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Authors starting with 'A'

  1. a. a. (Book Title: Belles Lettres, ID: GB/14127)
  2. Edwin Abbott (Book Title: Flatland, ID: GB/13471)
  3. Edwin Abbott (Book Title: Flatland, ID: GB/15368)
  4. Edwin Abbott (Book Title: Flatland, ID: GB/3)
  5. Peter Abbs (Book Title: Songs of a New Taliesin, ID: GB/4)
  6. David Abel (Book Title: Carrier, ID: GB/16364)
  7. Walker Abel (Book Title: Creation Myths, ID: GB/11783)
  8. Pepe Abela (Book Title: apples, ID: GB/30072)
  9. Pepe Abela (Book Title: Emandulo Re-Creation, ID: GB/00525)
  10. Kim Abeles (Book Title: Encyclopaedia Persona, ID: GB/14459)
  11. Bani Abidi (Book Title: Speech Writer, ID: GB/16444)
  12. Raymond Abigeo (Book Title: Eroto-scope, ID: GB/14727)
  13. J. J. Abrams (Book Title: S., ID: GB/14174)
  14. Jorge Accame (Book Title: Intranquilo: On Edge, ID: GB/12714)
  15. Helmut Ackermann (Book Title: Steppenwolf, ID: GB/2915)
  16. Laszlo Acs (Book Title: Une Vie, ID: GB/1629)
  17. Ryoko Adachi (Book Title: Hole, ID: GB/12389)
  18. Ryoko Adachi (Book Title: Jack and the Beanstalk, ID: GB/12415)
  19. Ryoko Adachi (Book Title: Route, ID: GB/12435)
  20. Adami (Book Title: Adami "Dimostrationi", ID: GB/14138)
  21. Maryline Poole Adams (Book Title: Envoy, ID: GB/6205)
  22. Maryline Poole Adams (Book Title: Jack-in-the-Box, ID: GB/18)
  23. Maryline Poole Adams (Book Title: Matryoshka, ID: GB/20)
  24. Maryline Poole Adams (Book Title: Pepys Pops Up, ID: GB/9968)
  25. Maryline Poole Adams (Book Title: Seven Ages of Man, ID: GB/5859)
  26. Donald Adamson (Book Title: Bed 29 and Other Stories, ID: GB/1627)
  27. George Adamson (Book Title: Short Stories, ID: GB/7192)
  28. Seymour Adelman (Book Title: Changing Patterns in the function of Travel Agencies, ID: GB/28)
  29. Emmanuel Adely (Book Title: Sarab, ID: GB/11546)
  30. Megan Adie (Book Title: Sum-of-parts, ID: GB/13353)
  31. Jean Gabriel Adloff (Book Title: Say, See, Bone, ID: GB/13001)
  32. Nataly Adrian (Book Title: For Sale, Baby Shoes, Never Worn, ID: GB/13828)
  33. Laurence Aëgerter (Book Title: 180° encyclopaedia, ID: GB/14391)
  34. Laurence Aëgerter (Book Title: 8x, ID: GB/12339)
  35. Laurence Aëgerter (Book Title: Louvre, ID: GB/12337)
  36. Laurence Aëgerter (Book Title: Tristes Tropiques Illustrations Hors Texte, ID: GB/13223)
  37. Ido Agassi (Book Title: David and Goliath, ID: GB/13758)
  38. Ido Agassi (Book Title: Miniatures from the Bible by Metavel, ID: GB/13841)
  39. Ido Agassi (Book Title: Pointe Shoes, ID: GB/15167)
  40. Ido Agassi (Book Title: Raven, ID: GB/13822)
  41. Shana Agid (Book Title: It doesn't get any better than this, ID: GB/12722)
  42. Shana Agid (Book Title: Snitch, ID: GB/12069)
  43. Demosthenes Agrafiotis (Book Title: Art x Art, ID: GB/12900)
  44. Demosthenes Agrafiotis (Book Title: DART/DART, ID: GB/16626)
  45. Fernando Aguiar (Book Title: Calligraphies, ID: GB/12791)
