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Artwork Titles starting with 'A'

  1. A late 70s (Author: Joan Palou, ID: GB/4924)
  2. a 1968 (Author: Andy Warhol, ID: GB/6923)
  3. A - Z Book 1969 (Author: Thomas Ockerse, ID: GB/4814)
  4. a . . . . 2005 (Author: Bernard Villers, ID: GB/13524)
  5. A Book (1999) (Author: Anna Wolf, ID: GB/7213)
  6. A is for Animals 1991 (Author: David Pelham, ID: GB/5004)
  7. A Musings 2015 (Author: Suzanne Moore, ID: GB/15237)
  8. A Musings 2015 (Author: Jessica Spring, ID: GB/15237)
  9. A to Z 1990 (Author: Hedi Kyle, ID: GB/3598)
  10. a to z 1986 (Author: Susan Joy Share, ID: GB/5876)
  11. A Valentine for Noël 1973 (Author: Emmett Williams, ID: GB/7125)
  12. A.A.A.R.P. 1994 (Author: Clifton Meador, ID: GB/4305)
  13. Aa to Zz 2014 (Author: David Hawcock, ID: GB/15200)
  14. Aargh n.d. (Author: Kottie Paloma, ID: GB/11454)
  15. Abab 1984 (Author: Ken Campbell, ID: GB/14364)
  16. Abab 1984 (Author: Jim Birnie, ID: GB/14364)
  17. Abandoned Star Factory 1982 (Author: Arthur Freed, ID: GB/11779)
  18. Abandoned Star Factory 1982 (Author: David Horton, ID: GB/11779)
  19. ABC 2012 (Author: Elsi Vassdal Ellis, ID: GB/13770)
  20. ABC 1997 (Author: Anna and Arne Wolf, ID: GB/15715)
  21. ABC 1979 (Author: Monika Beisner, ID: GB/470)
  22. ABC Asemic Book 2016-2020 August 2020 (Author: Francesco Aprile, ID: GB/30121)
  23. ABC Book 1986 (Author: Hedi Kyle, ID: GB/15095)
  24. ABC Dinosaurs 1993 (Author: Jan Pienkowski, ID: GB/5073)
  25. ABC in a Maze 1987 (Author: John Crombie, ID: GB/1425)
  26. ABC of Bugs and Plants in a Northern Garden 2012 (Author: Judy Fairclough Sgantas, ID: GB/13418)
  27. ABC of Bugs and Plants in a Northern Garden 2012 (Author: Claire Van Vliet, ID: GB/13418)
  28. ABC of Children's Names 1980 (Author: Doris and Mary Ewen, ID: GB/2021)
  29. ABC of Love in 'Knots' 2013 / 14 (Author: Robbin Ami Silverberg, ID: GB/30544)
  30. ABC of Love in 'Knots' 2013 / 14 (Author: RD Laing, ID: GB/30544)
  31. ABC of Names fom Antiquity to the Present 1980 (Author: Hellmuth Weissenborn, ID: GB/7015)
  32. ABC Symbole 2014 (Author: Yasutomo Ota, ID: GB/15203)
  33. ABC Symbole 2014 (Author: Sabine Golde, ID: GB/15203)
  34. ABC Symbole 2014 (Author: Stefan Gunnesch, ID: GB/15203)
  35. ABC: An Academic Beastly Collection. 2000 (Author: Larry Thomas, ID: GB/6426)
  36. ABC3D 2008 (Author: Marion Bataille, ID: GB/11926)
  37. ABC3D 2008 (Author: Albin Michel Jeunesse, ID: GB/11926)
  38. ABCDARUM October 2013 (Author: Klaus-Peter Dencker, ID: GB/14596)
  39. ABCDARUM October 2013 (Author: J. M. Calleja, ID: GB/14596)
  40. Abecedarium 2010 (Author: Alicja Werbachowska, ID: GB/12479)
  41. About a Year 2015 (Author: Stefan Gunnesch, ID: GB/15265)
  42. About a Year 2015 (Author: Oliver Viehweg, ID: GB/15265)
  43. About Change (about) 1988 (Author: Ruth Laxson, ID: GB/3695)
  44. About My Mother 1996 (Author: Beth Thielen, ID: GB/6407)
  45. About the Linens 1995 (Author: Joan Soppe, ID: GB/6067)
  46. Abriss 2013 (Author: Robbin Ami Silverberg, ID: GB/14148)
  47. Absence 2003 (Author: Jeannie Meejin Yoon, ID: GB/7283)
