. Flip Hattingh (Book Title: Meeting Pihs, ID: GB/09960)
  17. Flip Hattingh (Book Title: Mrs. God Sewing, ID: GB/02804)
  18. Flip Hattingh (Book Title: Nail File, ID: DP/0057)
  19. Flip Hattingh (Book Title: Pilchards in Tomato, ID: GB/09959)
  20. Flip Hattingh (Book Title: Questions, ID: DP/17021)
  21. Flip Hattingh (Book Title: Skin File, ID: DP/0177)
  22. Flip Hattingh (Book Title: Somerlandskap, ID: DP/10051)
  23. Gerrit Hattingh (Book Title: District Six 50th Commemoration Print Exchange 1966-2016 "Remembering 60 000 Forced Goodbyes', ID: GB/16122)
  24. Roela Hattingh (Book Title: As die Gode by ons kom eet, ID: DP/10008)
  25. Ryk Hattingh (Book Title: Foster Bende, ID: GB/01523)
  26. Mark Haworth-Booth (Book Title: Regarding Intersections, ID: GB/30560)
  27. Jinny Heath (Book Title: Print Exchange '95, ID: GB/16119)
  28. Hans Heese (Book Title: Fragile Histories, Fugitive Lives, ID: GB/14591)
  29. Randy Hemminghaus (Book Title: Receiver, ID: GB/10947)
  30. Randy Hemminghaus (Book Title: Underweysung der Messung, ID: GB/30514)
  31. Marina Herbst (Book Title: Het Festival, ID: DP/10071)
  32. Marli Heunis (Book Title: Hier zijn Duivelen, ID: DP/10072)
  33. Daniel Hewson (Book Title: GIF 3, ID: GB/14983)
  34. Erica Hibbert (Book Title: GIF 3, ID: GB/14983)
  35. Mark Hipper (Book Title: Body of Work, ID: GB/15035)
  36. Sidney Hirschowitz (Book Title: Cecil Skotnes, ID: GB/16869)
  37. Philippa Hobbs (Book Title: 176,418 Possible Synoptic Mirages, ID: GB/02955)
  38. Philippa Hobbs (Book Title: Paint Brush End, ID: GB/02956)
  39. Philippa Hobbs (Book Title: Print Exchange '95, ID: GB/16119)
  40. Philippa Hobbs (Book Title: Volatile Alliances, ID: GB/30005)
  41. Stephen Hobbs (Book Title: Be Careful Pop-up Book, ID: GB/13949)
  42. Stephen Hobbs (Book Title: Rorschach, ID: GB/15023)
  43. Robert Hodgins (Book Title: Artthrob Portfolio, ID: GB/16808)
  44. Robert Hodgins (Book Title: Human Race, ID: GB/11494)
  45. Robert Hodgins (Book Title: Ubu, ID: GB/02979)
  46. John Hodgkiss (Book Title: Black Box / Chambre Noire, ID: GB/16447)
  47. Carole Hofmeyer (Book Title: Print Exchange '95, ID: GB/16119)
  48. Carol Hofmeyr (Book Title: Emandulo Re-Creation, ID: GB/00525)
  49. Isabel Hofmeyr (Book Title: Printing With Books I & II, ID: DP/17029)
  50. Roy Holland (Book Title: Izwi 10, ID: GB/16388)
  51. Sunette Holmes-Lowe (Book Title: Print Exchange '95, ID: GB/16119)
  52. Monique Holms (Book Title: Print Exchange '95, ID: GB/16119)
  53. Eugene Hön (Book Title: Read, Peep, Read, ID: GB/14565)
  54. Rodney Hopley (Book Title: Address / Redress Print Collection '99, ID: GB/16120)
  55. Rodney Hopley (Book Title: Print Exchange '95, ID: GB/16119)
  56. Rodney Hopley (Book Title: Printexchange '98, ID: GB/16118)
  57. Frank Horley (Book Title: African Alphabet, ID: GB/12982)
  58. Frank Horley (Book Title: Small Garden, ID: GB/12986)
  59. Bev Hourquebie (Book Title: Songs From the Earth, ID: GB/16753)
  60. Peter Hudson (Book Title: i-Jusi #13, ID: GB/1000)
  61. Inge Hyson (Book Title: Manuscript No VIII, ID: DP/17028)
  62. Inge-Lore Hyson (Book Title: University of Johannesburg Print Portfolio in Honour of Professor Ihron Rensburg, ID: GB/16801)

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