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Authors starting with 'C'

  1. Ros Chast (Book Title: Cats, Dogs, Men, Women, Ninnies & Clowns, ID: GB/15743)
  2. Brian Chippendale (Book Title: Maggots, ID: GB/11383)
  3. John Christie (Book Title: I Send You This Cadmium Red. . ., ID: GB/516)
  4. Daniel Clowes (Book Title: Art of Daniel Clowes, ID: GB/13909)
  5. Daniel Clowes (Book Title: Complete Eightball, ID: GB/31610)
  6. Daniel Clowes (Book Title: David Boring, ID: GB/1252)
  7. Daniel Clowes (Book Title: Death-Ray, ID: GB/13504)
  8. Daniel Clowes (Book Title: Ghost World, ID: GB/1253)
  9. Daniel Clowes (Book Title: Ghost World, ID: GB/15979)
  10. Daniel Clowes (Book Title: Ice Haven, ID: GB/11035)
  11. Daniel Clowes (Book Title: Mister Wonderful, ID: GB/2956)
  12. Daniel Clowes (Book Title: Patience, ID: GB/15342)
  13. Daniel Clowes (Book Title: Twentieth Century Eightball, ID: GB/1251)
  14. Daniel Clowes (Book Title: Wilson, ID: GB/12671)
  15. Kathy Coates (Book Title: Black Panther, ID: GB/15225)
  16. Richard Corben (Book Title: Metal Hurlant, ID: GB/16041)
  17. Richard Corben (Book Title: Neverwhere, ID: GB/1362)
  18. Joseph Cornell (Book Title: Joseph Cornell's Manual of Marvels, ID: GB/13853)
  19. Jimmy Corrigan (Book Title: Quimby Mouse, ID: GB/1368)
  20. Roy Crane (Book Title: Captain Easy, ID: GB/13410)
  21. G. Garfield Crimmins (Book Title: Republic of Dreams, ID: GB/1418)
  22. R. Crumb (Book Title: Book of Genesis, ID: GB/12682)
  23. R. Crumb (Book Title: R. Crumb Coffee Table Art Book, ID: GB/1496)

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