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Artwork Titles starting with 'L'

  1. Last Words on the History of the Title Page 1891 (Author: Alfred W. Pollard, ID: GB/5122)
  2. Leo Wyatt's Little Book of Alphabets 1985 (Author: Leo Wyatt, ID: GB/7341)
  3. Letter and Image 1970 (Author: Vivienne Menkes, ID: GB/4199)
  4. Letter and Image 1970 (Author: Caroline Hillier, ID: GB/4199)
  5. Letter and Image 1970 (Author: Massin, ID: GB/4199)
  6. Lettercraft 1982 (Author: John R. Biggs, ID: GB/569)
  7. Lettering 1965 (Author: Alfred Fairbank, ID: GB/1659)
  8. Lettering 1965 (Author: Hermann Degering, ID: GB/1659)
  9. Lettering as Drawing 1971 (Author: Nicolete Gray, ID: GB/2564)
  10. Letters of Credit 1986 (Author: Walter Tracy, ID: GB/6529)
  11. Liberated Page 1987 (Author: Herbert Spencer, ID: GB/6094)
  12. Liberated Page 1987 (Author: Aaron Burns, ID: GB/6094)
  13. Lindisfarne Gospels 1981 (Author: Janet Backhouse, ID: GB/282)
  14. Lithography 1983 (Author: Domenico Porzio, ID: GB/5146)
  15. Lithography and Silkscreen 1978 (Author: Fritz Eichenberg, ID: GB/1927)
  16. Lithography and Silkscreen 1978 (Author: Theresa Brakeley, ID: GB/1927)
  17. Lively Look at Papermaking 1980 (Author: Oriol Valls I Subira, ID: GB/7358)
  18. London Bookplates 1985 (Author: Brian North Lee, ID: GB/16011)
  19. London Bookshop 1971 (Author: Percy Muir, ID: GB/850)
  20. London Bookshop 1971 (Author: Richard Brown, ID: GB/850)
  21. London Bookshop - Part Two 1977 (Author: Richard Brown, ID: GB/852)
  22. Luminario 1947 (Author: Giovam Baptista Verini, ID: GB/6807)

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