  48. Absence of Logic December 2014 / January 2015 (Author: Elin Mack, ID: GB/14763)
  49. Abstract Illegible 2005 (Author: Laura Wait, ID: GB/10921)
  50. Abstract Refuse 1995 (Author: Ed Epping, ID: GB/1985)
  51. Abstracts March 2019 (Author: Andrew Topel, ID: GB/16365)
  52. Accretion of Identity 2022 (Author: Julie Chen, ID: GB/30420)
  53. Ach Marz 2003 (Author: Veronika Schäpers, ID: GB/11393)
  54. Ach Marz 2003 (Author: Robert Gernhardt, ID: GB/11393)
  55. Acheiropoieta (Author: Clifton Meador, ID: GB/30528)
  56. Achtentachtig Zeignungen 1980-81 1981 (Author: Henriëtte van Egten, ID: GB/6754)
  57. Acquainted with the Night 1993 (Author: Robert Frost, ID: GB/2257)
  58. Acrobatic Alphabet 1986 (Author: Barbara Crow, ID: GB/1488)
  59. Acrobats 2002 (Author: Keith A. Smith, ID: GB/11246)
  60. Acrobats 1992 (Author: Keith A. Smith, ID: GB/6004)
  61. Acrostics 2003 (Author: Joanne Harris, ID: GB/15389)
  62. Acrostics 2003 (Author: Brian Partridge, ID: GB/15389)
  63. Acrostics 2003 (Author: Graham Ovenden, ID: GB/15389)
  64. Active Genital n.d. (Author: Chad McCail, ID: GB/10626)
  65. Acts 1976 (Author: Joel Oppenheimer, ID: GB/4865)
  66. Acts - Dedicated to Bloom 2003 (Author: Kenneth MacInnes, ID: GB/12034)
  67. Acts - Dedicated to Bloom 2003 (Author: Mikhail Karasik, ID: GB/12034)
  68. Adam and the Sacred Nine 1978 (Author: Ted Hughes, ID: GB/3117)
  69. Adami "Dimostrationi" 1973 (Author: Adami, ID: GB/14138)
  70. Adami "Dimostrationi" 1973 (Author: Pierre Gaudibert, ID: GB/14138)
  71. Adam's Fall 1989 (Author: Julie Chen, ID: GB/4573)
  72. Adam's Fall 1989 (Author: Lois Morrison, ID: GB/4573)
  73. Adders of Memory 2004 (Author: Christopher K. Wilde, ID: GB/10360)
  74. Adders of Memory 2004 (Author: Studebaker Livingstone Hoche, ID: GB/10360)
  75. Address (Author: Barak Obama, ID: GB/15348)
  76. Address (Author: Donald Trump, ID: GB/15348)
  77. Address (Author: Anna Embree, ID: GB/15348)
  78. Address (Author: Sarah Bryant, ID: GB/15348)
  79. Address Book 2012 (Author: Sophie Calle, ID: GB/13397)
  80. Ade 1990 (Author: Jan Voss, ID: GB/13609)
  81. Adult Comedy Action Drama 1995 (Author: Richard Prince, ID: GB/11935)
  82. Adventure Stories from the Strand 1995 (Author: Geraldine Beare, ID: GB/451)
  83. Adventure Stories from the Strand 1995 (Author: David Eccles, ID: GB/451)
  84. Adventure Stories from the Strand 1995 (Author: Tim Heald, ID: GB/451)
  85. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 1985 (Author: Mark Twain, ID: GB/6617)
  86. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 1985 (Author: Barry Moser, ID: GB/6619)
  87. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 1985 (Author: Henry Nash Smith, ID: GB/6619)
  88. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 1985 (Author: Mark Twain, ID: GB/6619)
  89. Adventures of Mr and Mrs Jim and Ron 1970 (Author: Ron Padgett, ID: GB/16629)
  90. Adventures of Mr and Mrs Jim and Ron 1970 (Author: Jim Dine, ID: GB/16629)
  91. Adventures of Simplicissimus 1981 (Author: Johann von Grimmelshausen, ID: GB/30059)
