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Authors starting with 'O'

  1. Be Oakley (Book Title: Imperfect Archiving / Archiving as Practice, ID: 3908)
  2. Maroussia Oakley (Book Title: Book & Periodical Illustrations of Athur Hughes, ID: 3271)
  3. Jerven F. W. Ober (Book Title: Kunstenaarboeken, ID: 0474)
  4. Konrad Oberhuber (Book Title: Dieter Roth. Printed Pressed Bound: Prints and books 1949-1979, ID: 0861)
  5. Erika Obermayer (Book Title: Palimpsest, ID: 1737)
  6. Hans Ulrich Obrist (Book Title: 4th ArtistBook International, ID: 1214)
  7. Hans Ulrich Obrist (Book Title: Gerhard Richter Books, ID: 2876)
  8. Hans Ulrich Obrist (Book Title: Gilbert & George Art Titles, ID: 2952)
  9. Ricardo Ocampo (Book Title: Ulises Carrión, ID: 2775)
  10. Bonnie O'Connell (Book Title: Made in the Midwest, ID: 0576)
  11. Heather O'Donnell (Book Title: Use Books as Bees Use Flowers, ID: 2645)
  12. Oey (Book Title: Boekie Woekie, ID: 2777)
  13. Asuka Ohsawa (Book Title: 2012 Workspace Artists in Residence, ID: 2661)
  14. Shinro Ohtake (Book Title: Nexus Press, ID: 1796)
  15. Valery Oisteanu (Book Title: New Observations #106, ID: 0729)
  16. Alex O'Keefe (Book Title: Revealing Invisible Collections, ID: 3591)
  17. Richard E. Oldenburg (Book Title: Century of Artists Books, ID: 0124)
  18. Chandler O'Leary (Book Title: Rising Together, ID: 3511)
  19. Daniel Olson (Book Title: Sixty-Nine (69), ID: 1551)
  20. Vibeke Olson (Book Title: Artist's Book as a Tool of Change in the Liberal Arts Curriculum, ID: 2304)
  21. Fernando Ondarza (Book Title: Libros de Artista, ID: 2479)
  22. Monica Ong (Book Title: Monica Ong: Celestial Bodies, ID: 3394)
  23. Monica Oppen (Book Title: Artist's Books, ID: 2171)
  24. Monica Oppen (Book Title: Collecting Books by Artists, ID: 2453)
  25. Monica Oppen (Book Title: Silent Scream, ID: 2169)
  26. William Dana Orcutt (Book Title: The Kingdom of Books, ID: 3307)
  27. Marina Orlova (Book Title: Artist's Books by Mikhail Karasik, ID: 0871)
  28. Carlos Ortega (Book Title: Zush, ID: 2414)
  29. Norma R. Ory (Book Title: Bookbinding: A Living Art, ID: 1126)
  30. Kevin Osborn (Book Title: American Bookworks in Print, ID: 0224)
  31. Kevin Osborn (Book Title: Bookworks, ID: 0203)
  32. Kevin Osborn (Book Title: In Context, ID: 0043)
  33. Kevin Osborn (Book Title: New Narratives: American Bookworks in Print, ID: 0585)
  34. Judith O'Sullivan (Book Title: Complete Prints of Leonard Baskin, ID: 3254)
  35. Thomas O'Sullivan (Book Title: 'Bill of Rights' bookworks bound to be procative, ID: 1108)
  36. Frauke Otto (Book Title: 3, ID: 1788)
  37. Frauke Otto (Book Title: Global 1, ID: 1717)
  38. Frauke Otto (Book Title: Künstlerbuch, ID: 1721)
  39. Graham Ovenden (Book Title: Illustrators of Alice, ID: 3244)
  40. Robin White Owen (Book Title: Printed Matter Catalogue, ID: 0897)

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