  46. Fernando Aguiar (Book Title: Hand Prints, ID: GB/30089)
  47. Fernando Aguiar (Book Title: Mail-Poems 1988-1998, ID: GB/15669)
  48. Fernando Aguiar (Book Title: Visual Essays, ID: GB/13326)
  49. Ilse Aichinger (Book Title: 1952, ID: GB/16648)
  50. Ilse Aichinger (Book Title: Fünf Vorschläge, ID: GB/12348)
  51. Ilse Aichinger (Book Title: Schlechte Wörter, ID: GB/12549)
  52. Joan Aiken (Book Title: My Brilliant Career, ID: GB/2215)
  53. Joan Aiken (Book Title: Portrait of a Lady, ID: GB/3230)
  54. Joan Aiken (Book Title: Unbearable Bassington, ID: GB/16831)
  55. Doug Aitken (Book Title: Alpha, ID: GB/10768)
  56. Doug Aitken (Book Title: Diamond Sea, ID: GB/44)
  57. Doug Aitken (Book Title: Write-in Jerry Brown President, ID: GB/11948)
  58. Ryunosuke Akutagawa (Book Title: Nase, ID: GB/12280)
  59. Ryunosuke Akutagawa (Book Title: Pferdebeine, ID: GB/15150)
  60. Henri Alain-Fournier (Book Title: Grand Meaulnes, ID: GB/47)
  61. Art Alanis (Book Title: Thirtyfour Parking Lots, ID: GB/12695)
  62. Sally Alatalo (Book Title: Between Clean, ID: GB/11956)
  63. Sally Alatalo (Book Title: Continental Caper, ID: GB/48)
  64. Sally Alatalo (Book Title: DUZ Magazine, Number 1, ID: GB/49)
  65. Sally Alatalo (Book Title: Love Takes Two, ID: GB/11920)
  66. Sally Alatalo (Book Title: Made in China, ID: GB/13658)
  67. Sally Alatalo (Book Title: Unforseen Alliances, ID: GB/50)
  68. Leon Battista Alberti (Book Title: On Painting, ID: GB/53)
  69. Rafael Alberti (Book Title: Blackness, ID: GB/2593)
  70. John Aldington (Book Title: Voyages to the Moon and the Sun, ID: GB/1606)
  71. Alembic Press Guide (Book Title: Alembic Press Guide to Jaunts & Rambles of a Printing Nature, ID: GB/63)
  72. Islam Ali (Book Title: Sacred Meaning, ID: GB/16069)
  73. Dante Alighieri (Book Title: Dante's Inferno, ID: 3602)
  74. Dante Alighieri (Book Title: Divina Commedia, ID: GB/10272)
  75. Dante Alighieri (Book Title: Divine Comedy, ID: GB/81)
  76. Alphonse Allaise (Book Title: Like Mother.... and Other Tales, ID: GB/82)
  77. Becky Allen (Book Title: Notes on 7 days of darkness, 7 days of drawing and 7 days void, ID: GB/15153)
  78. David Allen (Book Title: Figure Study, ID: GB/15076)
  79. Lewis M. Allen (Book Title: Allen Press Bibliography, ID: GB/88)
  80. Peter Allen (Book Title: Travels in the Cévennes, ID: GB/89)
  81. Roberta Allen (Book Title: Partially Trapped Lines, ID: GB/10115)
  82. Thomas Allen (Book Title: Uncovered, ID: GB/11517)
  83. Kurt Allerslev (Book Title: American Corn, ID: GB/12398)
  84. Kurt Allerslev (Book Title: Enter Sandman, ID: GB/13384)
  85. Kurt Allerslev (Book Title: Had Gone, ID: GB/12062)
  86. Kurt Allerslev (Book Title: Hang On, ID: GB/12070)
  87. Kurt Allerslev (Book Title: Organik Book, ID: GB/13101)
  88. Kurt Allerslev (Book Title: Where is My Body, ID: GB/10371)
  89. Susan Allix (Book Title: 18 Faces, ID: GB/94)