  92. Adventures of Simplicissimus 1981 (Author: Fritz Eichenberg, ID: GB/30059)
  93. Adventures of Simplicissimus 1981 (Author: John P. Spielman, ID: GB/30059)
  94. Aerial Tide Coming In 1981 (Author: Frannie Lindsay, ID: GB/3896)
  95. Aeronautics of Love 1996 (Author: Indigo Som, ID: GB/6062)
  96. Aeronautische Sindtbart oder seltsame Luftreise von Niedercalifornien nach Crain Driessigstes Abendteur avt Capitul 1987 (Author: Peter Malutzki, ID: GB/240)
  97. Aeronautische Sindtbart oder seltsame Luftreise von Niedercalifornien nach Crain Driessigstes Abendteur avt Capitul 1987 (Author: H. C. Artmann, ID: GB/240)
  98. Aesop's Fables 2011 (Author: Ronald Keller, ID: GB/12973)
  99. Aesop's Frog Fables 1990 (Author: Peter and Donna Thomas, ID: GB/6442)
  100. Aethelwold Etc 2009 (Author: Russell Maret, ID: GB/12417)
  101. Aethelwold Etc 2009 (Author: Russell Maret, ID: GB/15253)
  102. Afrique d'Aujour d'hui 1991 (Author: Gérard Charriére, ID: GB/1145)
  103. After (Author: Josh Hockensmith, ID: GB/16181)
  104. After Brancusi 2010 (Author: Simon Cutts, ID: GB/13333)
  105. After Brancusi 2010 (Author: Erica Van Horn, ID: GB/13333)
  106. After Image 2009 (Author: David Clifford, ID: GB/13057)
  107. After Image 2009 (Author: Claudia Cohen, ID: GB/13057)
  108. After Image 2009 (Author: Barbara Hodgson, ID: GB/13057)
  109. After Mandela 2013 (Author: Jan Dirk van der Burg, ID: GB/14842)
  110. After Mandela 2013 (Author: Stefanie Grätz, ID: GB/14842)
  111. After Many a Summer 1980 (Author: David Holloway, ID: GB/3163)
  112. After Many a Summer 1980 (Author: Michael Foreman, ID: GB/3163)
  113. After Many a Summer 1980 (Author: Aldous Huxley, ID: GB/3163)
  114. After Marvell 1980 (Author: Thomas A. Clark, ID: GB/1226)
  115. After Reasonable Research 1999 (Author: Miranda Maher, ID: GB/4074)
  116. After So Many Words 1988 (Author: Marta Gomez, ID: GB/6726)
  117. After So Many Words 1988 (Author: Cesar Vallejo, ID: GB/6726)
  118. After the Freud Museum 2000 (Author: Susan Hillier, ID: GB/2935)
  119. After the Funeral 1979 (Author: Paul Scott, ID: GB/5757)
  120. Afterthunks 2011 (Author: Les Coleman, ID: GB/14444)
  121. Afterthunks 2011 (Author: N. F. Simpson, ID: GB/14444)
  122. Agamemnon 3 1969 (Author: Fred Siegenthaler, ID: GB/188)
  123. Agamemnon 3 1969 (Author: Horst Antes, ID: GB/188)
  124. Age Rings 1993 (Author: Anna Hepler, ID: GB/2877)
  125. Aggregate Memory 2005 (Author: Lisa Onstad, ID: GB/13946)
  126. Aggregate Memory 2005 (Author: Macy Chadwick, ID: GB/13946)
  127. Ah! May 2011 (Author: Cornelis Vleeskens, ID: GB/12993)
  128. Air Space 1991 (Author: John Porter, ID: GB/5144)
  129. Air Space 1991 (Author: Nicholas Parry, ID: GB/5144)
  130. Airmail Envelope Interiors 2002 (Author: Simon Cutts, ID: GB/1527)
  131. Airplayers 1990 (Author: Carlo McCormick, ID: GB/216)
  132. Airplayers 1990 (Author: Sara Garden Armstrong, ID: GB/216)
  133. Ajar 1991 (Author: Telfer Stokes, ID: GB/6227)
  134. Alan Bray June 1974 (Author: Keith A. Smith, ID: GB/11114)
  135. Album 2008 (Author: Hans-Peter Feldmann, ID: GB/12310)
  136. Album 2009 (Author: Ines von Ketelhodt, ID: GB/12353)
