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Authors starting with 'M'

  1. Frans Masereel (Book Title: Idea and Story Without Words, ID: GB/4189)
  2. Petra Mason (Book Title: New York, ID: GB/11121)
  3. Harry Mathews (Book Title: Oulipo Comdendium, ID: GB/10469)
  4. Andy Mayer (Book Title: Cutting Edge, ID: GB/15955)
  5. Doug Mayer (Book Title: Cutting Edge, ID: GB/15955)
  6. Richard McGuire (Book Title: Here, ID: GB/15896)
  7. Kristine McKenna (Book Title: Art of Daniel Clowes, ID: GB/13909)
  8. Lillian Melcher (Book Title: Adventures of Alexander von Humboldt, ID: GB/16440)
  9. George Meyer (Book Title: Art of Daniel Clowes, ID: GB/13909)
  10. Frank Miller (Book Title: Batman, ID: GB/16692)
  11. Laura Mizicko (Book Title: Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons, & True Stories, ID: GB/10938)
  12. Guido Mocafico (Book Title: Serpens, ID: GB/12711)
  13. (Jean Giraud) Moebius (Book Title: Arzach, ID: GB/4477)
  14. (Jean Giraud) Moebius (Book Title: Folles Perspectives, ID: GB/4478)
  15. (Jean Giraud) Moebius (Book Title: Horny Goof, ID: GB/4479)
  16. (Jean Giraud) Moebius (Book Title: Le Complainte de 1'Homme Programme, ID: GB/4480)
  17. (Jean Giraud) Moebius (Book Title: Le Désintégré Réintégré, ID: GB/4481)
  18. (Jean Giraud) Moebius (Book Title: Les Yeux du Chat. La Deviation, ID: GB/4482)
  19. (Jean Giraud) Moebius (Book Title: l'Homme est il Bon?. Arzach, ID: GB/4483)
  20. (Jean Giraud) Moebius (Book Title: Metal Hurlant, ID: GB/16041)
  21. (Jean Giraud) Moebius (Book Title: Moebius 1, ID: GB/2399)
  22. (Jean Giraud) Moebius (Book Title: World of Edena, ID: GB/15250)
  23. James Mollison (Book Title: Disciples, ID: GB/11940)
  24. Fabio Moon (Book Title: Daytripper, ID: GB/16490)
  25. Alan Moore (Book Title: Batman, ID: GB/16692)
  26. Guillermo Mordillo (Book Title: Cartoons/Opus 1., ID: GB/4536)
  27. Guillermo Mordillo (Book Title: Cartoons/Opus 2., ID: GB/4537)
  28. Guillermo Mordillo (Book Title: Golf, ID: GB/4538)
  29. Guillermo Mordillo (Book Title: Lovestory, ID: GB/4539)
  30. Guillermo Mordillo (Book Title: Opus 3, ID: GB/4540)
  31. Guillermo Mordillo (Book Title: Opus 4, ID: GB/4541)
  32. Guillermo Mordillo (Book Title: Opus 5, ID: GB/4542)
  33. Guillermo Mordillo (Book Title: Toutes Les Giraffes, ID: GB/4543)
  34. Keith Moseley (Book Title: Things in Mouldy Manor, ID: GB/30008)

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