  90. Susan Allix (Book Title: Bazaar, ID: GB/15001)
  91. Susan Allix (Book Title: Beach, ID: GB/91)
  92. Susan Allix (Book Title: Day Dream, ID: GB/15091)
  93. Susan Allix (Book Title: East From Here, ID: GB/92)
  94. Susan Allix (Book Title: Egyptian Green, ID: GB/15036)
  95. Susan Allix (Book Title: Elegy, ID: GB/2569)
  96. Susan Allix (Book Title: Eyed Awry, ID: GB/93)
  97. Susan Allix (Book Title: Five Delightful and Irresistible Things, ID: GB/11400)
  98. Susan Allix (Book Title: Flora, ID: GB/95)
  99. Susan Allix (Book Title: Ilias - a Portrait, ID: GB/96)
  100. Susan Allix (Book Title: On Painting, ID: GB/53)
  101. Susan Allix (Book Title: Palm Afternoon, ID: GB/97)
  102. Susan Allix (Book Title: Palm Tree Sketch Book, ID: GB/11228)
  103. Susan Allix (Book Title: Poems of Wyatt and Petrarch, ID: GB/98)
  104. Susan Allix (Book Title: Pyramids, ID: GB/15010)
  105. Susan Allix (Book Title: Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyan, ID: GB/2128)
  106. Susan Allix (Book Title: Shadowscapes, ID: GB/12481)
  107. Susan Allix (Book Title: Shine, ID: GB/99)
  108. Susan Allix (Book Title: Song of Solomon, ID: GB/100)
  109. Susan Allix (Book Title: Song of Solomon, ID: GB/101)
  110. Susan Allix (Book Title: South Italian Journey, ID: GB/102)
  111. Susan Allix (Book Title: Spanish Landscapes, ID: GB/103)
  112. Susan Allix (Book Title: Three Characters, ID: GB/105)
  113. Susan Allix (Book Title: Tongue Twister, ID: GB/106)
  114. Susan Allix (Book Title: Tulip, ID: GB/12841)
  115. Susan Allix (Book Title: Victorians Abroad, ID: GB/107)
  116. Marcel Alocco (Book Title: French Schmuck, ID: GB/13221)
  117. Alfred Mason M.D. Amadon (Book Title: Fold-out Atlas of the Human Body, ID: GB/112)
  118. Carlos Oquendo de Amat (Book Title: Five Meters of Poems, ID: GB/113)
  119. Mollie Ames (Book Title: Pegasus Pete, ID: GB/115)
  120. Kathleen K. Amt (Book Title: Birthday Book, ID: GB/123)
  121. Kathleen K. Amt (Book Title: Kaleidoscopic ABC's, ID: GB/124)
  122. Kathleen K. Amt (Book Title: Mermaid, ID: GB/125)
  123. Kathleen K. Amt (Book Title: Mulberry Paper Blank Book, ID: GB/15772)
  124. Cy Amundson (Book Title: Lottery Song, ID: GB/11409)
  125. Amanda Andersen (Book Title: Page Count, ID: GB/13392)
  126. Hans Christian Anderson (Book Title: Nightingale, ID: GB/130)
  127. Sherwood Anderson (Book Title: Winesburg, Ohio, ID: GB/131)
  128. Sue Anderson (Book Title: Prospectuses from Sue Anderson and Gwen Harrison, ID: GB/30067)
  129. Susan Anderson (Book Title: Chicago After Dark, ID: GB/132)
  130. Carl Andre (Book Title: Eleven Poems, ID: GB/10298)
  131. Carl Andre (Book Title: Man Climbs a Mountain Because it is There, ID: GB/10355)
  132. Carl Andre (Book Title: Xerox Book, ID: GB/10320)
  133. Hartmut Andryczuk (Book Title: Avatare, ID: GB/12793)
  134. Hartmut Andryczuk (Book Title: Bauplan Teilchenzoo, ID: GB/14995)