  137. Album 1986 (Author: Barbara Henry, ID: GB/2870)
  138. Album 013 July 2016 (Author: J. M. Calleja, ID: GB/15116)
  139. Alder 2012 (Author: Donna Thomas, ID: GB/13836)
  140. Alder 2012 (Author: William Everson, ID: GB/13836)
  141. Alder 2012 (Author: Peter and Donna Thomas, ID: GB/13836)
  142. Alea Iacta Est (Author: Renate Scherg, ID: GB/30441)
  143. Alembic Press Guide to Jaunts & Rambles of a Printing Nature 1983 (Author: Alembic Press Guide, ID: GB/63)
  144. Alfred Hitchcock 2006 (Author: Kees Moerbeek, ID: GB/10937)
  145. Alice B. Toklas Cookbook 1993 (Author: Diana Souhami, ID: GB/6075)
  146. Alice In Ribbons 1991 (Author: Judith Farley Upjohn, ID: GB/6709)
  147. Alice In Ribbons 1991 (Author: Barbara Friedman, ID: GB/6709)
  148. Alice in Wonderland 1968 (Author: John Spencer, ID: GB/1042)
  149. Alice in Wonderland 1968 (Author: Gwen Gordon, ID: GB/1042)
  150. Alice in Wonderland 1968 (Author: Dave Chambers, ID: GB/1042)
  151. Alice in Wonderland 1968 (Author: Lewis Carroll, ID: GB/1042)
  152. Alice in Wonderland 1968 (Author: Robert G. Miller, ID: GB/1042)
  153. Alice in Wonderland 1996 (Author: Lewis Carroll, ID: GB/10532)
  154. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 1980 (Author: Lewis Carroll, ID: GB/1043)
  155. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 1982 (Author: Lewis Carroll, ID: GB/1048)
  156. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 1982 (Author: James R. Kincaid, ID: GB/1052)
  157. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 1982 (Author: Lewis Carroll, ID: GB/1052)
  158. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 1982 (Author: Barry Moser, ID: GB/1052)
  159. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There 2002 (Author: Sir John Tenniel, ID: GB/15078)
  160. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There 2002 (Author: Didier Mutel, ID: GB/15078)
  161. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There 2002 (Author: Lewis Carroll, ID: GB/15078)
  162. Alice's Flip Book n.d. (Author: Ed Rayher, ID: GB/15750)
  163. Alien Invaders 2007 (Author: Jacob Cartright, ID: GB/11614)
  164. Alien Invaders 2007 (Author: Nick Jordan, ID: GB/11614)
  165. Alienation / Separation 2019 (Author: Maureen Cummins, ID: GB/30430)
  166. All 2000 (Author: Kurt Johannessen, ID: GB/3277)
  167. All Good Things n.d. (Author: Phoebe J. Flynn, ID: GB/10540)
  168. All good things come to an end n.d. (Author: Cheryl Penn, ID: GB/30616)
  169. All Kinds of Cats 1983 (Author: Torben Lokvig, ID: GB/5866)
  170. All Kinds of Cats 1983 (Author: John J. Strejan, ID: GB/5866)
  171. All Kinds of Cats 1983 (Author: Arnold Shapiro, ID: GB/5866)
  172. All Kinds of Cats 1983 (Author: Larry Moore, ID: GB/5866)
  173. All Kinds of Dogs 1983 (Author: Torben Lokvig, ID: GB/5867)
  174. All Kinds of Dogs 1983 (Author: John J. Strejan, ID: GB/5867)
  175. All Kinds of Dogs 1983 (Author: Larry Moore, ID: GB/5867)
  176. All Kinds of Dogs 1983 (Author: Arnold Shapiro, ID: GB/5867)
  177. All Manner of Things 1991 (Author: John Crombie, ID: GB/1426)
  178. All Manner of Things 1991 (Author: Jill Oriane Tarlau, ID: GB/1426)
