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Authors starting with 'P'

  1. Niccoló Pachiavelli (Book Title: V.I.P., ID: DP/18002)
  2. Carol Page (Book Title: Printexchange '98, ID: GB/16118)
  3. Diana Page (Book Title: Fabriano Artist's Journal, ID: GB/12270)
  4. Diana Page (Book Title: Page by Page, ID: GB/30575)
  5. Sue Pam-Grant (Book Title: Dress Maps Body Contours, ID: DP/17086)
  6. Sue Pam-Grant (Book Title: Pool of Tears, ID: DP/17085)
  7. Eezet Parker (Book Title: Print Exchange '95, ID: GB/16119)
  8. John Parkinson (Book Title: Sound From the Thinking Strings, ID: DP/0131)
  9. Melissa Parry (Book Title: De Como Não Fui Ministro D'estado, ID: GB/15284)
  10. Meghaa Patel (Book Title: ISTD - Visualising Music, ID: DP/17061)
  11. Naadira Patel (Book Title: Daydream, ID: DP/17062)
  12. David Paton (Book Title: Dichotomy, ID: DP/17088)
  13. David Paton (Book Title: Jack's Yellow Book, ID: GB/30512)
  14. David Paton (Book Title: Mezzotint Methods, ID: DP/0102)
  15. David Paton (Book Title: Speaking in Tongues, ID: DP/0175)
  16. David Murray Paton (Book Title: Re: a negotiated truth, ID: GB/04977)
  17. David Murray Paton (Book Title: Speaking in Tongues, ID: GB/15041)
  18. Jody Paulson (Book Title: In Transit, ID: GB/13368)
  19. Malcolm Payne (Book Title: Aphroisms, ID: GB/14863)
  20. Malcolm Payne (Book Title: Chill Down my Spine, ID: DP/0103)
  21. Malcolm Payne (Book Title: Face Value, ID: GB/10064)
  22. Charles E. Peers (Book Title: Our Land, ID: GB/16766)
  23. Cheryl Penn (Book Title: Asemics 16, ID: DP/13002)
  24. Cheryl Penn (Book Title: Bones of Contention 1, ID: DP/09035)
  25. Cheryl Penn (Book Title: Kidnapped, ID: DP/09033)
  26. Cheryl Penn (Book Title: Night Crossing, ID: DP/09032)
  27. Cheryl Penn (Book Title: One Thousand and One Steps, ID: GB/11788)
  28. Cheryl Penn (Book Title: Toxic Bachelors, ID: DP/09034)
  29. Cheryl Penn (Book Title: Tri Try Again, ID: DP/13001)
  30. Cheryl Penn (Book Title: World is a Town, ID: DP/09031)
  31. Nigel Penn (Book Title: Sound From the Thinking Strings, ID: DP/0131)
  32. Richard Penn (Book Title: Archipelago, ID: GB/15353)
  33. Richard Penn (Book Title: Lockdown Collection, ID: GB/16839)
  34. Richard Penn (Book Title: stonewater, ID: GB/15354)
  35. Robyn Penn (Book Title: Cloud II, ID: DP/17073)
  36. Jana Pepin (Book Title: Gif 4, ID: GB/15729)
  37. Sophie Peters (Book Title: District Six 50th Commemoration Print Exchange 1966-2016 "Remembering 60 000 Forced Goodbyes', ID: GB/16122)
  38. Ramon Pez (Book Title: Ponte City, ID: GB/14533)
  39. Selina Phukela (Book Title: Masotsa, ID: GB/12903)
  40. Katherine Pichulik (Book Title: In Transit, ID: GB/13368)
  41. Blake Pickering (Book Title: i-Jusi #27, ID: GB/16473)
  42. Blake Pickering (Book Title: i-Jusi #29, ID: GB/16475)
  43. Christian Pickert (Book Title: i-Jusi #27, ID: GB/16473)
  44. Alexa Pienaar (Book Title: War Tank / Zip, ID: DP/17003)
  45. Francois Pietersen (Book Title: Izwi 07, ID: GB/16089)
  46. Cameron Platter (Book Title: U-Saved-Me, ID: GB/16359)
  47. Anthea Pokroy (Book Title: Be-longing, ID: GB/16790)
  48. Fiona Pole (Book Title: GIF 3, ID: GB/14983)
  49. Sarah Pratt (Book Title: Printexchange '98, ID: GB/16118)
  50. Deirdre Pretorius (Book Title: Koekoeboeks, ID: DP/17014)
  51. Annette Pretorius (Book Title: Address / Redress Print Collection '99, ID: GB/16120)
  52. Wessel Pretorius (Book Title: Izwi 09, ID: GB/16387)
  53. Wessel Pretorius (Book Title: Izwi 10, ID: GB/16388)
  54. Wessel Pretorius (Book Title: Izwi 11, ID: GB/16090)
  55. Wessel Pretorius (Book Title: Izwi 12, ID: GB/16092)
  56. Wessel Pretorius (Book Title: Izwi 14, ID: GB/16093)
  57. Wessel Pretorius (Book Title: Izwi 15, ID: GB/16094)
  58. Wessel Pretorius (Book Title: Izwi 16, ID: GB/13351)
  59. Wessel Pretorius (Book Title: Izwi 17, ID: GB/16095)
  60. Wessel Pretorius (Book Title: Izwi 18, ID: GB/16096)
  61. Wessel Pretorius (Book Title: Izwi 19, ID: GB/16097)
  62. Michelle Prevost (Book Title: Parallel Universe, ID: DP/17006)
  63. Ayesha Price (Book Title: District Six 50th Commemoration Print Exchange 1966-2016 "Remembering 60 000 Forced Goodbyes', ID: GB/16122)
  64. Inge Prins (Book Title: In Transit, ID: GB/13368)
  65. Monique Prinsloo (Book Title: In Transit, ID: GB/13368)
  66. Hayden Proud (Book Title: Beautiful World, ID: GB/12851)
  67. Hayden Proud (Book Title: Feather Room, ID: GB/12905)
  68. Andrew Putter (Book Title: Dancing With the Machines, ID: DP/0111)
  69. Andrew Putter (Book Title: War Secrets, ID: DP/0110)

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