  135. Hartmut Andryczuk (Book Title: Westerland Offline, ID: GB/12830)
  136. Roger Angell (Book Title: Ancient Mariner, ID: GB/12350)
  137. Gerda Anger (Book Title: Der Raupe Likan, ID: GB/12648)
  138. Anita M-28 (Book Title: Rearranged Affair, ID: GB/137)
  139. Anne Anninger (Book Title: XYZ book, ID: GB/12344)
  140. Mitsumasa Anno (Book Title: Earth is a Sundial, ID: GB/148)
  141. Anonymous (Book Title: Balloon Book, ID: GB/165)
  142. Anonymous (Book Title: Day in the Zoo, ID: GB/168)
  143. Anonymous (Book Title: Dossier k., ID: GB/14647)
  144. Anonymous (Book Title: Flip Book of the French Revolution, ID: GB/7334)
  145. Anonymous (Book Title: Good Quote, ID: GB/10443)
  146. Anonymous (Book Title: Inside the Personal Computer, ID: GB/176)
  147. Anonymous (Book Title: Pebble, ID: GB/179)
  148. Anonymous (Book Title: V.I.T.R.I.O.L. factory, ID: GB/7335)
  149. Anonymous (Book Title: White Paper, ID: GB/14814)
  150. G. E. M. Anscombe (Book Title: On Certainty, ID: GB/12014)
  151. Horst Antes (Book Title: Agamemnon 3, ID: GB/188)
  152. Antic-Ham (Book Title: Dada Universe, ID: GB/13050)
  153. Antic-Ham (Book Title: Franticham's Fluxus Island, ID: GB/13788)
  154. Antic-Ham (Book Title: Tokyo Umbrella, ID: GB/12672)
  155. Antic-Ham (Book Title: Vases, ID: GB/16098)
  156. Charles Antin (Book Title: Folio of Private Presses, ID: GB/190)
  157. Ian Anüll (Book Title: 1000, ID: GB/13396)
  158. Guillaume Apollinaire (Book Title: Il Pleut, ID: GB/192)
  159. Annesas Appel (Book Title: Atlas in Lines, ID: GB/11540)
  160. Annesas Appel (Book Title: Mapping a Wardrobe, ID: GB/11999)
  161. Annesas Appel (Book Title: Metamorphosis Music Notation, ID: GB/16051)
  162. Annesas Appel (Book Title: Notebook, ID: GB/12340)
  163. Annesas Appel (Book Title: Ruiten Alfabet, ID: GB/11541)
  164. Annesas Appel (Book Title: Unnoticed Collections, ID: GB/13148)
  165. Annesas Appel (Book Title: View on the World Map, ID: GB/14182)
  166. Rosaire Appel (Book Title: Family Has No Doors, ID: GB/195)
  167. Rosaire Appel (Book Title: Unauthorized Account (3), ID: GB/14192)
  168. Ida Applebroog (Book Title: Christmas Carol, ID: GB/12452)
  169. Ida Applebroog (Book Title: Performance, ID: GB/14118)
  170. Francesco Aprile (Book Title: ABC Asemic Book 2016-2020, ID: GB/30121)
  171. Francesco Aprile (Book Title: excursus, ID: GB/15118)
  172. Tomie Arai (Book Title: Urashima, ID: GB/13915)
  173. Jeremy Arden (Book Title: No doubt, this simple musical grammar will jar on some people, ID: GB/12748)
  174. Edward Ardizzone (Book Title: Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes, ID: GB/6211)
  175. Alain Arias-Misson (Book Title: Public Sinking of Venice Poem, ID: GB/14998)
  176. Aristophanes (Book Title: Lysistrata, ID: GB/16481)
  177. Aristophanes (Book Title: Lysistrata, ID: GB/14139)
  178. Aristophanes (Book Title: Lysistrata, ID: GB/212)