  179. All Manner of Things 1991 (Author: John Crombie, ID: GB/1427)
  180. All Meadows 2005 (Author: John Dos Passos, ID: GB/12637)
  181. All Meadows 2005 (Author: Sjoerd Hofstra, ID: GB/12637)
  182. All Meadows 2005 (Author: Erich Mendelsohn, ID: GB/12637)
  183. All Mixed Up 1994 (Author: Kees Moerbeek, ID: GB/4488)
  184. All My Lost Handbags 2021 (Author: Dana Smith, ID: GB/30453)
  185. All My Relations 1993 (Author: Susan Lowdermilk, ID: GB/3998)
  186. All of a Sudden 1995 (Author: Jack Pierson, ID: GB/5084)
  187. All on the Same Page 2002 (Author: Roberta Lavadour, ID: GB/12367)
  188. All on the Same Page 2002 (Author: Shu-Ju Wang, ID: GB/12367)
  189. All on the Same Page 2002 (Author: Anne E. Gregory, ID: GB/12367)
  190. All on the Same Page 2002 (Author: Sara Durkacs, ID: GB/12367)
  191. All on the Same Page 2002 (Author: Sibyl Rubottom, ID: GB/12367)
  192. All on the Same Page 2002 (Author: Alice Simpson, ID: GB/12367)
  193. All on the Same Page 2002 (Author: Robyn Sassen, ID: GB/12367)
  194. All on the Same Page 2002 (Author: Edward H. Hutchins, ID: GB/12367)
  195. All Roads Lead to You 2017 (Author: Rhea Karam, ID: GB/15457)
  196. All the King's Men 1989 (Author: Robert Penn Warren, ID: GB/6932)
  197. All the King's Men 1989 (Author: Hank O'Neal, ID: GB/6932)
  198. Allen Press Bibliography 1985 (Author: Lewis M. Allen, ID: GB/88)
  199. Aller - Retour 2015 (Author: Jean Widmer, ID: GB/15202)
  200. Aller - Retour 2015 (Author: Katsumi Komagata, ID: GB/15202)
  201. Alliterative Abecedarium of Anthropomorphic Animals 2010 (Author: Michael Kuch, ID: GB/13760)
  202. Allotments 1985 (Author: R. P. Lister, ID: GB/3909)
  203. Ally 1994 (Author: Rebecca Bolton, ID: GB/655)
  204. Ally 1994 (Author: Tristan Bolton, ID: GB/655)
  205. Ally 1994 (Author: Claire Bolton, ID: GB/655)
  206. Almanac 2013 (Author: Blake Rayne, ID: GB/14064)
  207. Almanach March 2015 (Author: Horst Hahn, ID: GB/14992)
  208. Almanach auf das Jahr 2012 2012 (Author: Peter Malutzki, ID: GB/13682)
  209. Almost Cut my Meds 2008 (Author: Marshall Weber, ID: GB/12390)
  210. Almost Cut my Meds 2008 (Author: Fred Rinne, ID: GB/12390)
  211. Almost Paper 1997 (Author: Peter and Donna Thomas, ID: GB/6443)
  212. Alpha 2005 (Author: Doug Aitken, ID: GB/10768)
  213. Alpha Beta 2005 (Author: John Gerard, ID: GB/10956)
  214. Alpha Beta 2017 (Author: Ines von Ketelhodt, ID: GB/15257)
  215. Alphabet 1990 (Author: Paul Heimbach, ID: GB/14153)
  216. Alphabet 1978 (Author: Edward Craig, ID: GB/4744)
  217. Alphabet 1978 (Author: William Nicholson, ID: GB/4744)
  218. Alphabet Book 2006 (Author: Susan Skarsgard, ID: GB/10925)
  219. Alphabet Book. WWII 1996 (Author: Walter Feldman, ID: GB/2060)
  220. Alphabet City 2009 (Author: Amy Mees, ID: GB/13052)
  221. Alphabet City 2009 (Author: Scott Teplin, ID: GB/13052)
  222. Alphabet City 2009 (Author: Mark Wagner, ID: GB/13052)
  223. Alphabet est une bouche tordue (Author: Francoise Despalles, ID: GB/11549)
  224. Alphabet in Color 2005 (Author: Brian Boyd, ID: GB/11634)
