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Authors starting with 'D'

  1. Les Daniels (Book Title: Golden Age of DC Comics, ID: GB/10699)
  2. Les Daniels (Book Title: Marvel, ID: GB/1558)
  3. Idir Davaine (Book Title: Succulentes, ID: GB/16530)
  4. Jerome Debois (Book Title: Domaine Sérénite, ID: GB/16537)
  5. Jerome Debois (Book Title: Maison de Retrait, ID: GB/16536)
  6. Jerome Debois (Book Title: Pôle Enfant, ID: GB/16535)
  7. Mark Dion (Book Title: Concrete Jungle, ID: GB/1745)
  8. Jean-Pierre Dionnet (Book Title: Metal Hurlant, ID: GB/16041)
  9. X. Dorison (Book Title: Third Testament, ID: GB/10171)
  10. Apostolos Doxiadis (Book Title: Legicomix, ID: GB/12326)
  11. Phillippe Druillet (Book Title: Metal Hurlant, ID: GB/16041)

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