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Artwork Titles starting with 'I'

  1. Illuminated Manuscript 1979 (Author: Janet Backhouse, ID: GB/281)
  2. Illuminated Manuscripts 1970 (Author: Till Gottheiner, ID: GB/648)
  3. Illuminated Manuscripts 1970 (Author: Miloslav Bohatec, ID: GB/648)
  4. Imperial Mughal Painting 1978 (Author: Stuart Cary Welch, ID: GB/7022)
  5. In the Beginning was the Word 2003 (Author: Christian Gastgeber, ID: GB/10313)
  6. In the Beginning was the Word 2003 (Author: Andreas Fingernagel, ID: GB/10313)
  7. Introduction to Typography 1963 (Author: Oliver Simon, ID: GB/5949)
  8. Italian Miniatures 1957 (Author: Mario Salmi, ID: GB/5629)

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