  225. Alphabet in Color 2005 (Author: Jean Holabird, ID: GB/11634)
  226. Alphabet Juice 2009 (Author: Carolee Campbell, ID: GB/12278)
  227. Alphabet Juice 2009 (Author: Roy Blount Jr, ID: GB/12278)
  228. Alphabet of Bones 1986 (Author: Joyce Cutler-Shaw, ID: GB/1526)
  229. Alphabet of Emblems 1987 (Author: Alan Halsey, ID: GB/2668)
  230. Alphabet Truck 2009 (Author: Florence Loewy, ID: GB/15178)
  231. Alphabet! 2002 (Author: Bonnie Thompson Norman, ID: GB/8781)
  232. Alphabeta Concertina 1983 (Author: Ronald King, ID: GB/3469)
  233. Alphabeticon & Other Poems March 2020 (Author: Andrew Brenza, ID: GB/16896)
  234. Alphabetum Romanum 1960 (Author: Felice Feliciano Veronese, ID: GB/6810)
  235. Alphabook n.d. (Author: Scott McCarney, ID: GB/4259)
  236. Alphabook 3 1986 (Author: Scott McCarney, ID: GB/4261)
  237. Alphagami 2 1999 (Author: Louise Odes Neaderland, ID: GB/4691)
  238. Alpine 1969 (Author: George Oppen, ID: GB/4864)
  239. Als Kat en Hond 1990 (Author: Kyah Romeny, ID: GB/5413)
  240. Altar Book for Gorecki 1996 (Author: Robin Price, ID: GB/5182)
  241. Alter Ego 2006 (Author: Michael Brehm, ID: GB/11405)
  242. Although nothing ventured nothing is won 2014 (Author: Peter Malutzki, ID: GB/15229)
  243. Altitude (Author: Hussein Chalayan, ID: GB/1119)
  244. Am I Here 1985-2020 (Author: Robbin Ami Silverberg, ID: GB/30545)
  245. Amazing Monkeys 1989 (Author: Robert Hynes, ID: GB/3170)
  246. Amazing Monkeys 1989 (Author: John J. Strejan, ID: GB/3170)
  247. Amazing Monkeys 1989 (Author: Rodger Smith, ID: GB/3170)
  248. Ambiguity & More January 2010 (Author: Klaus-Peter Dencker, ID: GB/12820)
  249. America n.d. (Author: Gertrude Stein, ID: GB/15336)
  250. America n.d. (Author: Reinhold Nasshan, ID: GB/15336)
  251. America Goes To War. . . Swimming In The Afternoon 2008 (Author: Kathryn Rattee, ID: GB/12303)
  252. America Goes To War. . . Swimming In The Afternoon 2008 (Author: Julia Peyton-Jones, ID: GB/12303)
  253. America Goes To War. . . Swimming In The Afternoon 2008 (Author: Richard Prince, ID: GB/12303)
  254. America Goes To War. . . Swimming In The Afternoon 2008 (Author: Hans Ulrich Obrist, ID: GB/12303)
  255. America: a Prophecy 2011 (Author: William Blake, ID: GB/13162)
  256. American Corn 2009 (Author: Jeffrey Morin, ID: GB/12398)
  257. American Corn 2009 (Author: Christopher K. Wilde, ID: GB/12398)
  258. American Corn 2009 (Author: Laura Smith, ID: GB/12398)
  259. American Corn 2009 (Author: Kurt Allerslev, ID: GB/12398)
  260. American Corn 2009 (Author: Marshall Weber, ID: GB/12398)
  261. American Dream 2004 (Author: Richard Prince, ID: GB/11123)
  262. American Dream 2004 (Author: Mark Coetzee, ID: GB/11123)
  263. American English 2003 (Author: Richard Prince, ID: GB/5188)
  264. American Notes n.d. (Author: Charles Dickens, ID: GB/1693)
  265. Americans (Author: Jack Kerouac, ID: GB/15843)
  266. Americans (Author: Robert Frank, ID: GB/15843)
  267. Amerika 1926 (Author: Erich Mendelsohn, ID: GB/14134)
  268. Ampersand is Your Friend August 2004 (Author: Tauba Auerbach, ID: GB/14203)
  269. Amputation of L Mendax January 2018 (Author: Nico Vassilakis, ID: GB/15671)
