Exhibition: Artistsí Books from the Ginsberg Collection

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Chapter 14. Artists' Books as Altered or Sculptural Object

These are, in fact, two different categories of the book arts and clearly have intentional as well as material differences. An altered book, as the introductory guidelines state, is the artist's use of another person's work in book form in order to make a new work. Compare Denmark's Boekenplank (Cat: 35) with Andrew Putter's War Secrets (Cat: 200) and Jack Ginsberg's The Transfigured Sackcloth (Cat: 185). Book-sculptures are more difficult to accept as books due to their overriding power as tactile, material sculptures. Sheila Flynn's Seat of Wisdom (Cat: 181) and Russell Scott's Lecturn (Cat: 204) contain books and exist because of their relationship with books, but Suzanne Bothma-Hale's First Edition (Cat: 171) operates as a book and can be read.

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