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Authors starting with 'Y'

  1. Sergey Yakunin (Book Title: Kharms-Cabinet, ID: 1529)
  2. Christine Wong Yap (Book Title: Workspace. Artists-in-Residence, ID: 3090)
  3. Olga Yatskevich (Book Title: Clap! 10x 10, ID: 3054)
  4. John Yau (Book Title: CT (Un)Bound, ID: 3177)
  5. Nicholas Yeager (Book Title: Ampersand, ID: 1587)
  6. Nicholas Yeager (Book Title: Ampersand, ID: 1586)
  7. Gary E. Yela (Book Title: Contemporary Artists's (sic) Prints in Books, ID: 1449)
  8. Max Yela (Book Title: Bibliography 1974-2020, ID: 3868)
  9. Max Yela (Book Title: Shape and Color of Research, ID: 1837)
  10. Osman Can Yerebakan (Book Title: En Masse: Books Orchestrated, ID: 3369)
  11. Dan Yett (Book Title: Joshua Heller Catalogue, ID: 1446)
  12. Amy Young (Book Title: Volumination": The Book as Art Object, ID: 1436)
  13. Gary Young (Book Title: Dressing the Text: The Fine Press Artists' Book, ID: 0147)
  14. Joseph E. Young (Book Title: Reevaluating the Tradition of the Book, ID: 0399)
  15. Chang Yuchen (Book Title: Book Book, ID: 3194)

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