  179. J. Andrew Armacost (Book Title: Ink on the Elbow, ID: GB/11234)
  180. Sara Garden Armstrong (Book Title: Airplayers, ID: GB/216)
  181. Bill Arning (Book Title: 8x10", ID: GB/8762)
  182. Hilary Arnold (Book Title: Heaven and Earth, ID: GB/1237)
  183. Sir Edwin Arnold (Book Title: Light of Asia, ID: GB/225)
  184. Rebecca Arons (Book Title: There are Monster in my Hair, ID: GB/230)
  185. Hans Arp (Book Title: Farbwechsel: Blau, ID: GB/13716)
  186. Jean Arp (Book Title: Vers le Blanc Infini, ID: GB/15208)
  187. Lars Arrhenius (Book Title: Lars Arrhenuis A-Z, ID: GB/231)
  188. Emily Artinian (Book Title: Occupy Your Wallet, ID: GB/14710)
  189. H. C. Artmann (Book Title: Aeronautische Sindtbart oder seltsame Luftreise von Niedercalifornien nach Crain Driessigstes Abendteur avt Capitul, ID: GB/240)
  190. H. C. Artmann (Book Title: Farbwechsel: Gelb, ID: GB/13697)
  191. Boris Artzybasheff (Book Title: Circus of Doctor Lao, ID: GB/14810)
  192. Victor Arwas (Book Title: Wood Engravings of Frank Martin, ID: GB/30060)
  193. Victor Arwas (Book Title: Wood Engravings of Frank Martin, ID: GB/30060)
  194. John Ashbery (Book Title: Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror, ID: GB/13225)
  195. Patrick Atkins (Book Title: Underview, ID: GB/13967)
  196. Brooks Atkinson (Book Title: Our Town, ID: GB/7113)
  197. Mark Attwood (Book Title: Breathe, ID: GB/12266)
  198. Mark Attwood (Book Title: Real Art Box, ID: GB/15366)
  199. Mark Attwood (Book Title: Remembering the Treason Trial, ID: GB/15071)
  200. François Aubral (Book Title: Anik Vinay, NIKA, ID: GB/11553)
  201. John Aubrey (Book Title: Brief Lives, ID: GB/256)
  202. W. H. Auden (Book Title: Early Auden, ID: GB/10966)
  203. Tauba Auerbach (Book Title: 2,3], ID: GB/13157)
  204. Tauba Auerbach (Book Title: Ampersand is Your Friend, ID: GB/14203)
  205. Tauba Auerbach (Book Title: There Have Been And Will be Many San Franciscos, ID: GB/16651)
  206. Michael Augustin (Book Title: Without Prior Warning, ID: GB/16083)
  207. Jane Augustine (Book Title: Lit by the Earth's Dark Blood, ID: GB/261)
  208. Rose Ausländer (Book Title: Noch bist du da, ID: GB/12646)
  209. Jane Austen (Book Title: Persuasion, ID: GB/264)
  210. Jane Austen (Book Title: Seven Letters, ID: GB/10271)
  211. Paul Auster (Book Title: Double Game, ID: GB/986)
  212. Paul Auster (Book Title: Reflections on a Cardboard Box, ID: GB/9461)
  213. Mary Austin (Book Title: 111, ID: GB/16104)
  214. Richard Avedon (Book Title: Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror, ID: GB/13225)
  215. Alan Ayling (Book Title: Chinese Nursery Rhymes, ID: GB/274)
  216. Michael Ayrton (Book Title: Trial and Execution of Socrates, ID: GB/16830)
  217. Fedele Azari (Book Title: Depero Futurista, ID: GB/14729)
  218. Mary Azarian (Book Title: Farmer's Alphabet, ID: GB/276)

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