  270. Amusement 2008 (Author: Keith A. Smith, ID: GB/12021)
  271. Amusement d'Amour n.d. (Author: Keith A. Smith, ID: GB/11115)
  272. Analemmic 1997 (Author: Leslie Bellavance, ID: GB/480)
  273. Anansi Company 1992 (Author: Ronald King, ID: GB/2121)
  274. Anansi Company 1992 (Author: Roy Fisher, ID: GB/2121)
  275. Anatomy of Communication 2021 (Author: Kurt Johannessen, ID: GB/30459)
  276. Anatomy of Insanity 2008 (Author: Maureen Cummins, ID: GB/13219)
  277. Ancient Mariner 2009 (Author: Charles Hobson, ID: GB/12350)
  278. Ancient Mariner 2009 (Author: Roger Angell, ID: GB/12350)
  279. Ancient Mariner Himself 1992 (Author: Lois Morrison, ID: GB/4574)
  280. And End 1971 (Author: Mirella Bentivoglio, ID: GB/15717)
  281. And Every Single One Was Someone 2013 (Author: Phil Chernofsky, ID: GB/14824)
  282. And Then There Were None 1978 (Author: Channa Horwitz, ID: GB/3061)
  283. Andromeda Imagined 1998 (Author: Charles Hobson, ID: GB/2962)
  284. Andy Warhol 1965 (Author: Samuel Adams Green, ID: GB/14062)
  285. Andy Warhol 1965 (Author: Andy Warhol, ID: GB/14062)
  286. Andy Warhol: Seven Illustrated Books 2017 (Author: Andy Warhol, ID: GB/15952)
  287. Andy Warhol's Exposures 1979 (Author: Andy Warhol, ID: GB/12305)
  288. Andy Warhol's Exposures 1979 (Author: Bob Colacello, ID: GB/12305)
  289. Andy Warhol's Index (Book) 1967 (Author: Andy Warhol, ID: GB/10968)
  290. Andy Warhol's Index (Book) 1967 (Author: Nat Finkelstein, ID: GB/10968)
  291. Andy Warhol's Index (Book) 1967 (Author: Billy Name, ID: GB/10968)
  292. Anecdote of the Jar 1989 (Author: Clifton Meador, ID: GB/4306)
  293. Anecdoted Topography of Chance 1966 (Author: Roland Topor, ID: GB/10754)
  294. Anecdoted Topography of Chance 1966 (Author: Daniel Spoerri, ID: GB/10754)
  295. Anecdoted Topography of Chance 1966 (Author: Emmett Williams, ID: GB/10754)
  296. Anecdoted Topography of Chance 1966 (Author: Robert Filliou, ID: GB/10754)
  297. Anecdoted Topography of Chance 1995 (Author: Dieter Roth (a.k.a. Diter Rot) (Karl-Dieterich), ID: GB/10758)
  298. Anecdoted Topography of Chance 1995 (Author: Emmett Williams, ID: GB/10758)
  299. Anecdoted Topography of Chance 1995 (Author: Roland Topor, ID: GB/10758)
  300. Anecdoted Topography of Chance 1995 (Author: Robert Filliou, ID: GB/10758)
  301. Anecdoted Topography of Chance 1995 (Author: Daniel Spoerri, ID: GB/10758)
  302. Angelique and the Pearl Necklace 2007 (Author: Donald Glaister, ID: GB/11208)
  303. Anik Vinay, NIKA 2002 (Author: François Aubral, ID: GB/11553)
  304. Anik Vinay, NIKA 2002 (Author: Anik Vinay, ID: GB/11553)
  305. Animal 1984 (Author: Barbara Broughel, ID: GB/10111)
  306. Animal 1984 (Author: Tony Conrad, ID: GB/10111)
  307. Animal Acrobats 1993 (Author: Toni Eugene, ID: GB/1417)
  308. Animal Acrobats 1993 (Author: Robert Cremins, ID: GB/1417)
  309. Animal Anthology 1981 (Author: Pamela Scott, ID: GB/5756)
  310. Animal Fair Counting Book 1983 (Author: Arnold Shapiro, ID: GB/5868)
  311. Animal Farm 1984 (Author: George Orwell, ID: GB/4876)
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