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Authors starting with 'B'

  1. Gabriel Ba (Book Title: Daytripper, ID: GB/16490)
  2. Jan Baetens (Book Title: Graphic Novel, ID: GB/15883)
  3. Mary Bahr (Book Title: Libraries, ID: GB/10142)
  4. Glen Baxter (Book Title: Loomings over the Suet, ID: GB/11888)
  5. Jim Becker (Book Title: Cutting Edge, ID: GB/15955)
  6. Michael Bell (Book Title: Scouts in Bondage, ID: GB/11062)
  7. John Berger (Book Title: I Send You This Cadmium Red. . ., ID: GB/516)
  8. Xu Bing (Book Title: Book from the Ground: from point to point, ID: GB/16811)
  9. Peter Blegvad (Book Title: Book of Leviathan, ID: GB/618)
  10. Blexbolex (Book Title: No Man's Land, ID: GB/13511)
  11. Lysiane Bollenbach (Book Title: Succulentes, ID: GB/16530)
  12. Berkeley Breathed (Book Title: Opus, ID: GB/9926)
  13. Jesse-Ann Breytenbach (Book Title: Critical Analysis of South African Underground Comics, ID: GB/16495)
  14. E. Nelson Bridwell (Book Title: Superman, ID: GB/31037)
  15. Alistair Brotchie (Book Title: Oulipo Comdendium, ID: GB/10469)
  16. Ivan Brunetti (Book Title: Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons, & True Stories, ID: GB/10938)
  17. Alvin Buenaventura (Book Title: Art of Daniel Clowes, ID: GB/13909)
  18. Charles Burns (Book Title: Black Hole, ID: GB/10405)
  19. Charles Burns (Book Title: Hive, ID: GB/13426)

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